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DEATH/CAR screenplay

DEATH/CAR screenplay

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Published by crackcream94

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Published by: crackcream94 on May 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Justin Simason Thursday, May 13, 2010 8:43:21 AM ET
One day Andrew and I saw a trailer for an A Day to rememberconcert Live in switzerland. The trailer was so epic with us that wedecided to make a trailer for own movie. Later we went over to Andrew’s house and ideascan to our minds. We filmed during the nights after school, this was whenour freshmen year started. For me, being a freshman was kinda hardbecause not fitting in with people was hard. But Andrew was therebecause he was my filming partner.
 After we were done filming Death/Car, I had to edit it and then Iposted it on to youtube. I thought I wasn’t gonna get any reactions. Actually I got a lot of positive reactions from family members andpeople from school. When I went to school the next day a girl came upto me and thought it was funny how she saw me on youtube and shereally liked thevideo. Then this kid came up to me, his name was caleb and hetold me he loved the Death/Car trailer. I told him thanks a lot,he responded when is the movie gonna come out? I said.
“What do you mean a movie?”
“there is a trailer, where is the movie.”
“there is no movie, it was made just for fun”Caleb wasn’t really happy with that. Later that day another kid cameup to me and said when is the movie coming out, and I said there is no movie coming out.
Later Andrew and I were thinking of sequel ideas, we thought one would be enough, but no, there were more adventures with them.It took a couple weeks for Death/Car 2 to come to mind, then wefilmed it and then we put it on youtube. It was a Death/Car failure.The movie didn’t not have a plot at all it just had random scenes andthe filming was bad.
In a about November, I was sitting in Gobal Lit class sitting in my chair next to a friend. Then all of a sudden Caleb started sayinglines from the trailers, and doing the movements. I start laughingand getting in trouble. Later inthat class he comes up to me and talks to me about Death/Car, I reallylike comments about them, the hateful comments can be funny and bad.Caleb brings up ideas for a 3rd Death/Car that would be the best ofthem all. Death/Car 3 would be a good idea if we did it right.Basically it was Caleb an I on this one, Andrew had nothing to do withthis one because he was dead in the last movie and he didn’t want to work on this one, only maybe for a couple shots. The first day ofshooting was the daybefore vacation, the only way me and Caleb would shoot would be
Justin Simason Thursday, May 13, 2010 8:43:21 AM ET
is at school, we live far from each other. We did a lot of filming onthat day, then christmas break came around the corner. Duringchristmas I got a FLIP camera for my filming,one thing I didn’t mention is I used my school laptop for filming boththe Death/Cars 1 , 2 and the some of Death/car 3.
Filming this one was a pain in the ass, but it was worthit, because it is really funny and I enjoy watching it. I uploaded itto youtube and I got a lot of positives reviewson it and a lot of people liked it.
One night I was sleeping over Andrew’s house, we walked down tothis store/gas station and got some snacks like we always do. Andrewsaid.
“It would be funny if we made a Death/Car movie.”
“We already did” said Justin.
“No like a full length movie.” said Andrew.What you are about to read is what came out of the process.
Justin Simason Thursday, May 13, 2010 8:43:21 AM ET

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