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Being African Does Not Make Me Invisible

Being African Does Not Make Me Invisible

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Published by SirSanta OfClaws

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Published by: SirSanta OfClaws on May 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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22:53tt.05.10tt.05.10Children Killers or Misguided YouthThroughout history, many different military groups have led children into harm’sway with rifle and drum. Beginning with the Greeks and continuing into the Middle East,all over the world, and some forms are even used today in advanced nations like theUnited States and United Kingdom. Examples of this practice can even be seen in the bible where David swears allegiance to King Saul. Another instance dating back toantiquity was the when men would take their children on campaign together with the restof the family as part of baggage. In one instance, The Battle of Agincourt the retainersand children of the English army were slaughtered by the French.In Ancient Greece, Spartans would use young boys as young as 7 were taken fromtheir homes for military training. The film 300 glorifies this and yet the thought wouldturn even the most militaristic modern American to do such a thing to their own child. Inthe Middle East, the Ottoman Empire kidnapped young Christian boys and brainwashedthem into loyalty to the Sultan. Using the term Janissaries these young boys were used to be scouts and spies. The Muslim religion prohibits the use of children under the age of 15yet has no protections for Christians or Jews. In the “Western World,” the British navyuntil the 20
century used young boys as aids on their Navy vessels.In the battle of Waterloo, children were leading Napoleon’s army into the initialattack only to be gunned down by Allied soldiers. In 1827, Jewish boys known asCantonist were forced into military training establishments to serve in the army. Theenlistment age was 18, however children as young as 8 were routinely used to fulfill thehard quota.
22:53tt.05.10tt.05.10 In the Americas during the Civil War, including battling on the open field,children were used women as nurses, boys as soldiers. William Black, the youngestwounded soldier, was twelve when his left hand and arm were shattered by and explodingshell. An unknown number of lives were lost during this period and it makes it difficult todetermine how many of these were children either by choice or in a slave’s case forcedinto battle.Sometimes these children are forced, others they are deceived into believing theyare creating a better future. The source for the Nazi’s use of children came from theHitler Youth. This group evolved from various youth groups and one of the first was amale-only group named the Wandervgel. Various other groups followed including theCatholic Youth Organization and the Nazi Youth League. As the Nazi’s popularity grew,the various groups eventually became the Hitler Youth, which was almost all male, beganteaching classes on the ideas of Nazism and became the eyes and ears of the Nazis statesponsored fear. Nazi’s were not the only ones to use children during WWII however; theJewish resistance had its share of children members. Hashomer Hatzair fought in theWarsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 and the armed resistance of children in this era wasusually regarded as nothing short of heroic. Large numbers of children served in Russia’sRed Army, mostly orphans, and these children came to be known as “Son of theRegiment” and sometimes willingly performed military missions such as recon. Oneexample of this can be seen in the film, Enemy at the Gates, where a young boy plays adouble agent for the sniper main characters.
22:53tt.05.10tt.05.10As the war came to an end the Hitler Youth was dissolved and many childrenwere left without homes and forced into poor conditions and subjected to little food or money. Baldur Von Schirach was head of the Youth and was punished for with crimesagainst humanity for his partaking in the atrocities of the war.In the 1960s there were several guerrilla organizations fighting against thegovernment of Colombia the group known as the FARC (Fuerzas ArmadasRevoluciaonarias de Colombia), which formed before in response to other politicalissues, have used and recruited children as well. The call the children soldiers “LittleBees” because they sting before the target realizes they are being attacked. The FARCeven goes to the lengths of recruiting campaigns in schools and at homes of children.There are approximately 11,080 child soldiers serving in Colombia today. Of thesesoldiers, about seventy-percent have experienced combat.Another very notorious case involving children occurred during the IndochinaWars; the Khmer Rouge communist group exploited thousands of children to commitmass murders and other inhumane acts during the Cambodian Genocide.When the continent of Africa is mentioned most of the time people just see the babies with swollen stomach and flies on them. Sure, that is heart breaking, and may evenmake one maybe two people get out their checkbooks and cut some organization a check.However, this does little to nothing in regards to any semblance of aid. People either donot acknowledge the existence of the situations or just simply say, “What can I do?” or “That’s over there, that’s not going to affect me.”

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