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Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Trade Case Labels

Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Trade Case Labels

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Published by henrykrank

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Published by: henrykrank on May 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s ,   S  o   f   t  w  a  r  e   &   T  r  a   d  e   L  a   b  e   l  s
Tel: 01132 569 163 / 565 167
91 The Collectors Guide to Air Rifles 4th Ed
By Dennis E. Hiller 
Containing sterling/dollar valuations,auction prices, and parts diagrams of some of the world’s air rifles old andmodern.Soft Back 280 pages.Size 30 x 21cm.
 Air Gun Books Air Gun Books
93 Webley & Scott AutomaticPistols
By Gordon Bruce
What must be thereference book onthe automatic pistols. Covering allpistols from the Webley Fosberyautomatic revolver of 1901 forward.High quality photos and full of research& information. Hard Back 304 pages.Size 27 x 22cm.
£29.9594 The Webley Story
By William Chipchase Dowell 
 A history of Webley pistols and revolvers,and the development of the pistol cartridge.Including diagrams and illustrations. A mustfor all Webley enthusiasts.Hard Back 337 pages.Size 29 x 21.5cm.
£52.5092 Total Airguns-
The Complete guide to hunting with air rifles
By Pete Wadeson
The most comprehensive reference workof its kind. The author explains everythingfrom rifle types - how they work and their uses, sighting systems, ammo choice,camouflage - pertaining to its use andfieldcraft. Hard Back 304 pages.Size 25 x 19cm.
95A Air Rifle Hunting
By John Darling 
This book takes the novice from choos-ing his first rifle to hunting techniques.Covers the air rifle, ammunition, sights,accessories and clothing, shooting andhunting techniques, quarry (inc. rabbits,squirrels, rats, woodpigeons, doves +crows), and field target shooting.Hardback, 160 pages. Size 24.6 x 18.9cm.
£16.9996A Air Rifle Shooting for Pest Con-trol and Rabbiting
By Bezzant 
Discusses shooting techniques + all thefiring positions. Considers the advan-tages + disadvantages of using air riflesfor pest control + rabbiting. Examinesthe characteristics of the various quarryspecies (rabbits, wood pigeons, feralpigeon, + rats). Hardback, 192 pages.Size 24.6x19 cm.
99ARat Hunting with Ferret, Dog,Hawk and Gun By Sean Frain
This practical book is full of advicegleaned from years of experience, andtells you everything you need to know,from identifying likely locations to thetechniques required in your chosenmethod of ratting.Rat Hunting containsall the information you need for success. Hard Back 114 pages.Size 23.5 x 16.5cm.
£14.9999B Pigeon Shooting – A CompleteGuide
By Hutcheon
Essential reading for pigeon shooting, for sport or for pest control. It explains shoot-ing over decoys, the control of feralpigeons, shooting around buildings wherebirds are roosting + the use of shotguns.Covers in depth pigeon shooting with air rifles + live fire rifles. Covers buildinghides, gun safety, + gun care.Hardback,128 pages. Size 235x165 mm.
Hunting BooksHunting Books
9 LUGS - Firearms Past & Present
By Jaroslav Lugs
 A complete review of firearms systems and their histories. Volume one contains text, the secondvolume contains illustrations and photographs. Hard back complete with a presentation case.Volume one 717 pages. Volume two 429 pages. Size 25 x 17cm.
 A must have reference library for every shooter and collector!
Only £12.95 (was £30.00)
97A The Complete Air-Gunner 
By R.B Townsend, M.A
Insight to airgunning at the beginningof the 20th century. Complete withnumerous illustrations and photo-graphs..Softback, 103 pages.Size 20x13 cm.
£xx98 Gas, Air and SpringGuns of the World
By WHB Smith
One of the first American books onhigh-power, high-precision air andgas weapons. Representativesamples of every major worldmanufacturer were gathered for testing to check the manufacturersvarying claims. Over 270 photographs.Casebound, 288 pages. Size 28x22cm.
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
910 Breaking Clays
By Chris Batha
 A comprehensive and practical book thatpresents in-depth advice and instructionfor shooters of all disciplines. This bookis packed with invaluable tips on how tobreak clays in your chosen game.Hard Back 192 pages. Size 25 x 19cm.
