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Published by Mahmoud Mostafa

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Published by: Mahmoud Mostafa on May 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In The Name Of God The Merciful The Compassionate
ی وا د
his is the Book o the Masnavi, which is the roots o the roots o the roots o the Way in respect o unveiling the mysteries o attainment and o certainty; and which is the greatest science o God and the clearest wayo God and the most maniest evidence o God.
he likeness o the light thereo is
 as a niche in which is a candle
shining with radiance brighter than the dawn.
t is the heart’s Paradise, having ountains and boughs, one o them a ountain called Salsabil amongst thetravellers on this Path; and in the view o the possessors o stations and graces, and it
is best as a station and most excellent as a resting-place
here the righteous eat and drink, and there the ree are gladdened and rejoiced; andlike the Nile o Egypt it is a drink to them that endure patiently, but a grie to the people o Pharaoh and theunbelievers, even as God has said,
 He lets many be misled thereby and He lets many be guided thereby.
t is thecure or breasts, and the purge o sorrows, and the expounder o the Qur’an, and the abundance o gis, and thecleansing dispositions ;
by the hands o noble righteous scribes
 who orbid
 None shall touch it except the puried.
 alsehood does not approach it either om beore or behind,
since God observes it and watches over it,
 and He isthe best guardian and He is the most merciul o them that show mercy.
nd it has other titles o honour whichGod has bestowed upon it.
e have conned ourselves to this little, or the little is an index to the much, and a mouthul is an index tothe pool, and a handul is an index to a great threshing-oor.
he eeble slave who has need o the mercy o God most High, Muhammad son o Muhammad son o al-Husayn o Balkh—may God accept rom him says : “ I have exerted mysel to give length to the Poem inRhymed Couplets, which comprises strange tales and rare sayings and excellent discourses and precious indica-tions, and the path o the ascetics and the garden o the devotees-- brie in expression but maniold in meaning—at the request o my master and stay and support, the place o the spirit in my body, and the treasure o my to-dayand my to-morrow, namely, the Shaykh, the exemplar or them that know God and the leader o them that possess right guidance and certainty, the helper o humankind, the trusted keeper o hearts and consciences, thecharge deposited by God amongst His creatures, and His choice amongst His creation, and His injunctions toHis Prophet and His secrets to His chosen one, the key o the treasuries o the empyrean, the trustee o the richesstored in the earth, the ather o virtues, the Sword o the ruth and Religion, Hasan son o Muhammad son o al-Hasan, generally known as Ibn Akhi urk, the Abu Yazid o the time, the Junayd o the age, the entirely vera-cious son o an entirely veracious sire and grandsire—may God be well-pleased with him and with them !—a na-tive o Urmiya, tracing his descent to the Shaykh who is honoured or having said, ‘In the evening I was a Kurd,and in the morning I was an Arab.’
ay God sanctiy his soul and the souls o his successors! How goodly is theancestor and how goodly the successor!
is is a lineage upon which the sun has cast its mantle, and a renown o ancestry beore which the stars havedimmed their beams.
heir courtyard has ever been Fortune’s gibla, wherever the sons o the rulers turn ,and Hope’s Ka`ba which is circumambulated by deputations o the suitors or bounty; and may it never cease tobe thus, so long as a star rises and an orient sun appears above the horizon, to the end that it may be a astness orthe godly, spiritual, heavenly, super-celestial, illuminated ones who possess insight, the silent ones who behold,the absent ones who are present, the kings beneath threadbare garments, the nobles o the nations, the owners o excellences, the luminaries who display the evidences. Amen, O Lord o all created beings!
nd this is a prayerthat will not be rejected, or it is a prayer that includes all classes o the creation.
lory be to God, the Lord o all created beings, and God bless the best o His creatures, ‘Mohammed, and his kin, the noble, the pure!”
