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Why I Hate Bollywood

Why I Hate Bollywood

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Published by Pramod K Mahanand
The brave speech by a user from Orkut.
The brave speech by a user from Orkut.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Pramod K Mahanand on May 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why I hate bollywood?
Sushant from OrkutCommunity: I hate bollywoodTopic: Why all of you hate bollywood?Cool, there seems to be lot of intriguing Debates happening here. I was a member of thisCommunity 4 quiet some time, but wasn't active on Orkut 4 a long time, but now I guessthis Community will make me come on Orkut quiet often. Now getting to the Point, I will take a very unbiased position on this subject, rationallyanalyze the subject, do proper reasoning based on my observations and and Not rely onany Preconceived Notions.Based on the posts of most members of this community, I feel that many of you aredriven by extreme prejudices that are making you come up with some Generalizations.Well with all due respect to your views and with no personal offence to any of you, I'vefew unpleasant things to say. Maybe some of you will get furious or agitated but I hopenone of you sues for defamation. Now, none of us can deny that most members of this Community are all EducatedArticulate people from Urban areas and all born post 1970s that have had good exposureto International Cinema. (Including me)Well the Common trait of people like us is that either most of us have little or noexposure to Hindi Films of Pre 1980's Era or simply are too Elitist & Westernized andhence look down upon anything Indian, be it Movies, Music, Literature & other forms of Arts, very much like the Brown Sahibs during Colonial India who always believed thatAll Science, Technology & Civilization came from the West.Sorry for being rude. Let me make my stand on this very clear.Theres a Huge difference, a huge difference between Bollywood and Indian Hindi Films.Bollywood Sucks Big Time, no doubt & dispute about that. Its a Craphole, full of Cheesydialogs, Melodramatic Scenes, Over the Top or No Acting and Moronic Song & DanceSequences. Bollywood is mostly about NAACH GAANA RONA DHONA infused kindof Nautankis whose plots are mostly plagiarized from not just Hollywood & European but many South Indian & Bengali movies and now even Persian and Korean movies.(Case in point, the Sanjay Dutt starrer ZINDA, a rip off of KOREAN Epic Blockbuster "Oldboy")But that is different from Indian Hindi Films. You see Bollywood is something thatstarted evolving in the 70s with those Prakash Mehra & Ramesh Sippy kind of MindlessLarger tha Life Commercial films that featured Amitabh Bachchan & Dharmendra.By the 80s came all those Pathetic Filth that featured Jeetendra, Mithun Chakravarthy &
Govinda that fractured the already bruised Hindi Film Industry.And with 90s added insults after insults to the Multiple injuries, with the arrival of "EMINENT MAESTRO DIRECTORS' like YASH CHOPRA (Melodrama, ChiffonSarees & Switzerland are the Key ingrediants 2 make Blockbusters), DAVID DHAWAN(Vulger Thumkas & Cheap Slapstick Jokes), MAHESH BHATT (King of Plagairists),SOORAJ BARJATYA (My movies are Diabetically Sweet and all my characters aremore sanctimonious than Mahatma Gandhi), RAKESH ROSHAN (My Hero is a 1 ManArmy who will either Re-incarnate, or be blessed by an alien or will have a smart twin brother), SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI (ALICE's Wonderland is not half as indulgentas my world) MADHUR BHANDARKAR (I loathe everyone & everything other thanme), ASHUTOSH GOWARIKAR (Can't make a movie less than 4 hrs), RAM GOPALVERMA (Viewers of his movies (except Satya & Company) go for Brain Transplants),SANJAY GUPTA (I'm better than Tarantino) and finally Mr. Johar - or is it miss (Nocomments for him, theres no need).With the coming of 21st Century, Bollywood experienced a wave of Nepotism and whata Feudal Nepotism it was. Hopelessly untalented & incompetent children of Former Actors, Actresses, Producers, Directors, Music Directors, Playback Singers, FightMasters and even Distributers started appearing in more & more movies in largenumbers, their only talent, well they didn't have any talent, just contacts & a famoussurname.Blokes like Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ajay