£19.95911 Successful Shotgunning
By Peter E. Blakeley 
This extensive manual is the idealguide for those who want to improvetheir skills at sporting clays or gameshooting. It shows how to choose andfit the correct gun, its maintenance &shooting skills. Full technical info onshotguns & shot patterns. Hard Back320 pages. Size 23 x 15cm.
£19.95912 The Shotgun Encyclopedia
By John Taylor 
With hundreds of entries coveringeverything you ever wanted to knowabout shotguns, this easy to understandvolume is cross references with commonUS and British terminology and isinvaluable to shooting enthusiasts andcollectors alike. Hard Back 281 pages.Size 22 x 15cm.
£25.00913 Heyday of the Shotgun
By David J. Baker 
 As the 19th century drew to a close, theskills of British gunmakers were reachingtheir pinnacle. The empire and increasedwealth of the gentry had created a healthymarket for sporting guns. This bookexamines the guns in common use andlooks at the shooting scene in general.Hard Back 160 pages.Size 26x19cm.
£29.95914 The Sporting Shotgun
By RobinMarshall-Ball 
This is a book on 'working guns for theaverage shooting public'. Crammed withinvaluable information on the evolution of the modern shotgun, side-by-sides, over and unders, repeaters and automatics,the workings of a shotgun, ballistics,shooting in Britain + overseas, shootinglaw, and much more. Hard Back 208pages. Size 23 x17cm.
£20.00914H The Shotgun- A Shooting Instructors Handbook
By Michael Yardley 
This major book is intended to be read byshooting instructors and advanced shotsalike who would like to improve their shoot-ing technique and safety through a deeper understanding of themselves and their uniquely challenging sport. Hard Back, 272pages. Size 23x16cm.
Shotgun BooksShotgun Books
99D Deer Stalking and Management
By Potter 
Discusses the organizations associatedwith deer management, training +courses. Analyses rifles + cartridges thatcan be used as well as, ballistics, sights+ sound moderators. Examines stalkingmethods.· Explains how the carcassshould be handled. Covers UK laws.Hardback, 240 pages. Size 24.6x19 cm.
£35.0099E Rabbit Control
By Jackie Drakeford 
Rabbits have been a menace to farmers,property owners, and gardeners sinceland was first cultivated and their controlremains a constant problem today. Thisinvaluable book covers all types of man-agement from shooting, trapping and fer-reting to fencing, chemical and diseasecontrol methods. Paper Back 160 pages.Size 22x15cm.
£14.9599F Fox Control
By Sean Frain
Book about fox hunting + controlling their numbers.The reasons why control isnecessary + the most effective, selective+ humane methods are discussed. Looksat fox control within the new English,Welsh + Scottish laws. Problem of urbanfoxes + how to deal with them is alsocovered.Paper Back, 208 pages.
£14.9599G Hunting Ducks and Geese2nd Edition
By Steve Smith
This engaging guide covers all thetechniques of hunting waterfowl includingpre-season scouting, how and where toplace a blind and the use of decoys andcalls.PaperBack 144 pages.
£12.95916 The Birmingham CartridgeManufacturers
By C W Harding 
Definitive guide to former munition companiesin B’ham. Covers shotgun cartridge + metalliccartridge production +giving examples of their related patents and headstamps. Illustratedwith cartridge photographs. Covers BSA,Westley Richards, Kynoch, WW Greener andThe Midland Gun Company. Invaluable for the collector and enthusiast.Hard Back 288pages. Size 27x21cm.
£45.0099C The Pigeon Shooter 
By JohnBatley 
This new second edition in hardcover explains every aspect of pigeonshooting including field craft, reconnais-sance, where to shoot and how to plana day's sport, with full information onthe revolutionary Pigeon Magnet.Hard Back 140 pages.Size 24.6 x 19cm.
