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Published by Levi Madison

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Published by: Levi Madison on May 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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pg 85

the Order of B'nai B'rith- Although its strictly Jewish
is not secret anymore, the inner workings at the top
are. It's
purpose is to organize, unify, and direct the Jewish
people. It
also directs Christian clergymen and Freemasons at
times. Its
militant arm is the JDL and ADL. It also has Hillel and
some other
all-Jewish organizations included in its membership.
Although it
claims to represent all jews, it has promoted the
"Reformed" Jewish movement. The Order has around
500,000 members
and 3,500 local lodges.
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn- An illuminated
Satanic group
that worked with the German Thule Society, related to
the O.T.O.
Reportedly directed by the Rothschild family. (See
chapter 3.3)
This was a branch of the Masonic Societas Rosicruciana
in Anglia.
Many groups developed from the Golden Dawn including
Matutina (Morning Star). The Morning Star is Lucifer.


A New York Jewish Mason Haym Saloman (1740-1785)
helped finance
the American Revolution for the Americans, and was
noted to have
given financial aid to many of the revolutionary
leaders including
Jefferson, Madison, and Randolph. Arrested by the
British, he

somehow got free and escaped to American lines.54
While the Jewish Mason Saloman financed the
Americans, the
Jewish family of the Rothschilds (who participated
in secret
societies) were making large sums of money from the
Revolution due to their banking arrangements with
the Elector of
Hesse, who rented German troops to the German
British Monarch to
fight the Americans.

pg 82
There have been numerous small groups of
Rosicrucians of various
kinds. (See the diagram) The purpose stated by one
of the principal
Rosicrucian groups: "The Fraternity is now entirely
devoted to
philosophical research, spiritual training and
Occult Initiation."70
The famous Jewish magician Eliphas Levi (self-named
Zahed)71 was the Supreme Grand Master of the
Rosicrucians in 1861, when the next
Supreme Grand Master, the American Dr. P.B.
Randolph was chosen.72
Eliphas Levi was a deep student of the Kaballah,
and wrote many
books on magic, including theHistory of Magic. His 1896
edition of

Transcendental Magic carries a big illustration of the
"Star of

pg 103
level 1- Elders of Sion. An inner core of Jewish
world rulers
numbering 13 who are dedicated to Lucifer, and his

alien demons. It
can be theorized that there is an inner core to
this. This group
includes the Rothschilds, and some other "Jews" who
believe they
are gods and who have worshipped Satan for
generations. If we were
as rich and powerful as the Rothschilds we might
also think we were
gods. And in addition to their power of wealth are
the witchcraft
powers they have attained. The Bilderbergers is an
extension of this. This group will make the final
decision on who is selected of
the various candidates to be the world's King-
Priest ruler that the
public will worship.

pg 209

J.P.Morgan, the Rothschild's representative in the United States, set up a
trust fund to
unite the various Christian denominations.

pg 257
Cecil Rhodes was a British multimillionaire who during his life time was
deeply involved
in secret societies and his vision of a united world. His vision of a united
world under
B'rit-ish rule (that in Hebrew means the rule of the Covenant People, and is
a way to
legitimatize their One-World State) was a big part of his life early on. By
age 22, he had
already drawn up a will to leave his money for the purpose of furthering the
Cecil Rhodes was a Scottish Rite Mason.16 He contributed the land upon
which the
Bulawayo Lodge No. 2566, Rhodesia built a Masonic Temple.17 He
established the
Rhodes Scholarships which to no surprise have tended to go to Masons
and people

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