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Description of the Balochistan Flag

Description of the Balochistan Flag

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Published by Janroz Marri

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Published by: Janroz Marri on May 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Description of the Flag
Flag of the Baloch people
 The flag with light sky blue, white star and green over red is the internationalflag of Baluchistan, including the Baluch people of Baluchistan, Iran,Balochistan, Pakistan, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, and Baluchistan,Turkmenistan. The flag was invented on 27 January 1982 by the Baloch UnitedMovement which is now the government of Baluchistan.
Meaning of the Flag
Red is the sign of moral heroism for those who suffered martyrdom. Green isthe sign of the blossoming spring of our freedom. Blue is the sign of our marineand celestial frontiers. The white star is the sign of the moral heroism,manliness and generosity.
National Flag of Baluchistan
The aim of this document is to introduce in brief the history of the current National Flag of the greater Balochland and to help those whouse the Baluch national flag to reproduce it correctly. The document containsthe basic rules for the construction of the flag as well asthe standard colors to be used and known.HISTORICAL BACKGROUND:The National Flag was first introduced by the leaders of the WesternBaluchland in 1960, in Egypt, Romania and later in Iraq for the National Frontfor the Liberation of Western Baluchland to represent the Baluch Nation intheir struggle for independence and free Baluchland from the illegaldomination, oppression and occupation of the Persian tyrant kings. It was
subsequently presented to the members of the international delegation at the peace conferences that devised a plan for Baluch Nation independence. Under the same flag the Baluch leaders announced the formation of the first "BaluchiGovernment in Exile" in 1961 in Egypt and fought a drawn-out war until 1972,in order to revive the Baluch Nation national independence, lost since 1415.Flag of Baluchistan 1965In 1961 and the creation of the Government of Baluchland, the old "Chakariflag" which was red with the picture of a black panther, the new one wasadopted by its parliament as the official Flag of the government of Baluchlandin the country and abroad. Following these historic background, the NationalFlag is widely adopted in Greater Baluchland anonymously and has been setaloft by various Baluchi political parties and entities in all sectors of theBaluchland and abroad. The Flag of grater Baluchland has thus beenconsecrated by the blood of all Baluch martyrs patriots of this century, fromtens of thousands who fell in defending the independence movement under thenew government and leadership.The flag was aloft when Nasir was immolated in 1960; it was aloft whenwounded Baluch on stretchers were placed before the firing squads under cruelIranian Shah rules; it was aloft when Baluch civilians were gassed in their hundreds in villages in Aahurran and Zardkouh in Baluchland; it was aloftwhen hundreds of Baluch innocent were driven from their villages and townsthat have been set alight since 1958-59; and, it remains aloft everywhere today —more than 5 decades after the loss of Baluchland independence--whenBaluch are redoubling their perennial struggle to regain their dignity andequality with other nations by reviving their right to choose the course of their own future.DESCRIPTION OF THE NATIONAL FLAG:The National Flag of Greater Baluchland consists of a tricolor field, with a fivedimension star in the blue field.TRICOLOR FIELD: The Baluch National flag has two horizontal bands. Theupper stripe is green, the first one sky blue with a white five dimension star andthe bottom band is red. The width of the flag is two-thirds of the length. NATIONAL FIVE DIMENSION STAR: The primary Baluch characteristic of the flag is the white five dimension star at the beginning. The 5 dimension of the star is the Baluchi Standard Language, secularism, cultural, the heroichistory among the Baluch, stretching into antiquity. The five angle star disk has
many decades' olds; every angle is equal in size and shape. The number angleshold a primary importance in the native Baluch heroic secularism and culturaltradition of the Baluch Nation.Using the given flag dimensions of 2:3, the star disk has a diameter of 1.0including the rays and 0.5 without them. These rays have straight sides, cometo a sharp point at their outer end, and form an inverse point where they meeteach other and the central disk. The star appears in the exact center of the sky blue of the flag. The star is placed so that the flag's vertical meridian passesthrough its topmost point as described above.FLAG OF BALUCHISTANMeaning of the 4 coloursREDsign is our moral heroism for those who suffer martyrdom.GREENsign is the blossomed spring of our freedom.SKY BLUEsign is the might of our marine and celestial frontiers.WHITE STAR sign is our moral heroism, manliness and generosity
Variants of the flag
 The variant presented by Eugene Ipavec, with the 24-rays sun, although welldocumented by a photo of it being actually waved (in London) is nowhere to beseen elsewhere. In 2005, the Balochistan Peoples Party-BPP- was admitted toUNPO with the flag of 12-rayed sun. BPP represents only the West Balochistan(the Iranian part in Sistan-wa-Balochistan Province) and, at the time of admission to UNPO, called on their eastern brothers (in Pakistan) to followtheir move and join UNPO too. UNPO lists West Balochistan as a member,with the flag (12 rays) It also lists Balochistan as a member, but without theflag. Then, in 2006, the Government-in-Exile of Balochistan was formed inJerusalem, Israel, presumably claiming to represent all parts of Balochistan(Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan) with the declared capital in Kalat (PakistaniBalochistan) and the present holder of the title of Mir of Kalat, Suleman

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