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After Breaking Dawn ch3

After Breaking Dawn ch3

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Published by Rechealhearts

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Published by: Rechealhearts on May 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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After Breaking DawnChapter 3This is why Ive never had a dogTaylorWow I wonder what that was all about. Renesmee was laying on the huge theatre couch with Jake laying next to her attached to her side. Then Ray asks me to excuse her and Jake, I would have left but she left before I could. Well I guess nothing could go wrong. “Edward are you in your room?” I asked wondering if he was in his room with Bella and therefore wouldn't hear me. No answer. They must be. Ilaughed. Okay now that was a weird noise. It sounded like something it the doorand the room blocking the noise. Hmmm. Then the door nob started rattling likesomeone was trying to open it and couldn't. That's weird. I got up and walked tothe door and turned the rattling nob. The door swung open and the smell hit melike walking into the way of a train going a hundred miles an hour. I was immediately thirsty. My hunting side took over. I knew someone was behind me and was at war weather to care I turned and hissed. A wolf grabbed my arm. I thrashed andalmost punched the wolf. Then realized who it was. “Jacob?” I asked coming outof it. I knew to never fight with a werewolf. He let go of my arm and hissed toward where Ray lay on the floor.Jacob black“Go get Carlisle.” Taylor screamed at me. I growled a warning and ran into Carlisle's room. Not bothering to phase. “Jacob what's wrong.” The doc asked when I ran into his room at full speed. I growled and turned. I felt his persuit and wasglad. We were upstairs with Nessie in a minute. “Go get Edward.” Carlisle called to me. I ran and started barking and ramming into there door. “Jacob I will hurt you if this isn't an emergency.” Edward growled. I ran through what happen inmy head and then he wasn't in front of me anymore. I went to my room to phase.Then ran back upstairs. Taylor was having a hard time. “Taylor if you can't stand it then get out.” I growled at him. “Jake get the Hell out and right now Taylor it doing great. We need him to guard.” Edward growled with an edge. It bit straight through me like a double edged sword. I ran to my room as fast as I could.Renesmee CullenIt was so dark. I thought I was in heaven. But then realized heaven couldn't bethis painful. My head was killing me and so was my stomach and arm. It all hurtso bad. The last thing I remember was Jake and I were in a fight and then, oh noa ripping sound. Jake was so mad he phased. Oh man what have I done? Jake is probably so upset. I can't believe I was so stupid. Ive seen him phase before. I can't believe I didn't try to calm him. He just made me so mad. I can't believe he still doesn't like my family. Its not there fault. Every single one has wishedvampires didn't exist at least once in there life. Think of Aunt Rose. If I didn't come along she would still be hating her life wishing she was dead. I just need to stop thinking about it and focus on what's going on. I don't think I canmove, see, or hear. Can I feel anything? Yes I feel 2 sets of cold hands. Okay Carlisle and either my mother or father. Next try and hear anything. 'Renesmee?'everyone was shouting in there head. I could hear everyones mind just not sound.Wait that meant my father could probably hear me. I searched for his mental tone. He was anxious but close he was helping Carlisle. 'Daddy?' “Shhhhh!” He saidto everyone. I could hear through his head. 'Oh baby I've been so worried.' My father was having an anxiety attack. I saw him searching through my head. I was in pain a lot of it actually but I was trying to hide it. “Dad, get the morphinein her she is in tremendious pain.” He said. I started to focus on hearing voices that were speaking aloud. “Can you hear her son?” My grandfather asked. “Yes she can hear me as well but she cant seem to hear anything aloud.” My father sighed. “Oh until just as you asked actually. She can hear us.” He finished. “Nessiehoney its grandpa. Please try and open your eyes. Now I know this will hurt but
