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Ten Things I Hate About Local TV News

Ten Things I Hate About Local TV News

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Published by fbidaily
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Published by: fbidaily on Apr 14, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ten things I hate about local TV news
This is a rant. Spelling and grammar Nazis beware.Ten things I hate about local TV news:1.)“Coming up next….” – a catchy headline that can easily suck you in to watching 30minutes of bad reporting. This headline is announced just before every commercial break yetthey don’t get to the story until the last few minutes. And when they do the story is so stupidyou end up cursing at yourself – I missed a rerun of Seinfeld for this! I have to admit I still fallfor this one occasionally.2.) “The vague Michigan connection” - a lame attempt to connect us with every major catastrophe or event worldwide. Example: The roof collapses at a Costco in Rhode Island.What is the Michigan connection……some frumpy suburban housewife with a heavyMichigan accent and a perm has a sister who was shopping at that very Costco the daybefore. The reporter listens intently and nods as the lady describes her sister’s near brushwith death.3.) "The dumb-ass witness" - Possibly the most entertaining part of local news. They findsome yocal who may or may not have seen the incident, but you get his incomprehensiblestory anyway. “he drove up dare see den turned around and came back to where I wasstandin’ at…. then started firin at the man, bam-bam bam see”. The best ones are fromplaces like Melvindale or Taylor. Oh and don’t forget the brother who ends every sentencewith “know what I’m sayin’”, know what I’m sayin’.4.) "Live on location" - This is where they unnecessarily send a cameraman and a reporter tobroadcast live on location. This is most ridiculous during the 11 o’clock news. Usually it’s areporter standing in an empty parking lot in front of a sign. Example, earlier in the day Fordannounces the layoff of 500 salaried workers. Where do they report this from, the emptyparking lot in front of Ford headquarters at 11:10 PM while it is raining. Without that shot of the big blue oval I don’t think I would believe it. But man, they’re out there getting the storyfor us.5.) "Weather sensationalizing" – 15 degrees isn’t cold enough for these idiots. They have tocalculate the “real feel” “today’s high will only be 15 degrees but it will actually feel like minus52” Their real feel is going to be lower than the other stations guaranteed, no one else hasthe Weatherforce Calculator II.Same with snow accumulation. A few days before a snow storm the hype starts. At first it is 1to 3 inches. The day before it changes to 4 to 6 and not to be outdone by other stations “wecould be looking at 6 to 8 inches of snow”. This becomes THE story of the night, interviewswith plow truck drivers, the State Police, ect. How will you survive Mother Nature’s fury? Youusually wake up the next morning and guess what, an inch and a half of snow on your car,turn on the wipers and drive away. These idiots don’t get it. This is Detroit, it snows here inthe winter.This kind of sensationalizing can lead to………6.) "The expert advice" - This can be tied in to a huge story like 1 to 3 inches of snow. Theyfind some “expert”, a doctor, a coast guard officer or someone else with a title and have them

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