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Published by Rechealhearts

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Published by: Rechealhearts on May 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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After Breaking DawnChapter 5Rosalie Cullen“What?!” I screamed at Carlisle. “She is what?!” I screamed again. I couldn't believe it. “She is pregnant.” Carlisle said as amazed as I was. I loved this girllike a daughter oddly without even knowing her. “I am going to get the baby outand I'm going to need Bella to clean it up and make sure it can breathe. Edwardwill help Bella. Then since Nessie is the warmest of us we will have her hold the baby in a blanket. Rose if you want to do it you will need to do it as soon as the baby is cut and out.” Carlisle said to the four of us. Then he opened thedoor to talk to someone I guessed. I had forgotten the walls were sound proof. “Esme love. I need you.” He called and she was next to him in a second. She winced at the smell of blood in the room. “Yes Love.” She answered. He explained quickly what was going on the plan and to teach Nessie how to care for a infant andto help Nessie. He turned to the girl and began to cut her skin. Esme was gonein a second. “So she is 16 and pregnant?” I asked to make sure I was getting this right. I didn't believe it. “Yes.” Carlisle said wincing. He didn't like thisidea either. “Okay well lets do this.” I said back to them. I was trying to stayfocused. The minute I saw this girl I fell in love with her. I saw my sistersface in her. My brother-in-laws face. I saw me. I never thought I would ever have a child and this child looked so much like me and I don't even know how. I stood watching Carlisle trying to focus even more now. I wanted to see this infantwhen it was officially born. It would be my grandaughter. Edward burst out laughing like the moron that he is. I growled at him. Then I realized something elseand laughed with him. Carlisle will be a great grand father. We both laughed butthen Carlisle pulled the baby from the girl. It started screaming immediatly. Carlisle Breathed a sigh of relief. “Its a boy. Edward weigh him and everything.”He said while cutting the cords. I pulled the baby from him and kissed its forehead before handing him to Edward. “I want her to name her child so don't get any ideas.” I told them harshly. “Rose concentrate and go! Edward keep tabs and Iknow you can do this.” Carlisle said. I bit her neck. It was so hard to stop butI just kept thinking of my sister and her son. I stopped and went to her arms and legs and bit them. I sealed each wound with my tongue and then went to look at my soon to be grandson. “ He was born at 7:41, weighing 5.45 pounds, and beingonly 12 inches long. He's a premie but a healthy premie.” Edward reported. I took the infant that was now wrapped in a couple blankets and ran down the stairs.“Alice we need diapers on the double.” I told her when I went to sit next to Renesmee. “On it.” She said while her and Jazz ran out the door. “Hi sweetie. It'sgrandma.” I told him and kissed him on the forehead. I handed him to Esme and grabbed Emm and ran up the stairs.RachaelI don't want to go home and deal with 'him' anymore. Joe, my so called father, won't leave me alone. I'm so tired of hiding bruises. I'm even more tired of getting bruises. Besides the getting them is trying to explain them. I have never told anyone about them and I don't know how to explain the baby growing inside meeither. If you looked at me you would never know that I was pregnant, even though I knew I was pretty far along. I estimated 8 months. Of course I never took off my huge hoodie for you to tell, but still. I was very small for 7 almost 8 months along. This child being from one of my fathers friends, Sean. I was prayingthis would be a boy so I could name it Jimmy. It was my favorite name. I hated my Garrett and Sean, but I could not hate the child. Even though it was from evilSean. It was not the child's fault. Although I really wish that something wouldhappen so I would not bring the baby into my world. I must run away I just don't know how. I was walking home from school. I looked at the trees and forest that had so many secrets and decided I wanted to prolong the walk and go into the forest. I started to jog into the forest.After about an hour of exploring I got lost. I didn't know whether this was unconsciously on purpose. But I decided I would rather someone find me then to go h
ome.When it started to get dark I started to worry but needed a place to sleep evenif just in the woods. I didn't care it was better then sleeping on the garage floor in the corner. I had a towel that I slept on at night. luckily I kept it inmy book bag. I decided to climb a tree and sleep up there where there would be no animals. The tree I picked was quite easy to climb if I wasn't so pregnant. Itook a couple breaks but kept going. I found a spot I thought I could sleep in and hung up my book bag and pulled out my towel. I laid there trying to fall asleep. Then I felt a kick and it hurt a little but I couldn't help but feel joy about this little one. “Don't worry baby I'll take care of you.” I said and just started to cry. I didn't know how I would be able to but I would figure this out no matter what. I would let my baby go if I had to even. I would take him to thehospital and drop him off. I would never let anyone hurt him. But I couldn't think about letting him go now. I don't want to have to give him up. I wish I couldkeep this child safe. I want so badly for this little one to grow up with the love I never got. As much love and happiness as possible. I cried myself to sleepthis way. I woke up to darkness and welcomed it. I didn't want reality to hit yet. I would rather live in fairy tail for a little bit longer. I tried to sit upstraight and My son must have been still tired because he kicked. It hurt thistime and I lurched from the pain. I fell from the branch and was falling. I hita branch trying to protect my stomach. I was protecting my baby the whole time while falling. Falling in the fetal position. When I landed the pain was so bad Icould almost not bare it. I couldn't breath to scream and couldn't move. I tried to do anything to move but it felt like I was falling into the ocean and couldn't find the way up. The water was going over my head and I couldn't see anymore. Then suddenly I felt a sharp worse ripping pain like something bit me. It hurtso bad but my whole body hurt. But then the water started to go down and even thought it was painful I welcomed it if it meant I could