Devgan, Tusshar Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi,Uday Chopra, Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Harman Baweja,AdhyanSuman Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Deol, Shahid Kapoor & not 2 forgetAbhishek Bachchan started getting movies and were treated as stars. I wonder if any of them had not been an offspring of famous parents, would they have even been Extras onan Ekta Kapoor Saas Bahu Serial.But the most unfortunate part is, with the rise of International viewers, Indian HindiCinema got almost converted into the Bastardized Bollywood. The Bollywood Faternityis shouting from Rooftops on how Bollywood has become the most Prolific & mostPopular Film Industry in the world. The reports of Bollywood having strong Fan Bases inUK, US, Canada, Australia, UAE, South Africa & even Italy, Germany & Japan are pouring in like hailstorm.Well I agree the Bollywood has some market Germany, but sadly for the Bollywood guysthe Truth is, who all are watching the Bollywood Movies in these Countries? Not theWhites or Blacks or Hispanics or the Chinese/Japanese. Its the growing Indian/PakistaniDiaspora i.e. The NRIs who are settled in these countries.With large number of Indians & Pakistanis immigrating to these countries in the past 2decades, the Market for Hindi Films has obviously grown as many Indians/Pakistaniswho immigrate are NOT so Educated and neither are they so good at understandingEnglish and hence can't understand & identify with Hollywood Movies.
The Smugness of Bollywood wallahs is so annoying, isn't it.The kind of Cinema which is about NAACH-GAANA & RONA DHONA i.e. Song-Dance & Melodrama, no Script, No Content, No Logic, No Novelty & above all NoOriginality should be HEAVILY Penalized for having the audacity to call itself the MostProlific Film Industry in the World.The Thing is, with the success of Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (A Highly overratedmovie), Bollywood started spreading all over the world. The NRIs, many of them notvery bright people paid in Dollars, Pound, Euros & Dinars to watch such Nautankis,hence when the money got converted into Rupees, it was obscene amounts of money.The Filmmakers who already suffered from creative bankruptcy had a sight of relief.They thought, lets make movies that have Matter, No Mind. Colours but No Character.Appearance but no Depth. In short lets make movies that appeal to NRIs so that they canflock in large numbers to watch them. To hell with Acting, hell with Cinematography,hell with Music and finally hell with any Story/Screenplay/Dialogs. Lets make visuallyappealing films that amuse the materialistic NRIs.So the Scripts & Good acting were replaced by Stars (yes Stars with famous surnames,not Actors or Performers), Foreign Locations, Extravagant Dance Sequences, Ear Piercing Plagiarized Music by Howling Dogs Anu Malik Himesh Reshammiya Pritametc, Expensive Sets & Designer Clothing. And now Six Pack Abs, Bulging Biceps, SizeZero Figures & cameos by Has-been B Grade Hollywood stars. No wonder Bollywood appeals to many of the delusional Indian youth of today, coz they judge people by the Brands of Car, Cellphone & Clothes they possess, not by a person'svalues, intelligence, knowledge, honesty or integrity. Now one can imagine how OmShanti Om, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Veer-Zaara, Devdas,Hey Baby, Partner, 3 Idiots, My Name is Khan etc became Blockbusters.I also loathe the Ultra Rich Storylines of Bollywood.Almost all Bollywood movies (barring Lagaan, Gadar, Iqbal, Malaamal Weekly, TrafficSignal, Hera Pheri & Khosla Ka Ghosla, can't call Slumdog Millionaire a Bollywoodmovie) have protagonists shown as "multimilionaires" and "industrialists" who can affordVacations & Mansions abroad. Now I just absolutely hate the fact that all Bollywood portays is their lives, their emotions, their feelings, their family problems - why, the rest of the country doesn't countit seems. They reflect the sad, and false propoganda made by Bollywood that unless youare rich, and a celebrity in India, people don't care for your existence.Except for movies like , there have hardly been any Bollywood Movies of late where the protagnists live in Rural Areas, Small Towns or a Educated Middle Class people like us.Little do they wonder then why so many ordinary, genuinely hard-working Indians who

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