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Salvation: A Forthright Explanation

Salvation: A Forthright Explanation



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Published by Dan Dougherty
Down-to-earth, easy-to-understand explanation of the plan of salvation.
Down-to-earth, easy-to-understand explanation of the plan of salvation.

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Published by: Dan Dougherty on May 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Salvation:A Forthright Explanation
Dan Dougherty“Salvation: A Forthright Explanation”Copyright 2010, Dan Dougherty All Rights Reserve !hile this "or# has $opyright prote$tion, % here&y give per'ission to anyone "ho reas it to print an(or 'a#e as 'any $opies as they esire) Freely ispense the' to your *a'ily 'e'&ers, *riens, neigh&ors an $o+"or#ers) he o$trine o* salvation is the $ore an $entral the'e o* Christianity) %tsupersees all other Christian o$trines, an all other o$trines point usto"ar it) Salvation allo"s a holy an righteous -o the opportunity to*orgive an .usti*y us, "ithout $o'pro'ising /is stanars o* per*e$tionan .usti$e) !ithout this "oner*ul provision o* ree'ption,  E "oulever &e allo"e to spen eternity in /eaven) /o" one o&tains salvation is the uestion o* all the ages o* 'an#in)!e all either $ons$iously or su&$ons$iously yearn to #no" the ans"er tothis $uriosity at so'e point in our lives) he 3i&le, the "ritten "or o* -o$learly spells out *our 456 $onitions that 'ust &e 'et i* one expe$ts to &e"el$o'e into /eaven &y the 7or) hese $onitions have &een passeo"n *ro' one Christian to another *or the past 2,000 years) 8y hope anprayer is that you ta#e the' to heart an a$t upon the' a*ter reaing thisarti$le) 
CONDITION #1:_Realization and adi!!ion o" gilt$
 Ea$h aneveryone o* us 'ust personally, iniviually $o'e to the *ull an $o'plete$o'prehension that "e are $one'ne as sinners right "here "e stan,
here an no") %t is &e$ause o* our naturally iso&eient nature that "ere*use to *a$e up to the *a$t that "e A77 possess a sinister heart, "hi$h is:
%$$$de&eit"l and de!peratel' (i&)ed$$$%
49ere'iah 1:;6) %t is ouinherent nature to sin an there&y o**en -o ea$h an every ay o* our lives ++ &y the "ors "e spea#, the thoughts "e have, the ees "e o or the "or#s "e *ail to $o'plete) his $onstant pattern o* "rongoing hassevereour relationship "ith the -o"ho $reateus, $ausing the*or*eiture o* our right to $iti<enship in /eaven) !e also *ail to grasp thepurity, holiness an per*e$t .usti$e o* the 7or, "hi$h "ill not tolerate onesingle sin to &e in /is presen$e= !ith this tarnishe vie" o* ourselves an the "orl aroun us, "e &ring-o o"n to our level o* .uge'ent) !e unerstan an $an a$#no"legethat a person "ho has &een $onvi$te o* heinous $ri'es su$h as rape or 'urer is eserving o* the anger an "rath o* the 7or -o) !e also&elieve that this sort o* person, i* they sho" no re'orse *or these types o* a$ts, is "orthy o* &eing &anishe to /ell a*ter they ie) 3ut "hen it $o'esto our sin*ul li*e, "e rationali<e that "e are not that &a &e$ause "e o not"ill*ully an $onsistently atte'pt to o**en -o &y su$h a$tions) A*ter all,"e try to live &y the >-olen Rule,> atten $hur$h, give 'oney to $harita&le$auses, volunteer our ti'e *or "orthy pro.e$ts, raise our $hilren to &eprou$tive $iti<ens, an so *orth) !e o all these things "ith the hope -o"ill overloo# our 'any *aults) !e pray "ithin ourselves that so'eho",these goo ees "ill erase our e&t o* sin anpla$ate /is glaring .uge'ent)
