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Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Muzzle Loading Spare Parts

Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Muzzle Loading Spare Parts

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Published by henrykrank

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Published by: henrykrank on May 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s ,   S  o   f   t  w  a  r  e   &   T  r  a   d  e   L  a   b  e   l  s
We stock a large selection of replacementnipples suitable for most percussion guns. Order from the list below or senddetails of manufacturer and model of gun, or an original nipple to use as a pattern.1244GPietta / Euroarms Revolver Nipples for Rem / Colt / Etc£1.741244HUberti Revolver Nipples for Remington / Etc£1.741244JPedersoli Revolver Nipples for Rem / Colt / Etc£1.741244KSan Marco & Uberti Nipples for Walker & Dragoon£2.641244LPalmetto Revolver Nipples£1.741244MPedersoli Steel Nipples for single shot pistols, rifles &shotguns (most models)£2.301244NPedersoli Copper Berylium Nipples for single shot pistols,rifles & shotguns (most models)£6.501244PArdesa & Artax Nipples for single shot pistols, rifles &shotguns (most models)£2.301244QArdesa Berylium Nipples for Underhammer£6.501244RArdesa Derringer Nipples£1.741244TZouave & Springfield Nipples£5.941244UEnfield Steel Nipples 5/16 Imperial£6.301244VEnfield Steel Nipples M8 Metric£6.301244WEnfield Volunteer Berylium Nipples 5/16 Imperial£10.801244XEnfield Volunteer Berylium Nipples M8 Metric£10.80
Spare PartsSpare Parts
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
Replacement NipplesReplacement NipplesUberti 1873 Single Action Spare PartsUberti 1873 Single Action Spare Parts
1599-1Frame Assembly £108.021599-2Hammer Assembly£29.051599-3Barrel £47.621599-4Cylinder £47.051599-5Hand£5.241599-6Backstrap (Steel)£21.711599-7Trigger£4.841599-9Polished Grip£16.071599-10Bolt£5.661599-11Sight£4.031599-12Hand Spring£0.901599-13Trigger Bolt Spring (Sear)£1.611599-14Main Spring£2.831599-15Base Pin£3.061599-16Hand Spring Pin£1.001599-17Hammer Roll£1.001599-18Triggerguard (steel)£21.711599-19Hammer Pin£1.001599-20Triggerguard Screw£1.501599-21Backstrap & Trig/guard Screw£1.501599-22Bolt Spring Screw£1.501599-23Main Spring screw£1.501599-24Hammer Screw£1.201599-25Trigger Screw£1.201599-26Bolt Screw£1.201599-27Rear£19.111599-28Front Sight Ramp£10.811599-29Hammer safety Bar£3.311599-30Firing Pin£2.581599-31Hammer Safety Bar Pin£1.001599-32Gate Catch£0.561599-33Ejector Spring£1.201599-34Gate Spring£1.201599-35Base Pin Spring£1.201599-36Base Pin Nut£1.611599-37Base Pin Screw£1.611599-38Gate£12.111599-39Ejector Rod Tube£19.361599-40Ejector Rod Tube Screw£1.201599-41Gate Catch Screw£1.201599-42Hammer Safety Spring £1.301599-43Hammer Safety Plunger£1.611599-44Hammer Safety Plunger pin£1.201599-45Sight Pin£1.201599-46Rear Sight Blade£2.421599-47Front Sight Ramp Screw£1.201599-48Rear Sight Elevation Screw£1.611599-49Rear Sight Screw£0.561599-50Ejector Nut .357 M Assembly£9.691599-51Base Pin Bushing£4.031599-52Rear Sight Spring£1.201599-53Right Sight Elevation Screw Pin£1.201599-54Rear Sight Balde Spring£1.201599-55Rear Sight Sphere£1.201599-56Rear Sight Sphere Spring£1.201599-57Hand Pin Screw£1.20 A firearm certificate must besupplied for the purchase of abarrel, cylinder or frame.
