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Bekerja Dengan Netcdf Dan Matlab

Bekerja Dengan Netcdf Dan Matlab

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Published by Iqbal
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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Iqbal on May 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bekerja dengan Netcdf dan Matlab
Ada banyak sekali cara dan tools yang dapat digunakan untuk membaca danatau memodifikasi file netcdf. Tulisan ini mencoba sedikit menerangkan caramemulai bekerja dengan file netcdf menggunakan tools matlab. Tool membaca file netcdf menggunakan matlab juga banyak sekali. Sayamencoba menggunakan nctoolbox yang dapat di unduh dihttp://code.google.com/p/nctoolbox/. ada beberapa pertimbangan mengapa sayamenggunakan toolbox ini yaitu 1. Kemudahan penginstalan (*setidaknya buat saya=)) ), 2. Konsep datasetnya sangat memudahkan bagi saya, 3. Filenya kecil.1.
Install nctoolbox
a.Download nctoolbox di alamathttp://code.google.com/p/nctoolbox/downloads/listb.Kemudian extract zip file tersebut ke tempat/folder yang andainginkan.c.Arahkan directori matlab ke folder tadid.Ketik di command prompt >>setup_nctoolboxe.Jika tidak terjadi apa-apa maka nctoolbox sudah terinstall dengan baik.2.
Help toolbox
Ketik di command prompt>> help ncdataset
NCDATASET Provide access to datasets accessable by the NetCDF 4 API Use as:ds = ncdataset(dataref) Arguments:dataref = A reference to a ncdataset that can be accessed by the NetCDF 4API. This includes local netcdf files, netcdf files on web serversand OpenDAP URLs Return:An instance of a ncdataset class Properties:netcdf = For power users. This is an instance of a ucar.nc2.ncdataset.NetcdfDataset (NetCDF-Java 4.0) andis used for the underlying data access. This object canbe tweaked as needed. (For example, to enable/disabledata caching.) Seehttp://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/v4.0/javadoc/index.htmlvariables = A cell array of all variables in the ncdataset. These namesare used as arguments into other ncdataset methods Methods:
ncdataset.axes - access coordinate variable names for a given variablencdataset.attributes - access global or variable attributesncdataset.data - retrieve data (or a subset of data) for a variablencdataset.size - returns the size of a variable in the data storencdataset.time - Attempt to convert a variable to matlabs native time format (see datenum) For more information on the methods use help. For example:>> help ncdataset.data Example:ds = ncdataset('http://dods.mbari.org/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/ssdsdata/deployments/m1/200810/m1_metsys_20081008_original.nc')ga = ds.attributes; % Global Attributessv = 'SonicVelocity'; % A variable that we're interested in.d = ds.data(sv); % Data for the SonicVelocity variablesvAx = ds.axes(sv); % Coordinate Variable names for the SonicVelocity variablesvAt = ds.attributes(sv); % Attributes for SonicVelocity
Membuka dataset
>> ds=ncdataset('tes.nc')ds =ncdataset handleProperties:netcdf: [1x1 ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset]variables: {10x1 cell}Methods, Events, Superclasses
Membuka property netcdf 
>> ds.netcdf ans =netcdf tes.nc {dimensions:time = 132247;variables:float plannedMeterDepth;:units = "metres";float sampleRate;:units = "minutes";double time_raw(time=132247);:units = "hours since 01-jan-2003 00:00:00";:_FillValue = -99999.0; // double
:missing = -1.0E34; // doublefloat temperature(time=132247);:units = "degrees Celsius ITS-90";:_FillValue = -99999.0f; // float:missing = -1.0E34; // doublefloat temperature_raw(time=132247);:units = "degrees Celsius ITS-90";:_FillValue = -99999.0f; // float:missing = -1.0E34; // doublefloat pressure_raw(time=132247);:units = " ";:_FillValue = -99999.0f; // float:missing = -1.0E34; // doublefloat latitude;:units = "degrees where south is negative";:_CoordinateAxisType = "Lat";float longitude;:units = "degrees 0 -360";:_CoordinateAxisType = "Lon";double time(time=132247);:units = "hours since 01-jan-2003 00:00:00";:_FillValue = -99999.0; // double:missing = -1.0E34; // double:_CoordinateAxisType = "Time";float pressure(time=132247);:units = "dbar";:missing = -1.0E34; // double:_FillValue = -99999.0f; // float:_CoordinateAxisType = "Pressure";:Organisation = "Scripps Institute of Oceanography";:Scientist = "Dr Janet Sprintall";:netcdfAuthor = "Bernadette Heaney/Rebecca Cowley CSIRO Marine andAtmospheric Research, Australia";:experimentName = "INSTANT";:mooringName = "Ombai South";:deploymentNumber = "1";:latitude = "08 32.00S";:longitude = "125 03.86E";:waterDepth = 3225.0; // double:mooringDeploymentDate = "08-Aug-2003";:mooringRetrievalDate = "01-Jul-2005";:serialNo = "1331";:meterType = "SBE-39-TP";

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