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Healthy Connections Spring 2010

Healthy Connections Spring 2010

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Published by winonahealth

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Published by: winonahealth on May 13, 2010
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Spring 2010
Teamwork and technologysaves time and lives
his issue marks the fth anniversary o 
 Healthy Connections
and, more than ever,inormation shared related to your health and well-being is designed to be timely and relevant. We strive to continuously improve our service to you, and we request and welcome your eedback and insights.During recent elective surgery, I was able toevaluate my experience as a patient. I tried to becritical o each step o the process as I considered whether what was done added value to my experience. Not all o it did. And that is the challengein ront o us: To understand what each experience is like rom a patient’s or resident’s point o view and evaluate where we can improve our processes toeliminate wasted time and resources.I am confdent in the care, concern and competence o our sta andphysicians. I have the luxury o working with them every day and seeingfrsthand how their heart and talent ensures that each patient gets outstandingcare. It’s a challenging environment at the best o times, and there is noshortage o other parties exerting pressures on us. We meet those challengeshead on, but what drives each and every person at Winona Health is caring or people. That is our central guiding purpose, and we strive to ensure patientsand amily members see this and experience it. Our physicians and sta createthis experience with every patient they touch. They fnd great joy in this work,and I fnd great comort in being cared or by all o them.Many o you have received surveys to evaluate your care, and we thank youor taking time to share your thoughts. In addition, all o us at Winona Healthreceive comments and eedback rom the community and have a responsibility to ollow up on it. When I receive letters, calls, personal visits or commentsrom community members, I take each situation seriously and ollow up onevery one, i given permission by the reporting party. I appreciate hearing rompatients, residents and their amily members and being able to learn rom thepersonal experiences, good and bad, that they share. No two patients, residentsor amilies are the same, and each encounter provides us with insight into how to best meet your individualized needs. All o us at Winona Health are inspired by our patients, residents and amily members and we thank you or entrusting your care to us. Warm Regards, Rachelle H. SchultzPresident/CEO
Committed to Your Care
In this issue...
2 Committed to Your Care3 Healthcare Reorm and WinonaHealth: Uncertainty, challengesand opportunities ahead4 Managing Your Medications6 Time and Teamwork:Critical in emergency care8 Cancer Care at Winona Health:Our patient navigator is with you all the way 9 Marie Luhmann, RN, BPN-IC,irst in region to receive uniquecertiication10 Care Coordination Team:Helping hospital patients avoida return visit11 Social workers: A wealth o resources12 Winona Health News and Notes14 Foundation and Auxiliary News15 Winona Health Directory 16 Events, classes and support groups
On the cover: 
(l-r) Terry Donnal,MD, Emergency Department andUrgent Care Clinic physician; Brett Whyte, MD, medical chie or Emergency and Urgent Care Servicesand medical director or Winona Area Ambulance Service; Kari Nelson, EMT; Angie Contreras, paramedic; and JoelStevens, PA-C, Emergency Departmentphysician assistant.
 Healthy Connections
is publishedby Winona Health to provide you with inormation about health, wellness and the many healthcareresources available to you, closeto home. We welcome questions, suggestionsor comments about Winona Healthand this publication. Please visit
and click on
Contact Us
or call Winona HealthMarketing Communications at507.457.4157.
Healthy Connections • Spring 2010
Healthy Connections • Spring 2010
he recent passing o the healthcare reorm bill hasgenerated many questions and uncertainties or everyone, including Winona Health. One thing will notchange: Winona Health, your local healthcare provider,remains ocused on providing compassionate, high-quality care to our community.Healthcare reorm is a national agenda item or a reason. The system as it operates today is not asustainable one and opportunities to improve quality,lower costs and enhance a patient’s experienceexist in every healthcare organization. The issue o health insurance coverage became the prevailingissue o reorm and is the theme that runs throughthe legislation. At this time, it is not clear how thelegislation will actually be implemented and whatthe impact o it will be or any o the stakeholders.This is dierent rom past healthcare legislation inthat it signifcantly impacts employers, insurancecompanies, healthcare providers and each citizen. We have not seen this type o over-arching reormin healthcare. While there is no detail yet on how it will be implemented over the next ten years, thereare some actors we can be airly sure o:
The demand or services and associated costs arelikely to continue to increase.
Reimbursement rom various payers will continueto decrease.
Overall reimbursement rom government programssuch as Medicare and Medicaid will continue todecrease or Winona Health (and all other providers). Winona Health will continue its eorts tocontinually reduce costs—both internally and tothe patient. Adapting to these changes will requireinnovative thinking and action. For the past several years, Winona Health has beenimplementing aggressive changes to remain a strong,independent healthcare system.Through our Continuous System Improvement (CSI)eorts, which include the implementation o LEANprinciples (oten used in the manuacturing industry), we are improving processes which increase the valueo our services to our customers. There is waste inthe healthcare industry and we are aggressively goingabout removing it. Lean thinking presents unlimitedopportunities and is measured not only in time andresources saved, but also, and most importantly, incustomer satisaction. Winona Health is proud to be one o the area’s largestemployers. We provide employment opportunities or nearly 1,100 people—and also support many localpeople and businesses. As the details o healthcarereorm take shape, Winona Health will continue topursue a revolutionary transormation o community healthcare while improving healthcare outcomes anda very satisying patient experience. We should all stay inormed and be active participants in the healthcarereorm initiative that will hopeully beneft our amily,riends and neighbors. We welcome suggestions,thoughts and ideas rom our patients and ellow community members. Please eel ree to send your comments to
Healthcare Reformand Winona Health:
 Uncertainty, challenges and opportunities ahead
by Rachelle H. Schultz, President/CEO

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