wake and save my baby. But then it wasn't like water anymore it was like something sucking out my organand then it went numb and black. Rosalie Cullen“Hey! Sweetie can you hear me? I know this must be awful pain but please just open your eyes.” I asked the unconscious girl on the table. “Rose why don't we hunt and when we come back she will probably be awake?” Emm asked pulling me a little. He had his arm around my waist and had been rubbing my arm with the hand that was around my waist and rubbing the girls arm. I could tell he cared about herprobably as much as he cared for Nessie. It had been almost 3 and a half days since we got the baby out and started the changing process. She has been on morphine non stop but Carlisle stopped it a few minutes ago and we knew it should only be a little longer. Maybe a couple hours. I constantly held the baby and neverlet him go. Alice and Nessie had a great time making one of the spare rooms -wehad been using for Jake, the moronic dog- but now it was a nice large sweet packed with diapers, wipes, baby food and formula -or what Emm calls icky goo-, andanything else a baby will need. “No! Baby Ill go hunting when she's awake and safely named the baby and settled. Go ask Jazz if you really need to hunt.” I told him knowing he didn't need to hunt quite yet. He slumped hid shoulders and sighed. I wonder what she's going to name him? I wonder if she will like us? What if she hates us and doesn't want us at all? what if she hates us?” I was about togo insane now with worry. “Baby!” Emm tried to calm me. “How could she not andwho cares? I mean well who wouldn't love you. No comment Edward. And We are trying to take care of her and her infant. She will love us! I mean she might not like us as parents but we will try.” He said calming me. I sighed and kissed his cheek and then the infants cheek. He just went to sleep after Emm fed him. Yeah Emm fed him. I thought I would never see the day. I chuckled lightly and put theinfant into his crib. I would rather hold him all night but he would get to cold. The crib had a built in heater to monitor the tempurture to keep him worm. “Ahhh!” The girl on the table suddenly screached. “Make it stop! Save my baby! Savemy Jimmy.” She yelled in tear less sobs. I was at her side instantly. Emm move
him and the crib to her room and have someone watch him.” I told him. He grabbedthe crib quickly trying not to jostle the almost awake baby and ran. “Shhhh. Iknow it hurts. I know but it will be all over soon.” I told her. “It hurts so bad.” She said. I know trust me I know. Can you hear me sweat heart?” I asked her.She nodded trying not to scream. Carlisle was already next to me. “Can you hearme?” He asked her. “The morphine is already gone.” I told him as he checked hereyes which were already blood red. “I know and it should be over soon.” He toldme. We stood there while Carlisle explained our new way of life. I wasn't sureif she was to far in pain to listen or if she just didn't understand. But the baby was awake already. His monitore started going off. We bought one that you only had to clip to your hip so he could sleep in any room of the house with the door closed and we could still hear when he woke up. I loved this thing and it wasconstantly on my hip. The only time I took it off was when Alice wanted to babysit so Emm and I could have some alone time. I turned and kissed him again. He smiled at me and kissed a line down my throat. I giggled and kissed him some more. I opened the door while Emm tried to distract me. “Esme...?” I called but broke off and laughed when Emm started licking along my throat. “Stop.” I laughed. “Esme could you grab the baby for me?” I called to her and turned back to Emm. “Yes I will.” She said. I was already kissing Emm and he was not having me break from that. She appeared with the infant and diaper and wipes. “I'll change him.”She laughed after seeing Emm not letting me free and bringing him over to the changing table. When she was done she brang him over to me. I loved to hold him and so did she but she shared. “Hello there Jimmy.” I cooed at the boy. Just thenEmm to the infant and gave him to Esme. “Stay and let us know when she wakes upcompletely.” He said to her in a childish voice and then picked me up and was off to our room down the hall. He was never very good at being patient. But neither was I and didn't care about anything else when I had my Emmett.RachaelThe pain was unbearable. I didn't understand it. This man kept trying to explainsomething about vampires and then this beautiful chick trying to talk to me about her being my 'make shift mother'. What the hell is going on. She was talkingto my Jimmy and Then had this guy start talking about being a dad. I screamed for him to go away. I will never have a guy hurt my Jimmy if I could help it. If Icould get out of this burning. The man named Carlisle said that I was changinginto one of them. I didn't want to be one of them. He said it was the only way to keep me or my baby alive. The girl and her husband left the room and another girl came in and was holding my Jimmy. I wanted to hold him and take him away from these people but the burning had my whole body. I calmed a little when I heardhis heartbeat. But that is so wierd. I can hear his heartbeat? Mine as well butthe women holding my son did not have a heart beat. I had no clue how long it had been since I almost drowned or what day it was because the pain from the burning was so unbearable. Carlisle said it would end but it burned on.Renesmee CullenI was so upset with my father about the whole thing that after I was done holding the baby I went up to my room. I held the baby whenever I could but Aunt Rosewas super protective of the infant. I was sitting on my huge couch and searchingthrough movies to watch. Tay came up and walked over to me. “You want some company?” He asked me knowing I was still upset. I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to me. He laughed and sat next to me. “You okay?” He asked again. I nodded not wanting to make the effort to talk. I always felt silence explained more thentalking when upset. Tay laughed at my face which I'm sure was a not normal sight for me. I worked to fix my expression. Jake was still downstairs and talking with my mom. “Nessie. You don't have to hide what your feeling. I know your upset.” He said. He hated when I rearranged my expression for him. He said it was like me putting a mask on and he liked my face without the mask. I smiled at him. “I thought you might need some cheering up.” He told me. I sighed and nodded. “We

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