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New American Politics

New American Politics

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Published by Marcus Aurelius
I got bored so....... wrote it in 20 minutes
I got bored so....... wrote it in 20 minutes

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Published by: Marcus Aurelius on May 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Prevalence of StupidityAbstract: This short article is just to predict how politics will play out in the next 10-15 years, startingwith the 2010 midterm elections.If you thought that politics was shit earlier, wait until all the incumbents have been kicked out.Welcome to the new decade: our era will no longer be ruled by somewhat logical reasoning or lobbyists. It will be ruled by whining ignoramuses who appeal to the American public through intenseemotional reasoning and fear mongering (much more than we do now) to push insensible agendasthrough.The meta game of election is quickly changing. People are indeed getting mad at the government and blaming Obama for all the bad things that have happened. They are also getting mad at the politicianswho are elected right now because they feel that the people's opinion is not being represented. Theyfeel that all the government currently wants is to revoke civil liberties. Therefore, what the people aredoing now are kicking out every senator and representative and replacing them with other people whohave little to no political background. Appeals are now done though emotions and anger and no longer with logic.I must say with certainty though that this is not surprising. For years, fear mongering has been thefavored tactic of politicians and people alike and augmenting this in a politician environment was aninevitability. The problem I have with this shift is that the population is now ruled by stupid. Notemotion, but stupid. Now why do I believe that emotions will be the name of the game and stupidity will be the chairman?The Tea Party (as an example)Yes, these Teabaggers really know how to throw the words “freedom” and “constitution” around. Butnone of their agenda makes sense in retrospect.They want free trade, but want the jobs to stay in America.They want to kill the income tax, but complain about people not paying their fair share.They want to end social welfare and social security, but do not believe that they are receiving any.They want to kill “Obama-care”, even though the majority of America supports health care reform.They call themselves impartial, but 75% watch Fox News.The love the PATRIOT ACT and the Constitution.They call themselves patriots while forgetting that people of the left wing are really human.They call themselves diverse but have a 99% population of white people.The only way that a group of bigots like the Tea Party could organize is through sheer emotion andanger. Clearly, their agenda is out of line but if one takes each part of these sentences and puts them ontheir own, it sounds very logical. Yes, people love the PATRIOT ACT because they feel safe. They alsolove the Constitution. But these people do not take the time to take two and two together and onlyrecently have they finally spoke out against the PATRIOT ACT (which was something nobody didduring Bush, once again proving that logic does not rule these people.)These Tea Party people have taken over 30% of the GOP and have begun sweeping their people intooffice just like in Nevada. As the Party becomes a frightening force that threatens to take over the GOP(despite their claim that they are nonpartisan), it becomes more and more apparent people are swayed

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