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Mid Career satisfaction

Mid Career satisfaction

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Published by VIKAS DOGRA

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Published by: VIKAS DOGRA on May 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is a stage of growth. And growth, in turn, is a state of dynamism and sometimes confusion. In this state, mid career professionre faced with certain questions:ing what I should be doing?tural concern for midpros who have spent some years on a particular job and are not sure if they have progressed the way theyy level of job satisfaction?ros are very happy or unhappy with their jobs, they would know. However, often, midpros are unsure - they are neither happytheir current organisation and would like to be able to determine their level of job satisfaction, if possible.ancing my work life well enough with my family life?e highly focused on their career and work front, and tend to be spend more time at the workplace. Often, they might not spendeir families, and their personal life might need attention. Or, in the process of trying to balance between their personal and promay want to know if they are balancing work and life well enough.company provide me the opportunity to get where I want to? If not, which company will?ros have clear career goals; others may not. In either case, they would want to determine whether their current organisations we their career goals. If not, they might consider joining another organisation that is more liklely to help them reach their career to change jobs, whom should I approach?eople who care for the unique capabilities and functional expertise that I have? Will they junk my CV or stay in touch with meme to get a suitable placement? These concerns are natural when a midpro needs placement help and is not aware of the mark or she is likely to shape up in regard to them.ment service providers make a proper match?ho look for a placement service, often wonder if there's anyone who matches their profile with that of the targeted role requirey, before placing them.ement service providers keep my resume and application confidential? Or is my boss or management likely to come to know oe means?most portals provide employers and consultants access to their databases, this concern of midpros is justified. Midpros want thbe sent only to a few relevant companies for jobs that fit them.ll off am I financially?so judge their employability in terms of an adequate pay package. "Is my pay package sufficient to educate my children, lead acomfortable life with my family and provide for my retired life? Is there a way to plan for this?" Such questions bother them. T
to settle commercial considerations, so as to be able to concentrate on their job and give their best to it.ipped to get where I want to get? If not, what should I do?ros seek a career move either within their current organisation or outside it, they want to rate their existing capabilities and funith the role requirements needed for the job aimed for. Along with their personal aspirations and professional preferences.eve my goals, is my knowledge and qualifications sufficient? Is there anything else I should do to equip myself?alise the need to upgrade themselves constantly throughout their careers to stay on course to achieving their ambitions.idth and depth of my experience sufficient?nk on their previous experience to get better opportunities, and want to gauge whether they are ready for the move upwards.a way I can plan my career to get where I want to get?s need to ask this question, and find an answer to it, as early in their respective careers as possible -- how well their career path. Whether they achieve their professional potential rests on this crucial consideration.
n's Work and Life Satisfaction in Relation to Career Adjustment
of Psychology, University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325-4301
re on women's satisfaction and career adjustment
encompasses a broad range of women's career experiences subsequent
to entr . The experiences most commonly investigated
in relation to satisfaction include satisfaction in relation
to work experiences anics, satisfaction in relation
to managing multiple roles, and satisfaction in relation to
occupational transitions. Conclusions fromude
the need to use multidimensional assessments of satisfaction
and to use more qualitative assessment strategies as they may
non-normative events than are standard
quantitative approaches.
halfway stage of career:
the middle stage of a career, when somebody is established but has manymore working years remainingadjective
of halfway stage of a career:
relating to or taking place during the middle stage of a careeradverb
halfway into a career:
at or during the middle stage of a
For the last two decades, professional women have entered the workforce at an unprecespite their labor force participation rates, numerous studies reveal that professional womenping, struggle with bias in performance appraisal, promotion, and salary, and are confrontedork/life tradeoffs as they climb the corporate ladder. Yet, relatively little is known about hoprofessional women are with their careers, particularly as they move beyond entry level intoer. What are the critical factors that explain women's midcareer satisfaction? What factors exes among women in their midcareer satisfaction? Drawing on streams of research in gendertions, careers, sociology, and psychology, this paper begins to map out key demographic, caorganizational, job, and stress factors proposed to explain professional women's midcareerion. Directions for future research are highlighted.
This paper aims to explore how mid-career professional mothers perceive themselves in relation to their work andthey experience these roles, how they merge their work, family and individual self, and what meaning they make o.
– The study used in-depth qualitative interviews with 18 participants aged between 37 anddependent child under the age of 18, in dual-earning/career households.– The study reports that a complex relationship of work-related dynamics and personal factors shaped the meaningen amid competing priorities of work, family and individual lives. Organisation and co-ordination of multiple activitiem various sources was fundamental to finding balance. A deep sense of motherhood was evident in that their childer one priority but career was of high importance as they sought stimulation, challenges, achievement and enrichm. Now, in mid-career transition, the respondents seek more self-care time in an effort to find new meaning in the woquation.
– The study raises important issues for the management of professional working mother s of the study for individuals and organisations are set out.
– This paper makes contributions to work-life integration and career theory. It provides one of the first empiwork-life integration in Ireland using the construct of meaningful work and secondly builds on the kaleidoscope car 

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