We keep a vast range of spareparts for muzzle loading guns instock, from the followingmanufacturers:
If you need help identifying thepart you need please do nothesitate to contact us.Email sales@henrykrank.comCall: 01132 569 163
Colt 1851 Navy Spare PartsColt 1851 Navy Spare PartsRemington 1858 Navy Spare PartsRemington 1858 Navy Spare Parts
Remington 1858 Spare Target Parts
1601-40Front Signt Blade£6.601601-41Adjustable Rear Sight Base£26.401601-42Adj. Rear Sight Base Front Screw£1.621601-43Blade Adjusting Screw£1.021601-48Rear Screw£1.021601-49Sight Blade£5.401601-50Front Sight Blade Screw£1.021601-53Grub Screw£1.021600-1Barrel£78.001600-2Sight£5.161600-3Loading Lever Retainer£6.001600-4Loading Lever Latch£6.001600-5Loading Lever Latch Spring£1.501600-6Loading Lever Latch Pin£0.471600-7Loading Lever£22.561600-8Plunger£9.001600-9Plunger Screw£1.621600-10Loading Lever Screw£1.621600-11Wedge£6.001600-12Wedge Screw£1.621600-13Base Pin£15.041600-14Frame£34.681600-15Cylinder£41.341600-16Nipple£1.741600-17Hand & Spring£8.821600-18Hammer£19.741600-19Hammer Screw£1.621600-20Roller£2.061600-21Roller Pin£0.561600-22Bolt£8.821600-23Bolt Screw£1.621600-24Trigger£8.821600-25Trigger Screw£1.621600-26Trigger & Bolt Spring£6.581600-27Trigger & Bolt Spring Screw£1.621600-28Trigger Guard£23.501600-29Rear Trigger Guard Screw£1.621600-30Front Trigger Guard Screw£1.621600-31Mainspring£8.831600-32Mainspring Screw£1.621600-33Grips£28.201600-34Backstrap£19.741600-35Lower Backstrap Screw£1.621600-36Rear Backstrap Screw£1.621601-1Frame£84.481601-2Barrel£78.001601-3Cylinder£45.111601-4Loading Lever£22.561601-5Bullet Rammer£9.001601-6Cylinder Pin£12.781601-7Trigger Guard£15.061601-8Trig & Cylinder Stop Spring£6.581601-9Cylinder Stop£8.821601-10Trigger£11.281601-11Nipple£1.741601-12Grip Nut£1.621601-13Left Grip£15.041601-14Mainspring£8.821601-15Right Grip£15.041601-16Grip Nut£1.621601-17Hammer£19.741601-18Hand£8.821601-19Hand Screw£1.621601-20Roller Pin£0.561601-21Roller£2.061601-22Catch Pin£0.561601-23Catch Spring£1.621601-24Loading Lever Catch£6.581601-25Loading Lever Retainer£6.001601-26Link£4.221601-27Link Pin£0.561601-28Loading Lever Screw£1.621601-29Trigger & Cyl Stop Screw£1.621601-30Hammer Screw£1.621601-31Grip Screw£1.621601-32Rear Hammer Pin£1.621601-33Spring Retainer Screw£1.621601-34Trigger Guard Screw£1.621601-35Main Spring Screw£1.621601-36Grip Pin£0.561601-37Sight£1.62
Spare PartsSpare Parts
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
When ordering please state which manufacture you require by adding the relevant letter to theend of the product code. E.g. to order a frame for a Pietta Rem the code will be 1601-1P.To order a frame for a Uberti Rem the code will be 1601-1U. To order a frame for a EuroarmsRem the code will be 1601-1E.
When ordering please state which manufacture you require byadding the relevant letter to the end of the product code. E.g. toorder a frame for a Pietta Colt the code will be 1600-14P.To order a frame for a Uberti Colt the code will be 1600-14U.To order a frame for a Euroarms Colt the code will be 1600-14E.
Parts available for Pietta, Euroarms &Uberti.
Please add 30% to the prices listed if ordering Uberti parts.
Parts available for Pietta,Euroarms & Uberti.
