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Eclipse in Edward's P.O.V - PART 3!

Eclipse in Edward's P.O.V - PART 3!



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Published by Sofie

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Published by: Sofie on May 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PART 3Please remember – I still didn’t write this.
Alliance – EPOV
Over the decades, my family and I had all gotten used to pretending. Every day, I pretendedto be human, acted like a teenager, and feigned interest in subjects I knew more about thanmost of the teachers. Still, pretending things were normal – that
wasn't crashingdown on us – giving the illusion that we were all just normal seniors enjoying our graduation party was going to be a very difficult task. As I watched Bella walk up the stairsto my house, a look of sheer determination on her face, I thought about how much pretending she had already done in order to keep the realities of our world a secret.She constantly lied to Charlie, if not outright, then by omission. She played the part as if she were planning on attending college rather than joining my family in eternity. Now, shewas about to walk into what should have been a celebration, but instead would amount toan evening of pretending she wasn't fearing for her life yet again. I wanted to be happy, tohelp her end this chapter of her life with joy and acceptance, but instead, I was plaguedwith guilt as I stared at her expression. She was straining to put on the mask of normalcythe way we'd all learned to over the years. She wasn't even one of us yet, and she alreadyfelt the weight of our secrets."Bella?" I whispered, coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her. She hadn'tsaid a word before my lips were on hers. I was frantic, desperately trying to grant her onemoment of happiness, one promise that not everything in our world was a lie.She looked startled when I pulled away, and I was about to kiss her again when shemuttered, "Let's get this stupid party over with."
I held her face in my hands, not letting her break my gaze. "I won't let anything happen toyou," I promised. She smiled, reaching up to touch my lips, and I felt that familiar spark of electricity her skin had always given me."I'm not worried about myself so much," she said softly."Why am I not surprised by that?" She scowled at me slightly, and I took a deep breath,knowing our quiet moment was at an end. It was time for both of us to put on our best fakesmiles. Together, we would get through this evening and then, we could focus of what wasto come next. "Ready to celebrate?"She groaned, and I pulled her close, knowing she wasn't going to be happy with the sceneAlice had set. If Bella was hoping for 
or anything resembling a normal graduation party for that matter, she was about to be very disappointed. While the rest of us still sawthe advantages of keeping up appearances, Alice's attitude was that it didn't particularlymatter anymore if we blended in, since high school was over and Bella was about todisappear forever."Unbelievable," Bella said when she walked through the door. I'd lived in this house for years, and it was barely recognizable."Alice will be Alice," I sighed.Having decorated every visible surface of the house, Alice was busying herself bythumbing through a variety of music.
Wouldn't hurt to bring a little bit of culture to thistown. Maybe some of it will stick, leave my mark after we leave...
"Edward!" she called, her eyes wildly excited at the prospect of playing a more eclectic mixof music than Bella's friends were used to. I rolled my eyes. "I need your advice. Should wegive them familiar and comforting? Or educate their taste in music?""Keep it comforting," I told her. "You can only lead the horse to water." Disappointed, shenodded, but I could hear there were a few favorite she was still planning on adding to the
mix. I looked at Bella who was watching Alice with a look I recognized. It was a look thatsaid,
This is too much. I don't deserve this.
"I think I'm underdressed," she muttered. I certainly hoped her self-esteem issues would beresolved when she was a vampire. She was a vision in the blue outfit Alice had given her."You're perfect.""You'll do," Alice added, and I shot her a warning glare."Thanks," Bella sighed, then asked, "Do you really think people will come?"I knew she wished the whole town would suddenly have better things to do, but Alice hadalready seen them all deciding this party would be a fun way to end the exciting day, andI'd heard the curiosity in their minds."Everyone will come," I told her, her heartbeat speeding up slightly. "They're all dying tosee the inside of the reclusive Cullens' mystery house.""Fabulous," she groaned.She reluctantly asked Alice if there was anything she could do to help, but of course, Alicewas in her own little world. "No, no, you two just finish getting ready," she said. Then shetook off, somehow managing to find even more unnecessary decorations. She was quietlyhoping Bella would put on makeup, or do something different with her hair. I held Bellatightly, hoping she believed me when I assured her that nothing would make her more beautiful in my eyes than she already was.Bella stayed by my side while I spoke with Jasper about the new developments in our situation. He sent her a gentle wave of calm, for which I was grateful, as we discussed thereality of our having no extra help."Tanya's just being spiteful," I said, shaking my head. "Don't suppose with a little influenceon your part, they might reconsider?" I asked Jasper.

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