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Published by: vanlydochanh on May 28, 2008
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An A-Z Index of theWindows NT/XPcommand line
ADDUSERSAdd or list users to/from a CSV fileARPAddress Resolution ProtocolASSOCChange file extension associationsASSOCIATOne step file associationATSchedule a command to run at a later timeATTRIBChange file attributesBOOTCFGEdit Windows boot settingsBROWSTATGet domain, browser and PDC infoCACLSChange file permissionsCALLCall one batch program from anotherCDChange Directory - move to a specific FolderCHANGEChange Terminal Server Session propertiesCHKDSKCheck Disk - check and repair disk problemsCHKNTFSCheck the NTFS file systemCHOICEAccept keyboard input to a batch fileCIPHEREncrypt or Decrypt files/foldersCleanMgrAutomated cleanup of Temp files, recycle binCLEARMEM Clear memory leaksCLIPCopy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.CLS Clear the screenCLUSTER Windows ClusteringCMDStart a new CMD shellCOLORChange colors of the CMD windowCOMPCompare the contents of two files or sets of filesCOMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partitionCOMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partitionCON2PRTConnect or disconnect a PrinterCONVERT Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.COPYCopy one or more files to another locationCSVDEImport or Export Active Directory dataDATEDisplay or set the dateDcomcnfg DCOM Configuration UtilityDEFRAGDefragment hard driveDELDelete one or more filesDELPROFDelete NT user profilesDELTREEDelete a folder and all subfoldersDevConDevice Manager Command Line UtilityDIRDisplay a list of files and foldersDIRUSEDisplay disk usageDISKCOMPCompare the contents of two floppy disksDISKCOPYCopy the contents of one floppy disk to anotherDNSSTAT DNS StatisticsDOSKEYEdit command line, recall commands, and create macros
DSADDAdd user (computer, group..) to active directoryDSQUERY List items in active directoryDSMODModify user (computer, group..) in active directoryECHODisplay message on screenENDLOCALEnd localisation of environment changes in a batchfileERASEDelete one or more filesEXITQuit the CMD shellEXPANDUncompress filesEXTRACTUncompress CAB filesFCCompare two filesFDISKDisk Format and partitionFINDSearch for a text string in a fileFINDSTRSearch for strings in filesFOR /FLoop command: against a set of filesFOR /FLoop command: against the results of another commandFORLoop command: all options Files, Directory, ListFORFILESBatch process multiple filesFORMATFormat a diskFREEDISK Check free disk space (in bytes)FSUTILFile and Volume utilitiesFTPFile Transfer ProtocolFTYPEDisplay or modify file types used in file extensionassociationsGLOBALDisplay membership of global groupsGOTODirect a batch program to jump to a labelled lineHELPOnline HelpHFNETCHKNetwork Security Hotfix CheckerIFConditionally perform a commandIFMEMBERIs the current user in an NT WorkgroupIPCONFIGConfigure IPKILLRemove a program from memoryLABELEdit a disk labelLOCALDisplay membership of local groupsLOGEVENTWrite text to the NT event viewer.LOGOFFLog a user offLOGTIMELog the date and time in a fileMAPISENDSend email from the command lineMEMDisplay memory usageMDCreate new foldersMODEConfigure a system device
MOREDisplay output, one screen at a timeMOUNTVOLManage a volume mount pointMOVEMove files from one folder to anotherMOVEUSERMove a user from one domain to anotherMSGSend a messageMSIEXECMicrosoft Windows InstallerMSINFOWindows NT diagnosticsMSTSCTerminal Server Connection (Remote Desktop Protocol)MUNGEFind and Replace text within file(s)MVCopy in-use filesNETManage network resourcesNETDOMDomain ManagerNETSHConfigure network protocolsNETSVCCommand-line Service ControllerNBTSTATDisplay networking statistics (NetBIOS over TCP/IP)NETSTATDisplay networking statistics (TCP/IP)NOWDisplay the current Date and TimeNSLOOKUPName server lookupNTBACKUPBackup folders to tapeNTRIGHTSEdit user account rightsPATHDisplay or set a search path for executable filesPATHPINGTrace route plus network latency and packet lossPAUSESuspend processing of a batch file and display amessagePERMSShow permissions for a userPERFMONPerformance MonitorPINGTest a network connectionPOPDRestore the previous value of the current directorysaved by PUSHDPORTQRYDisplay the status of ports and servicesPRINTPrint a text filePRNCNFGDisplay, configure or rename a printerPRNMNGRAdd, delete, list printers set the default printerPROMPTChange the command promptPsExecExecute process remotelyPsFileShow files opened remotelyPsGetSidDisplay the SID of a computer or a userPsInfoList information about a systemPsKillKill processes by name or process IDPsListList detailed information about processesPsLoggedOnWho's logged on (locally or via resource sharing)PsLogListEvent log recordsPsPasswdChange account passwordPsServiceView and control servicesPsShutdownShutdown or reboot a computerPsSuspendSuspend processesPUSHDSave and then change the current directory

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