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Proud of your country?Your leader?

Proud of your country?Your leader?



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Published by fbidaily
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Published by: fbidaily on Apr 14, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proud of your country? Your leader?
I am ashamed. I am ashamed of this President. Aren't you? After watching his pressconference today, a sense of shame overtook me. I'm ashamed that he took to the podiumtoday as if he emptied out a container of laughing gas. I'm ashamed of a President who hasthe temerity to laugh when asked a question about war. I'm ashamed of the whores of thefourth estate who care more about having the honor of being the butt of one of thePresident's jokes than about exposing the truth to the American people. I'm ashamed thatmillions of my fellow Americans are so scared and so desperate for leadership that theybelieve the President's bullshit.I am ashamed. I'm ashamed of this President, this megalomaniac hellbent on leaving hisassprint on the map of the Middle East, no matter how much destruction is wrought and nomatter how much blood flows in the streets of lands that never threatened us. I'm ashamedthat when I see the American flag waiving, images of flag-draped coffins flash in my mind. I'mashamed of Freedom's March. Ashamed when I see villages reduced to rubble. Ashamedwhen I see the tiny little corpses. God, they're so painfully tiny--lined up in a row, little angelswrapped in colorful blankets that starkly contrast against their gray-tinged faces. Ashamedwhen I see wailing Iraqis slam their hands against plain, unvarnished coffins, over and over,asking "Why? Is this democracy? Why?" When I see those image of funerals, of brokenfamilies, I want to crawl into my TV, I want to go to them and grab their slumped shouldersand scream "I'm sorry, good god, I'm so sorry. I want to leave, I want us to leave, believe me.But they won't listen...No one listens anymore."I'm ashamed that the word "massacre" is even uttered in connection with our actions in Iraq.I'm ashamed it's not just one massacre that is alleged, but two. I'm ashamed it's gotten to thepoint that I can't even tell this little voice inside of me to shut up, that little voice that saysmaybe, just maybe it could be true. That the impossible may be plausible. Before this war, Iwould have rejected such claims outright. But that voice of plausibility is the consequence of those black hoods. It's the consequence of those leashes, those snarling dogs. It's theconsequence of those detainees chained to bedframes. Of naked pyramids. Of forced sexacts. Of beatings and blood-streaked floors.I am ashamed. Ashamed that Justice is no longer blindfolded, but gagged. Ashamed that inAmerica, in AMERICA, I can only protest in "free speech zones" the size of postage stamps.Ashamed that by the time I'll take my oath as an officer of the court to support theConstitution, I'll be swearing to uphold a tattered document that has managed to survive over 200 years only to be shredded by this President in less than eight.I am ashamed. Ashamed that in America, I see bearded men panhandling in the street,holding cardboard signs that read "U.S. Vet, can't work, need food. God bless." Ashamedthat somewhere, in our America, a grandmother is sitting alone at her kitchen table, crumpledbills clutched in her thin hands, agonizing over the choice before her: medicine for her pain,or food to keep on living. Ashamed that there is a child who will go to sleep tonight on a cot inan orphanage, with no one to read him a story, no one to stroke his hair and kiss himgoodnight, because the American Taliban thinks gay Americans can't love, can't parent, can'tprovide.I am ashamed of my fellow Americans. Ashamed that they haven't flooded the streets.

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