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Honda Civic Si EP3 02-03 Factory Service Manual

Honda Civic Si EP3 02-03 Factory Service Manual

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Published by pcs_rule
Honda Civic Si EP3 02-03 Factory Service Manual
Honda Civic Si EP3 02-03 Factory Service Manual

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Published by: pcs_rule on May 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your safety, nd he satetyof others, s very mportant. o helpyoumake nformed ecisions, e haveprovidedafetymessages, nd othersafety nformationhroughout his manual.Of course,t is notpracticalrpossibleo warnyouaboutall hehazards ssociated ith servicing his vehicle. ou must useyourowngoodudgment.You will findimpoftantafetynformationn a varietyof formsincluding:.SatetyLabels on the vehicle..Satetv Messagesprecededby a salety alert symbolAandone of threesignalwords,DANGEF,WARNING, r CAUTION. Theseignalwords mean:
tmEnEErily;,:H,ll ":5*5"?;rERousLYH Br r E$EEEEys,:f#,ff,:hl:3,:JjERrousLYURTr
tlGtltT]llilllYoucAN b€ HUBTfvoudon'tollow.lnstructionshow o servicehisvehicle orrectlv ndsafelv.
All informationontainedn this manual sbased n theatestproductnformationvailable t the ime ofprinting.Wereservethe right o make hanges t any ime without notice.NopartofthisOublicationaVbereDrodLrced,r stored n a retrievalsystem, r transmitted,nanyormby any means, lectronic,mechanical,hotocopying,ecording, r otherwise, ithout hepriorwrittenpermission{ hepublisher.hisncludesext,figures, nd ables-Asvouread his manual,ouwill tind information hat sprecededy a@symbol.Thepurposefthismessagesto helppreventdamage oyourvehicle, therproperty,r theenvironment,
^t l
FirstEdition /2002 1,168agesHONDAMOTOR O.. TD.All RightsReservedServicePublicationOfficeSpecificationspply o U.S.A. ndCanada
Asseclion3with*inclodeSRS comoonentsispecialprecautionsarerequired when servicing.
How to Use This Manual-
This manual s divided nto 23 sections.he irstpageof eachseclions markedwith ablack ab hatinesup with itscorrespondinghumb ndex ab on thispageand he back over.You canquicklyind he irstpageof eachsectionwithoutlooking hroughafullableof contents. he symbolsprintedattheopcornerof eachpagecan also be usedas aquickre{erence ystem.Each ectionncludes:1. Atableof contents, r an exploded iew ndexshowingl.Partsisassembly equence..Bolt orquesandhreadsizes..Page eferenceso descriptionsntext.Disassembly/assemblyroceduresndools.Inspefiron.Testing/troubleshootin.Repair.Adjustments.
Ghassis nd PaintCodes-2002Model .................-2ChassisndPaintCodes-2003Model .................-3ldentificationumberLocations ....... -4Warning/Cautionabel ocations .....1-5Under-hoodEmissionControlLabel .......... .... 1-7LiftandSupportoints........,....,.......,.-8Towing ......1-9PaftsMarking ocations .....................-10