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Soal Tenses Smp 1 Tbn

Soal Tenses Smp 1 Tbn

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Published by Zurneva Rosy

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Published by: Zurneva Rosy on May 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JL.RM SURYO NO.1 TELP.(0356)321322
1.She …… her old friend in the bus stop tomorrow.a. meetsb. metc. will meetd. is meeting2.All of the students …….. football every sunday .a. playsb. playc. will playd. have played3.x : “ What are they doing ?y : They……………a. play chessb. played c. are playing chessd. have played chess4.Mr. Sofyan will go to his office by car …………….a. next weekb. yesterdayc. everydayd. for a day5.His father …….. the medicine so much just now but he doesn’t recover yeta.is drinkingb. have drankc. drinkd. has drun6.Doctor : what’s the matter with you?Aldi : I get a headacheDoctor : how long have you been ill?Aldi : I have been ill…..a. for two daysb. two days ago c. next two days d. two days7.Tomy:Orin …….. a dress right nowSofi: I see . she is a hard workea. is makingb. madec.will maked. has make8.Mela always studies hard everyday.And now she…….a test in her classa. dob. did c. is doingd. has done9.We usually ……...the clothes before we wear thema. ironb. washc. ironsd. washing10.The students …….. volley ball since an hour agoa. have playedb. has playedc. will playd. played11.Yuni: Have you watered the flower ?Ale: Not yet, but I it soona. dob. have donec. am going to dod. am doing
12.We ………play basket ball soona. areb. willc. bed. will be13.Cashier : ….you give me a flower yesterday?a. dob. havec. didd. are14.Bagus: What is your plan for tomorrow ?Fitri: I …… to Parang Tritis beacha. have goneb. wentc. am going to god. go15.Wawan: where did you go Maya?Maya: I my uncle in Malanga. wentb. has gonec.have goned. goes16.Wawan: what do you do Maya?Maya: I basket ball in the gardena.playb. has playedc. playsd. am going to play17.Mr. Indra …….. the book nowa. is reading b. has readc. have readd. will read18.Wawan: what has you done Maya?Maya: I my uncle in Malanga. visitb. has visitedc. visitedd. am going to visit19.Nana: next Sunday is Wahyu’s birthday party ,isn’t it ?Arum: Yes, that’s right. What clothes do you want to wear ? Nana : I…… my new dress for his birthday partya. wearb. am wearningc. worec. will wea20.Where …….. he been since this morning?a. is b. wasc. doesd. has21.The room was dirty when I left it . it’s clean now . someone ………ita. cleansb. cleanedc. is cleaningd. has cleaned22.Deki:hello,anita.how are you?Anita: fine.I’ve just come home from my holiday.Deki:Where did you go?Anita:I……..camping with my classmates in Bogor.a.will gob.goc.wentd.have gone23.A:When did she meet Luciana?B:She met Luciana…….a.every morningb.next Sundayc.last Sundayd.soon24.Adi:Would you join me camping on the next holiday?Sely:I’m sorry.My family and I ……our holiday in Bali

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