10 15 
, T
ی وا د
Listen to the reed how it tells a tale,complaining o separations—Saying, “Ever since I was parted rom the reed-bed,my lament, has caused man and woman to moan.I want a bosom torn by severance,that I may unold the pain o love-desire.Every one who is le ar rom his source wishes back the time when he was united with it.In every company I uttered my grieving cry;I consorted with the unhappy and with them that rejoice.Every one became my riend rom his own opinion;none sought out my secrets rom within me.My secret is not ar rom my complaint,but ear and eye lack the light.Body is not veiled rom soul, or soul rom body, yet none is permitted to see the soul.Tis noise o the reed is re, it is not wind: whoever has not this re, may he be nothing!It is the re o Love that is in the reed,it is the ervour o Love that is in the wine.Te reed is the comrade o every one who has been parted rom a riend:its strains pierced our hearts. Who ever saw a poison and antidote like the reed? Who ever saw a sympathiser and a longing lover like the reed?Te reed tells o the Way ull o bloodand recounts stories o the passion o Majnun.Only to the senseless is this sense conded:the tongue has no customer save the ear.In our woe the days have become untimely:our days travel hand in hand with burning gries.I our days are gone, let them go!—It is no matter.Do You remain, or none is holy as You are!
‏رود‏‏ى‏ ‏زا‏‏
‏‏ن‏‏ى‏ 
 Whoever is not a sh becomes sated with His water; whoever is without daily bread nds the day long.
25 30 35 
None that is raw understands the state o the ripe:thereore my words must be brie. Farewell!O son, burst your chains and be ree!How long will you be a bondsman toe silver and gold?I you pour the sea into a pitcher, how much will it hold?One day’s store.Te pitcher, the eye o the covetous, never becomes ull:the oyster-shell is not lled with pearls until it is contented.He whose garment is rent by a loveis purged o covetousness and all deect.Hail, O Love that bring us good gain — you that art the physician o all our illsTe remedy o our pride and vainglory,our Plato and our Galen!Trough Love the earthly body soared to the skies:the mountain began to dance and became nimble.Love inspired Mount Sinai, O lover,Sinai drunk and
 Moses ell in a swoon.
 Were I joined to the lip o one in accord with me,I too, like the reed, would tell all that may be told; Whoever is parted rom one who speaks his language becomes dumb,though he have a hundred songs. When the rose is gone and the garden aded, you will hear no more the nightingale’s story.Te Beloved is all and the lover a veil;the Beloved is living and the lover a dead thing. When Love has no care or him, he is le as a bird without wings.Alas or him then!How should I have consciousness beore or behind when the light o my Beloved is not beore me and behind?Love wills that this Word should be shown orth:i the mirror does not reect, how is that?Dost you know why the mirror reects nothing?Because the rust is not cleared rom its ace.
م‏چ‏‏‏ردما‏و‏‏ه‏‏‏ىا‏دازآ‏ش‏،‏رز‏‏و‏‏‏‏ىا‏هز‏رد‏ار‏‏ى‏ىا‏هزور‏‏‏‏‏‏ن‏‏ى‏هز‏رد‏‏‏‏ف‏‏ك‏‏ز‏‏ار‏‏‏ك‏‏‏و‏ص‏ز‏وا‏ىاد‏ش‏‏ىا‏ش‏د‏ى‏‏‏ىا‏س‏و‏ت‏ىاود‏ىا‏س‏و‏نا‏‏ىا‏كا‏‏‏زا‏ك‏‏ك‏و‏آ‏ر‏رد‏ه‏آ‏ر‏ن‏‏‏‏و‏‏ر‏‏د‏زد‏‏‏‏‏‏ا‏‏ز‏‏زا‏وا‏‏ا‏‏دراد‏‏‏‏نز‏‏رد‏ن‏و‏ر‏‏‏ن‏‏‏ز‏‏نا‏ز‏ىىا‏هد‏‏و‏ا‏ق‏ىا‏هد‏‏و‏ا‏ق‏هزوا‏ىاو‏ار‏‏‏نوا‏ىاو‏،‏‏‏‏‏وا‏و‏‏مراد‏ش‏‏‏و‏‏مر‏ر‏‏ند‏نو‏‏‏ا‏د‏ن‏د‏ز‏آ‏ز‏ا‏اد‏ت‏ آ‏ز‏ر‏زا‏رز‏ا‏ز
O my riends listen to this tale:in truth it is the very marrow o our inward state

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