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Dating Eckhart

Dating Eckhart

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Published by Catherine Bell
Even Eckhart is human:)
Even Eckhart is human:)

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Published by: Catherine Bell on May 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dating Eckhart or The Adventures of Ross, Rachel and Eckhart5/12/10 Tammi turned to the side pulling down her shirt; she thrust back hershoulders and admired the profile reflected back at her. The hallwaymirror was just big enough to show her figure down to the start of her bottom. Her jeans sat comfortably below her pierced navel. Herfigure curved up from there, displaying large, round breasts. Thepink fuzz from her angora sweater softened the mound created byBody by Victoria bra. She smiled to herself as she watched her chestmove silently up and down -definitely one of her best features. The TV played loudly in the background and Miss Yummy rubbedher furry body around Tammi’s calves with a sensual, snake likecharm. Tammi loved TV. It was her philosophy that everything couldrelate back to some episode of something, somewhere and youcould learn from it.“Oooo, I love this episode,” she cried down at the affectionate cat.“Everyone knows that Chandler and Monica are really in love! Isn’tthat fun, Miss Yummy?”She bent down and gave the cat a loving stroke. “I love re-runs. Wewouldn’t ever get to see these great shows otherwise! I think menwere nicer back then,” she sighed then perked up. “But Eckhartcould be a Friend, couldn’t he, Miss Yummy?” The cat agreed with ashort meow as she jumped up on the couch to settle down on theblack and white Playboy Bunny pillow tossed up there for just suchan occasion. The TV guide lay on the coffee table. Its pages were crumpled andswollen. The ring marks from where the last diet coke can sweatedhad caused some of the lettering to look smeared. Tammi sat downbeside Miss Yummy giving her another stroke on the head. The catchirped her appreciation. Turning to the dog-eared page, Tammisquealed with excitement.“Friends is on right after this!” She said.She glanced over at the paperback sitting beside the TV guide. Theblue letters blared out at her. The word NOW was particularlyprominent. Tammi frowned then rubbed at her forehead to relax anyfrown lines that may have appeared and smiled again. “He is SOsweet,” she said really only to herself because Miss Yummy hadturned her full attention to grooming the right leg she’d hiked up inthe air. Tammi thought her observation on how Phoebe was so much likeEckhart was really clever last night. She had wasted no time tellinghim about it when he picked her up. Eckhart had just stared at her,his piercing blue eyes looking puzzled, giving her the perfectopportunity to tell him all about Friends. Imagine never watching
any TV! She bet he would now that she had told him how terrific itwas. The episode where Ross’s monkey masturbated all the time just went to prove that animals are far better at living in the NOWthen humans. She was even able to make a few more observationscorrelating his book to her favourite show. It was a great night.“Hmmm,” Tammi sighed, getting up from the couch and walkingback over to the mirror. She gave her reflection a quick smile andthen picked up the card that was lying on the table underneath. The card was adorned with big pink hearts and little sparkling starsshooting out all around them. She opened it and giggled at themessage she had written earlier. “Happy third date anniversary!” itread. She had signed it with an extra loopy T and a smiley face overthe i. She held the card against her breasts and closed her eyes asshe remembered their night of lovemaking on the first then thesecond date.
He really is nice,
she thought. The phone rang and she ran over to pick it up.“Hello?”“Oh Hello Eckhart! I was just thinking of you and you know whattoday is?”“Huh? Oh, ok – you go first”She looked at herself in the mirror as she listened to the phone. Shenodded a few times and started frowning again. “I don’t understand,” She said her eyes widening.“But it is right NOW . . . I am waiting for you, right NOW.”“Whatdaya mean? I really don’t understand.” Tears welled up in hereyes as she continued to look at herself and listen. “No, honestly, Idon’t get it.” She cried again.“Sure, I remember that episode with Rachel and Ross. “Friends” isone of my favourite shows. You know that. I thought you didn’twatch TV?”“Huh? Hello?” Tammi pulled the phone away from her ear andlooked at it. Wiping the back of her hand across her sniffily nose,she let the tears flow. They ran down her face, dropping from herchin to her chest disappearing in the long, deep line of her cleavage.She stomped miserably over to the couch and sat down hard by thenow concerned cat. Grabbing the other throw pillow, she hugged ittight and began to sob. Miss Yummy, alarmed by Tammi’s erraticbehaviour, jumped off the couch quickly. She sauntered over in

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