I must puncture your arm with my teeth to put the needle in so hold on.” Grandpa said calmly. Ugh! I groaned internally as he punctured the inside of my arm. Then the pain faded and felt a lot better. “Better?” He asked. “Yes.” My father answered. Now just focus on opening my eyes. Ahhh! There are my eye lids. I tried to open them and had to blink a couple times first. The room was almost empty.Taylor against the wall with a very upset expression. My mother next to him crying tearlessly and My father staring into my eyes with a very worried look. “Bella love she's coming around!” He said to my mother. She was then next to me andhad shoved my father out of the way. “Oh baby. Are you alright?” She asked withsobs still heavy in her singing voice. I put my hand on her neck. 'Yes momma.' Ishowed her. She kissed my forehead and then hugged me tight. 'Daddy where is Jake?' I asked in my head still hugging my mother. 'In Forks.' He thought. “What?”I asked. “He just went to see his dad he will be back. 'Ray? Are you okay? Youscared me so much.' Taylor thought. My mother let me go but grabbed my hand andlet Taylor through to see me. ”I'm fine Tay. Trust me.” I said. He hugged me andkissed my forehead. “I'm so glad.” He mumbled. “Okay so for one what happened for two where are the others and three how bad am I.” I asked my dad and Carlislethe last one. “You and Jake were fighting and Jake got to heated and phased while you were standing too close. Taylor heard loud growls coming from the door and went in. He saw you covered and blood and almost couldn't control himself. Jake hit him in the back to keep him under control. your mother and I were in ourroom... talking.” He hesitated with a slight smile at her. “Eeeewwwww. To much information.” I said completely grossed out. Everyone laughed. “The others are inthe living room waiting to come see you but we let Taylor in here because he saved your life. Then last was you have a bad concussion, 3 deep scrapes on your arm, 4 deep scrapes on your stomach and 2 on the side of your face.” My father said to me. “How long was I out?” I asked. “At least an hour.” My father answeredagain. Tay was still standing next to me very unsure. 'should I leave or what? I'm not really family am I?' He didn't know I was listening. I reached and grabbed his hand with my other hand. “Please stay!” I said to him in a low voice. He smiled and nodded. 'Daddy will you get everyone?' I asked. I wanted to see my family. 'sure baby.' He thought then left. The next second everyone was in the small room. Alice was the first one to hug me then, Jasper who made us all feel calm, then Rose and Emm, then Esme and Carlisle. They all kissed my forehead and Carlisle said I could go up to my room but I had to be watched and must rest with an ice pack on my head. We settled for Taylor's hand. So Taylor carried me up with Alice, Rose, my mother and Esme right behind us. We all went to watch a movie.I stayed in Taylor's lap through the whole movie. I felt bad but I liked beingin his lap I fit perfectly there. Jake has been so irked since Taylor showed upthat I don't even want to be near him that much. When were sitting he's constantly hanging on me. 'I hope she's comfortable. I don't want to hurt her.' Tay thought not thinking I was paying attention. I wasn't really I just caught the course of them. I put my hand on his face. 'I'm fine.' I put in his head and made itsound happy with a smiley face. He smiled back at me and kissed my forehead. Then when he came up I actually looked at his face. It was beautiful. He had blonde short but shaggy hair and a cute smile that made a dimple show in his cheaks.His face was not round but not narrow either. I marveled at his face for a moment until he noticed. 'What?' He asked in his head still smiling. I shook my headand felt the red in my cheeks. He noticed the blush and his curiosity intensified. 'Please!' He asked still in his head. This was so the others didn't notice. Nobody did except Alice who was aware but trying to give us privacy. 'I'm going to ask later so don't try and hide it!' She thought. I put my hand on his neck. 'Your' I showed him but couldn't finish I was to emmbaraced my cheeks turned deeper red. He noticed but was confused. 'continue.' He thought. 'Your kinda, sorta,gorgious.' I showed him and blushed much deeper. He put his hand on my burningcheeks. He liked the warmth. 'I would say you are more beautiful but that doesn't even compare to you.' Taylor thought. I blushed. Then his face fell which I didn't like but he was guarding his thoughts by thinking of just stuff he learnedin school. So I showed hi his face falling and then my face frowning and asked'why'. His frown deepened and so did mine. I didn't want him to frown. 'I think
