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SSC Maths Revision

SSC Maths Revision

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: AMIN BUHARI ABDUL KHADER on May 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q1. Solve any six of the following sub – questions:
1.Find the side of the square whose diagonal is 16cm.2.The height of a right circular cylinder is 15cm and the radius is 6cm.
Find the curved surface area.3. ∆ABC ~∆MNP and BC :NP=3 :4, find A∆ABC: A∆MNP.
4.In the figure, seg AB is a chord of the circle.C be a pont on tangent tot he circle at point A.If marc APB= 600, then find m∠BAC.5.Two circles with diameters 26 cm and 14 cm touch each other internally.
Find the distance between their centres.6.Draw seg PR=7.5 cm and bisect it, using perpendicular bisector.7.Find the distance between the points A, B2, -2.
8.Find the value oftan43cot47.
Q2. Solve any four of the following sub – questions:
1.Find the curved surface area and the total surface area of a hemisphere with radius 6cm.π=3.14
2.Draw the incircle of an equilateral triangle ABC with side 5.8 cm.3.In the figure, angle between two radii of a circel is of 1200.Tangents to the circleare drawn at the outer ends of these radii.Find the measure of the angle between the tangents.4.Show that tan250.tan500.tan400.tan650=1.
5.In the figure, ∠S=900, ∠T=x0, ∠R =x+300, RT=16.Find:1RS and 2ST.6.In the figure, chords AB and CD intersect each other internally at P.
Prove tha:AP ×PB=CP ×PD.
Q3. Solve any four of the following sub – questions.
1.In the figure, ray NS is a bisector of ∠LMN in ΔLMN.LS=9, SM=6, MN=14.Find LN.2.In ΔABC, ∠ABC=900.AB=12, BC=16.Seg BP is the median.Find BP.3.Find the length of the tangent-segments from a point which is ata distance of 5 cm from the centre of the circle of radius 3 cm.4.In the figure, points B, C, D and E lie on a circle such that lines CB and EDintersect each other in point A inthe exterior of thecircle.If CB=5, AB=7, EA=20 and if ED exceedsAB, determine ED-AD.5.Prove that 1+cosA1-cosA=cosecA+cotA.6.AB is the diameter of a circel with center C-3,-5.If A-2,4, find the coordinates of B.
Q4. Solve any three of the following sub – questions:
1.In the figure, seg DE ∥ sideAB.DC=2BD. A∆CDE= 20cm2.Find A▭ABCD.
2.Prove that in a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equalto the sum of the squares of the other two sides.3.A circle touches side BC of ∆ABC from outside.further, the circle touches extended line AB in Mandand in AC in N.A-B-M and A-C-N.Prove that AM=12perimeter of ∆ABC.4.In the figure, AB is the chord of a circle with centre P.Tangents at points A and B intersect atpoint C.
PC intersects AB in point M.Prove that AM2=PM ×CM.5.Construct ∆PQR, such that PR=8.8cm, ∠PQR =1100, seg QT is the median and QT=3.6 cm.6.The outer dimensions of a household fish aquarium in cm are 60.4 ×40.4×40.2 .If the thicknessof theglass used to make it is 2mm, find the quantity of water that the aquarium will hold in litres.
Q5. Solve any three of the following sub – questions.
1.Prove:In a triangle, the angle bisector divides the side opposite to the anglein the ratio of the remainingsides.2.In the figure, in a circle with centre O, secants AB and EF intersects each otherat point C in the exterior of the circle.Prove that m∠ACE=12marcAE-marc BF.
3.Draw a circle with radius 2.6 cm.Find the positions of points P, Q, R on the circle such that thetangent
segments drawn at P, Q and R determine an equilateral triangle.Do not write consruction.
4.A flagstaff stands on the top of a 5 metres high tower.From a point on the ground, the angle of elevation
of the top of the flagstaff is 600and from the same point, the angle of elevation of the top of thetower is450.Find the height of the flagstaff.5.5 rupee coins were made by melting a solif cuboidal block of metal with dimensions 16×11×10in cm.
How many coins of thickness 2 mm and diameter 2 cm can be made?
6.Show that the points A4,7, B8,4, C7,11are the vertices of a ight-angled triangle.
Q1. Attempt any 6 of the following
1.Line m intersects sides AB and AC in points P and Q respectively of ΔABC.AP=9, BP=6, AQ=8,QC=12.State whether given triangle is right-angled triangle or not?
2.In the following example, small letter denote the length of the sides of the triangle.State whethergiventriangle is right-angled triangle or not?
3.The diameters of two circles touching each other externaly are 14 cm and 10 cmrespectively.Find thedistance between their centres.4.In the figure, chord AB and chord CD intersect each other in point E.
BE=3, CE=4, DE=6, then find AE.5.Draw a segment AB of length 8.7 cm.Take a point C on seg AB,such that AC=4.2cm and draw a perpendicular line to seg AB passing through point C.6.Find the value ofsin58cos32.
7.The radius and slant height of a cone are 7 cm and 8 cm respectively.Find its curved surfacearea.π=227
8.Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment joining the points -3, 6and 5,2.
Q2. Solve any four of the following sub – questions.
1.In the figure, ∠PQR=900.Seg QS⊥side PR.Find the values of x, y and z.2.In the figure, Q is the center of teh circel and PM and PNare tangent segments to the circel.If the radius
of the circle is 7cm and PM=7 cm, determine the distance QP.3.In the fiure, chords AB and CD of a circle intersects in point Q

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