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English Essay

English Essay

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Published by ilraheeb23

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Published by: ilraheeb23 on May 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ali Al-Thani 8B
English Essay
Living through childhood can be a tormenting experience, butpulling through the hard times is what makes it all worthwhile. InCarrie's War, the changes the main characters undergo are relatedto facing adversity, and surviving the times of need. This essaydiscusses the most important changes the main character endured.Carrie, the main character, experiences three changes that will bediscussed in detail. These three changes include her moving to anew home, and her introduction and return to Druid's Grove. The first change is moving to a new home, in a new country. This change had an immense effect on Carrie as she had to get useto a new environment, and also obliged her to develop a newpersonality and way of living. Her new home was run by Mr. Evans acruel and demanding man but nevertheless he had a strongChristian faith. His ways obligated Carrie to change as he did notbelieve in fun, and wanted his house to run in accordance to hisbelieves. This slowly changed Carrie, as she began to behave as Mr.Evans wanted her, which was held back, with very little freedom of will. This change helped Carrie survive her new environment, sinceshe was able to cooperate with Mr. Evans, thus decreasing the someof the many conflicts that arise within the Evans' home.Secondly, Carrie endured another change when she was firstintroduced to Druid's Grove. When Carrie first arrived, she met newpeople who rejuvenated her sense of socializing, and happiness withand between groups. Mr. Evans created a very mourningenvironment in his house; this allowed Carrie and her brother Nickto feel free and welcome within Druid's Grove. The surroundingsthat Carrie had in Druid's Grove are what allowed her to experiencea change, which is very similar to her first change as both arerelated to the introduction of something new. Although this changeis important, it did not occur throughout the book but only whenCarrie was in Druid's Grove, and not accompanied by Mr. Evans.However, this presented a minor conflict as Carrie did not alwayswant to be held back around Mr. Evans, but wanted to admit tobreaking his laws and having some fun. The third change Carrie undergoes is her return to Druid'sGrove. After the war ends, Carrie returns to her family in Glasgow,driving her away from Druid's Grove for thirty years. During herreturn to Glasgow, Carrie glimpsed a flame engulfing Druid's Groveand believed it was her fault; this lived on her conscience for the

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