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The Whole Story of Whole Life

The Whole Story of Whole Life

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Published by debmarco

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Published by: debmarco on May 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Whole Story of 
Whole Life
Whole life is the most versatile nancial instrument ever devised for the protection of familiesand businesses and the creation and enhancement of wealth. To appreciate the great value of this type of life insurance protection this paper exploreshow it works, its uses, its benets andthe optionsyou have in structuring a contract to meet your specic needs, and why Guardianis the company of choice.
“Whole lie provides lietime insurance protectionwith signifcant guarantees and tax benefts...”
Chapter 1:
How Does Whole Lie Work? 3
dId you know... walt dise, able t la a sbstatial ba la,se the cash vale rm his hle lie plic t bila spralig theme par that is   t therl as “the happiest place  earth.”
Chapter 1:
H des whle Lie wr?
 whle lie is a israce plic that prvies lietime israceprtecti ith
signifcant guarantees
tax benefts
r  the plicer. These garatees ca be viee as either 
 whe actaries esig a hle lie plic, the begi b etermiig hat rates are gig t be garatee.oce the garatee rates have bee set, the are se tetermie plic premims a vales. Garatee rates avales are base p cservative assmptis. A mtal lieisrace cmpa, sch as Garia, ill the ajst theserates a vales t crret citis thrgh the mechaism a -garatee
Becase lie israce is seeas beecial t the elare  sciet, sigicat
tax benefts
 have bee give t it that are t  i ther acialistrmets.
 what Are the Garatee Rates?
A hle lie plic is bilt p a ati  threegaratee rates:
The garatee
rate – this garatee cmesrm the 2001 CSo table, a table  garatee mrtalit rates that are reqire b israce reglatis.
The garatee
rate – this rate r Gariaplicies is 4.0% r the etire lie  the plic.
The garatee
actr – a allcati r expese that is cvere i garatee vales.
 what Are the Garatee Vales?
The three garatee rates are cmbie i a actarialrmla that reslts i three garatee vales, a it is this tri garatee eatres that sets hle lie plicies apart rmall ther tpes  acial istrmets. whle lie isracehas:
A Garatee
Level Premium
– The aal premim isctractall garatee t ever chage.
A Garatee
Death Beneft
– The level eath beet isctractall garatee ever t g .
A Garatee
Cash Value
– The ctractall garateecash vale grs each ear til it is eqal t the aceamt  the plic at a specie age, sall age 121.(Prir t the 2001 CSo table, it as age 100.)The graph at the tp  page 4 illstrates the garatee vales a hle lie israce plic itht a ivie vales.The Garatee death Beet  $500,000 is a cmbiati  Garatee Cash Vale a Garatee net Amt at Ris.
 year b ear the Garatee Cash Vale icreases til it iseqal t the ace amt  the plic at age 121.
Net Amount at Risk is the dierence between the policy death beneft and the cash value.

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