I like you a little too much. Jake seemed to be wound just tighter then usual and I think it is because he noticed that I liked you before I knew it myself.' Hethought and turned his face away from me. I tried to pull his face back towardme. He took a breath and then looked back at me. I had lifted my head to try andlook in his eyes but was stunned to how close his face was. Suddenly our lips were connected and moving together. I couldn't focus on anything else but him atthat moment. Nothing else mattered. Then we heard a growl and a hiss. We pulledapart. My face only showing the blush we both felt. Everyone was looking at us.My mother having a very angry expression that made me cringe. Then my father was right next to me. My mother lifted me out of Taylor's lap and I struggled to stand up. She put me down but held one hand. My father's face was terrifying. Hegave Taylor 'The glare from Hell'. Taylor cringed away from him. He then turnedto me.”Again we don't talk like that. Only Uncle Emmett talks like that and getinto your room and go to sleep we still have school in the morning.” My fathergrowled at me. “Aw craaap I said it again, sorry.” I said to him. “I am totallynot that bad!” Emm called. “Talk like what?” Jasper asked. “My guess is Nessie thought the word Hell again.” Uncle Emm called back. “Well you just said it whichproves Edward right.” Jazz laughed again. “Aaaaaawwwww Craaaapppp! Never mind.”Emm called again. Everyone laughed except my father whose face lightened a tiniest bit. This made me feel tiniest bit better. “Uh Tay, I suggest you go now butif your not dead in the morning.” I looked at my father and gave him a warning.'Which he better be.' I thought. 'Ptsh I won't kill the boy just maybe hurt hima little.' He thought back. “Then I'll talk to you in the morning.” I finished.He nodded and gave him a hug and walk him to the chairs so my father would haveto think before he could talk to him. My father kissed my forehead and went torun after him. “Son?” Esme called to my dad. He then appeared next to me. “Yes mommy?” He asked. “ I rather like the boy as well and would not like it very muchif he was harmed.” Esme said walking to hug her son. “Aw c'mon I'm not going tohurt him that bad. Please!” He begged. “No!” She said again. “Pleeeeeeease!” Hebegged her more. “Go ask your father.” Esme said walking out. We laughed but mydad frowned. “Awww! But he will say No!” He said disappointment plain in is voice. “Precicely.” She murmered. We laughed except my father again whose frown deepened. “What would I say no to, and why is Edward pouting.” Carlisle asked coming up the stairs. “Taylor and Nessie kissed and now Edward wants to kill him andmom won't let him.” Alice explained smiling at Esme. He laughed and My dad stuckhis tongue out at Alice and then turn to his father and pushed lower lip out like a 5 yea old asking for a cookie. “I suggest as her father that you talk to the boy but don't hurt him son.” Carlisle said patting dad on the back. My fathergot an irritated look on his face but went. I said good night to my family and wen to bed. I was amazed to find out that I was exhausted even though I slept anhour today. So I went to get ready for bed. When I was in bed I turned on my fathers music so I could fall asleep. I heard a small knock on the door. It was Jake? 'I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry! I can't believe I did that I was suchan idiot and you were right I do hold a grudge against your parents and I know Ishouldn't.' Jake was thinking before I interrupted. “No Jake it was me.” I saidwhile ripping the door open and hugging him. I couldn't help but cry. “I was sostupid, I knew not to make you that mad I was such an idiot!” I blabbered. “Noit was all me I'm so sorry and I'm going to be more sorry in a moment.” He saidpulling me off him. “What are you talking about you haven't even heard the worstof it.” I told him remembering the kiss between Taylor and I. He looked at me and I read it in his head. his dad wants him back and the pack needs him. Everyone wants him home and begged him to come back. He feels as the Alfa he must go back. That we were only meant to be friends and he knows it can't work. I startedcrying even more. “Your leaving?” I asked in between hysterics. To tell the truth I agreed with him that we weren't meant for each other but I didn't want him to leave he was my best friend. 'I have to.' He thought frowning. “I will miss you so much but wait how are you going to be away from me. You've never been awayfor more then a week and a half.” I was still holding on I wanted him here. I loved him just like a brother. “I'll work at it and I'll visit.” He said aloud nowbut I could see the hurt in his head. I knew who I wanted to be with but I also

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