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Network Defineitions & Topoliges

Network Defineitions & Topoliges

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Published by Ahmed Mh

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Published by: Ahmed Mh on May 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bachelor of Computer Applications (Part-III)
Network Definition, Basic components of anetwork, network types and topologies, Uses of computer networks, network architecture. Transmission Media: Coaxialcable, twisted pair cable, fibre optics & satellites. OSIreferable model, TCP/IP references model, comparison of OSIand TCP reference model.
Introduction to Analog and Digital Transmission:
Telephonesystem, Modems, Types of modems, pulse code modulation.Transmission & Switching: Multiplexing, circuit switchingpacket switching, hybrid switching, ISDN service transmission.
Local Area Network Protocols:
CSMA Protocols, BRAP,MLMA, IEEE standards 602, Token Bus, Token Ring, FDDI.
Data Link Layer Design Issues:
Services provided to Networklayer framing, error control, flow control, link management. Error detection & correction, Elementary Datalink Protocols.
Design Issues of Network Layer:
Services provided to transportlayer, routing, connection, internet & world wide web.
Network Security and Privacy:
Brief Introduction to Cryptography.
Network Services:
File transfer, Access & Management, ElectronicMail, Remote logic
Unit 1
Network Definition,Basic components of a network,network types and topologies, Uses of computer networks, networkarchitecture. Transmission Media:Coaxial cable, twisted pair cable,fibre optics & satellites. OSIreferable model, TCP/IP referencesmodel, comparison of OSI and TCPreference model.
A computer network is a group of interconnectedcomputers. Networks may be classifiedaccording to a wide variety of characteristics.In the world of computers,
is thepractice of linking two or more computingdevices together for the purpose of sharing data.Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer software.

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