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Characteristics of a Hypocrite

Characteristics of a Hypocrite

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Published by Umar Abdullah
A publication on all aspects of Hypocrisy and how to stay away from it.
A publication on all aspects of Hypocrisy and how to stay away from it.

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Published by: Umar Abdullah on May 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Alaiykum Wa Rahamtullah Wa Barakathu;
Hypocrisy is a state of the heart, which is expressed by double-faced actions:1. They have a discrepancy in what they have in their heart & what is on their lips2. Munafiq means “double faced”3. They hide the truth4. They are untruthful to others (Mumins) and to themselves5. They create fasaad, by saying one thing to one person and another to anotherperson, neither of them being the truth6. When they are questioned about their actions that are causing fasaad they saywe are just reforming society/people, we are doing this for the good of society.7. When they are asked to believe, have imaan, they say, “Do I look stupid”?8. In front of the mumin they say they are with them, but when they are with theShaiyateen (with people like themselves or their leaders), they say we were just joking privately, we are not really with the Mumins.9. Their words and actions do not match10. They are without wisdom and without understanding of reality and truth(Shaoor)11. Hypocrites are present in all times12. Though hypocrites say verbally that they believe in God, Allah disqualifiestheir imaan as they are only saying it only with their tongue, and not with theirhearts they do this only to fool others.13. In their privacy they make fun of the Mumin14. They prefer to keep their eyes closed rather than see the truth and see theright path.15. Allah has given them rope to do what they want and they choose to strayfurther and further away from the right path.16. They are restless and without peace even in this world and try to entertainthemselves with worldly things17. They live in a world of self-deception18. Due to their actions they create fasaad in the world and do not have theunderstanding that their words and actions are the cause of the fasaad.19. When they are asked to have imaan they say are we stupid that we becomestupid like the mumin who lose everything (worldly) because of their imaan.
SUMMARY OF CHARACTERISTICS OF A MUNAFIQ:1. DOUBLE FACED2. IN TWO BOATS3. THEIR ACTIONS DO NOT CONFIRM WHAT THEY SAY4. THEY FOOL PEOPLE5. THEY PRACTICE SELF DECEEPTION6. THEY LIE7. LACK UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUTH8. CREATE FASSAAD BEHIND REFORM9. THEY DO NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE10. THEY ARE STUPID11. THEY ARE IGNORANT12. DOUBLE STANDARD13. CHANGE WITH WHOEVER THEY ARE WITH14. TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE15. THEY MAKE FUN OF MUMINS (PRIVATELY)16. BAY ASOOL (WITHOUT STANDARDS OF HONESTY & MORALS)17.THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE TIME ALLAH SWT HAS GIVEN THEM AND AREMISUSING IT18. BEY BASEERAT/THEY WANT TO LIVE IN IGNORANCE19. THEY CHOOSE GUMRAHI (BEING LOST) INSTEAD OF GUIDANCE20. THEY DELIBERATELY REMAIN AWAY FROM GUIDANCEOne word summary: They lie!PUNISHMENT FROM ALLAH FOR MUNAFIQS:1. Allah will make fun of them2. Blindness of the heart: Allah has given them rope, (leave) and they are takingadvantage of it and their hearts are blinded and they are straying further in theirwrong path, and Allah is watching them.3. Allah will deny them guidance (al Hudda) they have exchanged the right pathfor the wrong path, this will be a huge disadvantageous for them. They are unableto get guidance as they are not asking for it, nor wanting it.4. There are seven levels of Hellfire and they will be in the bottom most part of the hellfire. why? Because they base their life on lies.5. Those who have the characteristics of hypocrisy Allah will not give themguidance.

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