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Published by tga

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Published by: tga on May 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on Scientific and Environmental Matters
1 January 1997
XYZ London Limited
150 River Walk
London WC2 3XD
(Chairman\u2019s name)
on Scientific and Environmental Matters

XYZ is a major multinational corporation operating in many countries, impacting upon the environment in many ways, employing many people and whose ultimate customers are the many individuals who rely on the quality of our products for their well-being. So it is appropriate that we are seen to operate responsibly and with ethical integrity in our scientific conduct and our environmental responsibility.

Our guiding principle is that we should endeavour at all times to maximise community benefit while never doing any harm. We should avoid even the suggestion of impropriety. This should be so even when the law is permissive. There should be no risk to our local or international reputation if any details about our affairs were to become public knowledge. We should aim to adopt the highest available scientific and environmental standards. At all times our business must be conducted honestly and scrupulously, free of deception.

To these ends, thisCode provides detailed guidance on the application to issues of scientific and environmental responsibility of the policies outlined in XYZ\u2019s Statement of Corporate Principles. A separate Code of Business Conduct applies those policies to commercial issues in particular. You will find some wording in common between theStatement and the twoCodes where similar principles and required practices are set out.

Copies of the three documents are available at all locations to all staff - from regional and country managers, from divisional and business unit heads. They are also available from Environmental Affairs staff or through Internal Audit locally or at Group level, from whom guidance on interpretation and application may be sought by staff.

This document has been approved by the Executive Committee and adopted by the Board of XYZ. The Executive Committee reviews annually theCode\u2019s appropriateness and effectiveness and advises the Board accordingly. As part of this review, line managers annually are required to formally monitor their and their staff\u2019s performance in observing the requirements of thisCode within their areas of responsibility and, where judged appropriate, to develop initiatives to provide reasonable assurance of future compliance. Line managers are responsible to foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst employees at all levels. The Board places particular importance upon timely actions to be taken whenever necessary to identify, contain and eliminate irresponsible or illegal acts - especially having regard to changes in technology, industrial practices, product design and trends in legislation.

A fundamental principle of the way XYZ conducts its affairs is that applicable laws and regulations are to be scrupulously observed at all times. Practical difficulties may arise in many cases, such as when there are conflicts between the law of different countries, when local business custom and practice is inconsistent with local law or when there is ambiguity as to the legal position. Any case of actual or prospective non-compliance with law should be raised urgently with management and, if material, with the Group Chief Executive.

The XYZ person responsible should endeavour to ensure that equivalent standards to those set out in thisCode are followed in companies in which XYZ has an interest but does not have control and also in those businesses with whom XYZ has contractual relationships. Where they are not, the XYZ person responsible should refer the matter upwards within XYZ.

The Board of XYZ regards it as the duty of every individual employed by or acting for XYZ to follow all the requirements of thisCode. Any proposed action which appears to be in breach of any requirement of thisCode should not be progressed without full disclosure to and prior approval of the Group Chief Executive or the Group Head of Environmental Affairs. Appropriate behaviour by individuals which is in compliance with thisCode and also specifically approved departures from thisCode will be supported by the company under its principle of collective responsibility.

Your duty to comply with thisCode includes a duty both to yourself and to XYZ to raise any concerns you may have on any matter of scientific or environmental conduct which appears to be a violation of thisCode and in which you are actively involved. In addition you have a right to raise similar concerns about the conduct of others even where you are not directly involved. Usually you should first raise a matter of concern with your line manager and you should do so at the earliest opportunity. At your discretion you may raise your concerns directly with senior management, with local internal audit or with the Group Head of Environmental Affairs and you should do so where an issue remains unresolved to your satisfaction after you have consulted your immediate management about it.

Conduct in the community

XYZ accepts that it has community obligations wherever XYZ sources its supplies, conducts its business and where its products are used. We have a general duty to avoid conduct prejudicial to the best interests of these communities. We have a positive duty as well as a self interest, as corporate citizens committed within our business to improving the well-being of individuals, to use our best endeavours to enhance community life. Apart from altruistic motivations which are important, we believe that a positive approach to our community relations is in the best long term interests of our company, of those who work within it, and of our present and future customers and users of our products..

Staff are asked to assist XYZ to be proactive in searching out appropriate opportunities to contribute positively to community affairs and staff will be encouraged by XYZ to do likewise as individuals. Our contributions may be in leadership - by initiating or steering community projects; they may be supportive - in terms of responsible donations of facilities, equipment, materials, time or cash.

To avoid waste, our community support should be targeted to improving economic or social well-being in demonstrable ways with a particular emphasis upon improving the quality of life of ordinary people. In nature and scale our support should be appropriate in each community while bearing favourable comparison with other companies of similar standing. Our support should be consistent with XYZ\u2019s business interests and corporate image, and should have a clear potential

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