%*o( tho art "allen "ro heaven+ O l&i"er+ !on o" the orning,*o( art tho &t do(n to the grond+ (hi&h did!t (ea)en the nation!,For tho ha!t !aid in thine heart+ I (ill a!&end into heaven+ I (ill exalt' throne a-ove the !tar! o" .od$ I (ill !it al!o pon the ont o" the&ongregation+ in the !ide! o" the north: I (ill a!&end pon the height!o" the &lod! I (ill -e li)e the o!t *igh$ /et+ tho !halt -e -roghtdo(n to hell+ to the !ide! o" the pit%
4%saiah 15:12+1?6) -o e.e$te his pri<e angel, 7u$i*er, out o* /eaven along "ith one+thiro* the other angels, "ho *ollo"e his lea in a *aile atte'pt to ta#e over /eaven) For this one a$t o* re&ellion, they have &een $one'ne to aneventual eternity in the >7a#e o* Fire> 4Revelations 20:106) hey have nohope o* ree'ption, no $han$e o* an appeal to a higher authority, so their $onvi$tion 'ay &e overturne) heir .uge'ent has &een seale *orever= So, ho" is it "e thin# "e $an es$ape this very sa'e $one'nation,"hen "e sin thousans upon thousans o* ti'es uring our &rie* li*e span@
%n our *allen state, "e relish *o$using upon the 'er$y o* -o, #eeping /is"rath an hatre o* sin in the &a$#groun) 3ut to have a proper perspe$tiveo* -os nature, "e 'ust initially *o$us on an aress /is terri&le "rath)hen, "e $an is$uss an loo# to"ar /is love, 'er$y an *orgiveness) 8oses, Bing Davi an the 'a.ority o* the l esta'ent "riters "arneo* the *ury an anger o* the 7or) 9esus prea$he nu'erous ti'es a&outthe *earso'e "rath o* /is Father an /ell) 9ohn the 3aptist as#e so'e o* those $o'ing to hi' see#ing salvation:
%$$$(ho hath (arned 'o to "lee"ro the (rath to &oe0%
47u#e :6) hroughout his letters, St) aul"arns o* 'an#in&eing the su&.e$t o* -os great anger, stating:
%$$$)no(ing there"ore the terror o" the ord+ (e per!ade en$$$% 2ICorinthian! 3:114$
Despite the 'any "arnings throughout the entire 3i&le a&out the "ratho* -o an a pla$e $alle /ell, 'ost people still &elieve they $an .usti*ythe'selves &e*ore -o&y oing their &est to #eep the enCo''an'ents) 3ut the 3i&le $learly tea$hes:
%For (ho!oever !hall)eep the (hole la(+ and 'et o""end in one point+ he i! gilt' o" all$%
49a'es 2:106) ou 'ust reali<e that the very *irst ti'e you "ill*ully an#no"ingly too# so'ething that i not &elong to you or tol a lie, you&e$a'e as guilty &e*ore -o as so'eone "ho $o''itteaultery or 'urer= At that point, you &e$a'e the ene'y o* -o *or all ti'e, .ust as7u$i*er i "hen he $hose to re&el against the 7or) Do not &e *oole &y*alse 'inisters o* the -ospel "ho tell you: >Do this goo "or# o that gooee an -o "ill love an a$$ept you)> he "or o* -o $learly tells us:>
There"ore -' the deed! o" the la( 2Ten Coandent!4+ there !hallno "le!h -e 5!ti"ied in hi! !ight: "or -' the la( i! the )no(ledge o" !in%
4Ro'ans :206) -o #ne" "e $oul not #eep /is la"s "ithout *altering an /e never intene us to &e a&le to o so) /e gave us /is la"s to 'a#e us a"are o* an e*ine sin) he la" CDE8S, it oes not SAE) et, "e persist intrying to gain the 'er$y an *orgiveness o* -o &y our o"n sa$ri*i$es angoo "or#s) %n su''ary, the *irst $onition "hi$h leas to salvation is reali<ing ana'itting to yoursel* an to -o that you are "i$#e ue to your $hroni$,"ill*ul iso&eien$e) At the sa'e ti'e, you 'ust reali<e an a'it toyoursel* an to -o you $an o /%- to uen$h /is anger an saveyoursel* &y your o"n han) ou 'ust $on$lue you are a&solutelypo"erless to erase your e&t o* sin, no 'atter ho" har you strive to live aholy li*e) ou have to $o'e to the en o* yoursel* an see that you areoo'e) ou 'ust $o'prehen that you have no hope o* appeasing the

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