   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s ,   S  o   f   t  w  a  r  e   &   T  r  a   d  e   L  a   b  e   l  s
918 BASC Guide to Shooting Game
By Michael Yardley 
Considers how game shooting tech-nique can be analysed by anyone withthe desire to improve their performance.Explains traditional game shooting styles,as well as offering a simple new methodfor shooting game birds. Straightforwardadvice is given on choke, cartridges andgun selection. Soft Back 272 pages.Size 25x19cm.
£19.95920 BASC Handbook of Shooting6th Edition
Covers shotgun safety, the basic rulesof gun handling in the field, while travel-ling and at home. It outlines the law asit relates to shooting and also includeschapters on behaviour in the field, therole of gundogs and the part played bygamekeepers in habitat and gamemanagement. Paper Back 152 pages.Size 24x17cm.
BASC BooksBASC Books
930 The Early Purdeys
By L.Patrick Unsworth
 A book published byChristie's Bookscovering the the Purdey family andthe early years of it's involvement inthe production of firearms. Lots of beautiful photographs and a greatdeal of well researched information. Amust for all Purdey enthusiasts.Hardback 278 pages. Size 31 x 23cm.
£50.00931 Purdey Gun & Rifle Makers -
TheDefinitive History
By Donald Dallas
Signed edition limited 3000 copies. Acomplete definitive history of JamesPurdey & sons. A must for all purdeyenthusiasts. Fully illustrated.Hard back 248 pages.Size 30 x 24cm.
932 Holland & Holland The RoyalGunmaker 
By Donald Dallas
The terrific variety of the firms guns andrifles are described in depth. All 51patents described; dating of serialnumbers from 1855 to the present day;all trade labels illustrated + all riflecartridges developed are examined indetail. Hard Back 350 pages. Size 30 x23cm.
935 The House of Churchill
By Don Masters
History of a company that has seensuccess + jubilation, drama + defeat.Churchill guns remain some of themost sought-after in the world. Con-tains serial numbers + dates of manu-facture from 1891 forward, price listsfrom 1895 onward + a complete listingof all craftsmen employed. Hard Back512 pages. Size 28x22cm.
937 Boss & Co Best Gunmakers2nd Ed
By Donald Dallas
New edition brings the history of thefirm up to date. Over 100 new photosadded + freshly researched material ispublished. New appendices added +the new appendix on all the engraverswho worked for Boss; the engraver par-ticular to each gun can be ascertained.Hard Back 352 pages. Size 30x23cm.
£50.00938 British Gunmakers Vol 1 London
By Nigel Brown
Provides an alphabetical list of allgunmakers giving their dates, addresses+ changes, together with 48 individualhistories. List of gunmakers' serial num-ber records on a scale never previouslyachieved. Alphabetical index of thebrand names used. Hard Back 296pages. Size 30x22cm.
£60.00939 British Gunmakers Vol 2 B’ham,Edinburgh + Regions
By N. Brown
Sets out the history of the Birmingham,Scottish + regional gunmakers +specialist trade workers throughout the19th + 20th Centuries with individual his-tories of 60 businesses and whereknown,details of their serial number records, many of which have never been published before. Hard Back 460pages. Size 30x22cm.
Gun Makers BooksGun Makers Books
921 BASC Handbooks: Wildfowling
Wildfowling calls for hardiness, pa-tience, a willingness to learn and theability to be content with a small bagor none at all. Introduction to the sportand covers all aspects of wildfowling:quarry species; equipment and cloth-ing; guns; reconnaissance; roosting;flight lines and tactics on the marsh.Hard Back 128 pages. Size 22x15cm.
£16.95939B British Gunmakers Volume 3By Nigel Brown
Enlarges on the factual information setout in Volume I + II. Includes uniquerecord research on around 120 addi-tional Birmingham, Scottish + regionalgunmaking firms and over 70 additionalLondon ones. Hard Back 304 pages.Size 30x22cm.
£60.00922 BASC Handbook of Pest &Predator Control
This book provides a basic guideto all aspects of control. It explainswhich species can be controlled and bywhat means. There is detailed guidanceon shooting, snaring, trapping, the useof dogs and humane dispatch. The lawgoverning pest species is covered indetail. Casebound 106 pages.Size 22x15cm.
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167

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