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White Scars Rules Finished

White Scars Rules Finished

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Published by pawelpijas

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Published by: pawelpijas on May 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHITE SCARSCODEXwritten by Josef Knechtartwork by Arrrrconsultation: Team Damage, Wosho, Czaj-nik, members of Gloria Victis and gildia.plcommunitiesinspiration: White Scars Mini-dex in Chapter Approved, White Dwarf 
Force Organisation Chart
KaganStorm Seer Cheeftain
Wanderer Old ScarsSternguard VeteransTerminator SquadTerminator Assault SquadTechmarine
White Scars Bike Pack Young BloodsTactical Squad
Young Bloods Bike Pack Vanguard VeteransAssault SquadLand Speeder Squadron
Attack Bike SquadronLand Speeder Tempest SquadronPredator WhirlwindVindicator Storm Raven
Army Wide Special Rules
Adnotacja – koszty broni dotyczą pojedynczej sztuki, modele na motorach mogą wymienić broniena 2 łapkach (liczę na domyślność)Kolejna Wersja w okolicach weekendu – 15,16 maja 2010
And They Shall Know No Fear
– see codex SM
Born in the Saddle
– skilled rider & ability to use two weapons in combat while riding sm bike for every bike/attack bike riding unit & character 
Rapid Warfare
– White Scars are truly masters of fast and hard-hitting strikes, quickly reacting toenemy`s redeployments. All White Scars bike mounted models except units including attack bikeshave counter-attack and hit&run USR 
Leave no Brother Behind
– white scars units not mounted on bikes nor having jump packs, must buy dedicated transport, start the battle onboard non-dedicated transport or deep strike in case of 
 – having tribal-like organisation, white scars prefer to fight in packs or herds, main points of their strategy lay elsewhere. They do not have combat squad special rule neither combat tactics rule
Power Lance
– used by white scars in bike charges, it`s power weapon that confers + 1 S & I to awielder in turn he charges or counter attacks, in subsequent turns of combat he gets – 1 I and nostrenght bonus due to difficulties of fighting with lance in stationary combat
Horse Tail Talisman
– imbued with power by Storm Seers, gives wielder and the unit he is with theability to re-roll failer counter-attack and hit & run tests
Augmented Bike
– modified by chapter`s techmarines rises T of the rider to 5, armed with storm bolter For all other wargear see Codex Space Marines
1. Kagan / 130WSBSSTWIALDSave6544353103+/4++Special Rules:ATSKNFBorn in the saddleRapid warfareStrategist – friendly units that choose to outflank add +1 to reserve rolls if they passed ld test,checking whether they are able to coordinate their position with the whole battle plan. Check for each outflanking unit before the battleIron halo – 4++ saveMaster of the hunt – master of the hunt & unit he joines may re-roll failed to wound roll vs t5 andmonstrous creaturesEquipment:Bolt pistol, cloce combat weapon, frag & krak grenades, power armour, bikeOptions:As SM captain No terminator armour & relic blade+ 10 may have his bike upgraded to augmented bike+ 20 power lance+ 20 storm shield+ 20 single kagan can be upgraded to master of the hunt2. Storm seer / 100
WSBSSTWIALDSave5444242103+Special Rules:ATSKNFBorn in the saddleRapid warfareEquipment:Bolt pistol, force weapon, frag & krak grenades, power armour Options:As BA librarian (no infernus pistol)Bike + 30Upgrade to storm prophet (+50) – may use 2 psychic powers per turnPsychic powers (may choose 2):1) Thundercharge – assault phase, caster and unit he joines gain furious charge USR for this assault phase2) Force dome – as SM librarian3) Speed of the wind – shooting phase, can be cast on all non-vehicle unit, caster and unit he joinesgain fleet USR 4) Khan`s blessing – assault phase, may choose model within 6`, that model gains +1 WS, S, T, I &A until next white scars player turn5) Veil of night – enemy shooting phase, enemy models shooting at friendly models within 12` of the caster shoot at -1 BS6) Chain-lighting – psychic shooting attack, range 24`, s 4 ap 6 rending ordnance blast7) Whirlwind – psychic shooting attack, range 24`, pinning test for targeted unit if passed in their next turn they move as in both difficult and dangerous terrain8) Hunter`s spear – psychic shooting attack, range 18`, works only on vehicles, inflicts glancing hiton a roll 1-4, penetrating hit on a roll 5+9) Power of the elements – psychic shooting attack, range unlimited, affects unit within or 6` awayfrom terrain, unit takes d6 s 4 ap 6 hits + one additional hit for every wounded model (keep rolling),cover saves may not be taken againts that power, you cannot gain additional hits against vehicles, but they are hit on a back armour 3. Cheeftain / 70WSBSSTWIALDSave554425393+Special Rules:ATSKNFBorn in the saddleRapid warfareEquipment:Bolt pistol, cloce combat weapon, frag & krak grenades, power armour 

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