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MB0032 Assignment

MB0032 Assignment

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Published by seetheworld
Assignment May 2010
Assignment May 2010

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Published by: seetheworld on May 13, 2010
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Operations Research1
MB 0032
Operations Research2
Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 2
Q1. Describe in details the different scopes of application of Operations Research.
In general, whenever there is any problem simple or complicated, the OR techniques may beapplied to find the best solution.i)
 In Defence Operations:
In modern warfare the defence operations are carried out by a number of independent components namely Air Force, Army and Navy. The activities in each of thesecomponents can be further divided in four subcomponents viz.: administration, intelligence,operations and training, and supply.ii)
 In Industry:
The system of modern industries are so complex that the optimum point of operationin its various components cannot be intuitively judged by an individual. The businessenvironment is always changing and any decision useful at one time may not be so good sometime later. There is always a need to check the validity of decisions continually, against thesituations. The industrial revolution with increased division of labour and introduction of management responsibilities has made each component an independent unit having their owngoals.iii)
In modern times it has become necessary for every government to have careful planning, for economic development of the country. OR techniques can be fruitfully applied tomaximize the per capita income, with minimum sacrifice and time. A government can thus useOR for framing future economic and social policies.
Operations Research - 4 CreditsMB0032
Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)
Operations Research3
With increase in population there is a need to increase agriculture output. But thiscannot be done arbitrarily. There are a number of restrictions under which agricultural production is to be studied. Therefore there is a need to determine a course of action, whichserves the best under the given restrictions. The problem can be solved by the application of OR techniques.v)
 In Hospitals:
The OR methods can be used to solve waiting problems in outpatient department of  big hospitals. The administrative problems of hospital organization can also be solved by OR Techniques.vi)
 In Transport:
Different OR methods can be applied to regulate the arrival of trains and processingtimes, minimize the passengers waiting time and reduce congestion, formulate suitabletransportation policy, reducing the costs and time of transshipment.vii)
 Research and Development:
Control of R and D projects, product introduction planning etc. andmany more applications.
Q2. What do you understand by Linear Programming Problem? What are the requirements of L.P.P.? What are the basic assumptions of L.P.P.?
One of the most important problems in management decision is to allocate limited and scarceresource among competing agencies in the best possible manner. Resources may represent man, money,machine, time, technology on space. The task of the management is to derive the best possible output (or set of outputs) under given restraints on resources.The management problem may be to optimize (maximize or minimize) the output or the objectivefunction subject to the set of constraints An optimization problem in which both the objective functionand the constraints are represented by linear forms is a problem in linear programming.
 Requirements of L.P.P 
i. Decisions variables and their relationshipii. Well defined objective functioniii. Existence of alternative courses of actioniv. Nonnegative conditions on decision variables.
 Basic assumptions of L.P.P 
Linearity: Both objective function and constraints must be expressed as linear inequalities.2. Deterministic: All coefficient of decision variables in the objective and constraints expressions should be known and finite.3. Additivity: The value of objective function for the given values of decision variables and the total sumof resources used, must be equal to sum of the contributions earned from each decision variable and thesum of resources used by decision variables respectively.4. Divisibility: The solution of decision variables and resources can be any nonnegative values includingfractions.
Q3. Describe the different steps needed to solve a problem by simplex method.
Following are the steps needed to solve the problem by simplex method-

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