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Poetry Lesson Plan 1

Poetry Lesson Plan 1

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Published by grg

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Published by: grg on May 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PGCE (Primary) Lesson planSubject
: Language and Literacy
DateTimeDurationNo. of children
Prior Learning
Children have no experience of poetry in school. They have listened to tapes and CD of songs.
Context :
Tape from Cornerstones book 
Learning outcomes
Children will listen carefully to sounds on tape
They will think about the sounds and use their imagination to come up with an animalthey feel relates to that sound.
Lesson Introduction (2-3 mins approx.)Lesson phase 1
(Share lesson outcomes with children, introduce key learning point, link to previous learning, set lessonexpectations)
Today Primary 3 we are going to listen carefully to some sounds. I want you tothink of an animal that you feel would match that sound but don’t tell anyone.
Lesson phase 2 (10mins approx.)
(Part of lesson where teacher teaches, new material is outlined, demonstrated and explained
Teacher will play a few sounds from the tape and give examples of what shethinks the sound are related to. She explains that she is trying to imagine wherethat sound would be made and what would make it.Teacher will play the tape through once and get the children to listen to each of the sounds.
Tape fromCornerstonesbook.
Lesson Development (15-20mins approx)Lesson phase 3
(The key section of the lesson. Children are given the opportunity to make personal sense of the material theyhave encountered, information becomes learning. Time needs to be spent on activities and tasks that enable thelearners to manipulate and interrogate information in order to make sense of it.)
Tape is played again. This time the children need to match an animal to thesound. After each sound the tape is stopped and some suggestions are takenfrom the class and the teacher writes a list on the blackboard as to what thechildren think. The children are given the opportunity to explain why they thinkthat.
ResourcesFocus of teacher interactions during learning phase(
Plan and describe what the teacher will do or who the teacher will work with once all the children have settled to complete their tasks)
This is a whole class activity where the teacher will operate the tape. She will however encourage the children to really use their imaginations and try to see an animal making thesound. Where children do not have any suggestions the teacher will provide some suggestions.

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