Please add 30% to the priceslisted if ordering Uberti parts. A firearm certificate must be supplied for thepurchase of a barrel, cylinder or frame. A firearm certificatemust be supplied for thepurchase of a barrel,cylinder or frame.
1601-60 Euroarms Remington 1858Screw Set £12.75
Contains all 8 main screws for thisrevolver .
   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s ,   S  o   f   t  w  a  r  e   &   T  r  a   d  e   L  a   b  e   l  s
Euroarms Roger & Spencer Spare PartsEuroarms Roger & Spencer Spare Parts
1602-1Barrel£118.801602-2Sight£12.341602-3Barrel Stud£11.991602-4Loading Lever Catch£8.691602-5Loading Lever Spring£2.041602-6Loading Catch Lever Pin£0.841602-7Loading Lever£32.001602-8Cylinder Pin Nut£4.551602-9Cylinder Pin Nut Screw£3.721602-10Plunger Screw£2.681602-11Plunger£11.991602-12Loading Lever Screw£2.681602-13Frame£165.001602-14Cylinder£92.401602-15Cylinder Pin£24.821602-16Nipple£1.911602-17Bolt£20.261602-18Bolt Screw£2.591602-19Trigger and Bolt Spring£14.061602-20Trigger & Bolt Spring Screw£2.681602-22Trigger£16.561602-23Grip Frame Screw£2.681602-24Right grip£22.571602-25Right Grip Nut£2.681602-26Left Grip£22.571602-27Left Grip Nut£2.681602-28Grip Screw£2.681602-29Grip Pin£1.651602-30Mainspring£15.711602-31Hammer£38.261602-32Roller£2.501602-33Roller Pin£1.761602-34Hammer Screw£2.771602-35Hand Assembly£18.401602-42Rear Sight Screw£2.681602-43Rear Sight Blade£8.181602-44Rear Sight Elevation Screw£1.761602-45Rear Sight Blade Screw£1.76
1860 Army Spare Parts1860 Army Spare Parts
1603-1Sight£5.161603-2Barrel£78.001603-3Barrel Catch£4.261603-4Loading Lever£22.561603-5Loading Lever Latch£6.001603-6Loading Lever Latch Spring£1.501603-7Loading Lever Latch Pin£0.471603-8Plunger£9.001603-9Plunger Screw£1.621603-10Wedge£6.001603-11Wedge Screw£1.621603-12Cylinder£41.341603-13Nipple£1.741603-15Cylinder Pin£12.001603-16Stock Retainer Screw£1.061603-17Frame£34.681603-18Hammer£19.741603-19Hand and Spring£8.821603-20Roller£2.061603-21Roller Pin£0.561603-22Hammer Screw£1.621603-23Bolt and Trigger Screw£1.621603-24Bolt£8.821603-25Trigger£8.821603-26Trigger and Bolt Spring£6.581603-28Trigger Guard£23.501603-29Front Trigger Guard Screw£1.621603-30Rear Trigger Guard Screw£1.621603-31Backstrap£19.741603-34Mainspring£8.831603-35Mainspring Screw£1.621603-36Grip£28.201603-37Barrel Locking Pin£0.561603-38Lower Backstrap Screw£1.62 A firearm certificate must besupplied for the purchase of abarrel, cylinder or frame.
Spare PartsSpare Parts
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
Roger & Spencer Target Spare Parts
1602-38Sight£11.351602-40Sight Ramp£12.411602-41Rear Sight£39.27
When ordering please state whichmanufacture you require by addingthe relevant letter to the end of theproduct code. E.g. to order a framefor a Pietta 1860 Army the code willbe 1603-17P. To order a frame for a Uberti 1860 Army the code willbe 1603-17U. A firearm certificate must besupplied for the purchase of abarrel, cylinder or frame.
Parts available for Pietta & Uberti.
Please add 30% to the priceslisted if ordering Uberti parts.
1602-50 Euroarms Roger &Spencer Screw Set £12.75
Contains all 10 main screws for this revolver.

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