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Preplanning Holocaust Unit

Preplanning Holocaust Unit

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Published by pensfan1976
Preplanning for Holocaust Unit
Preplanning for Holocaust Unit

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: pensfan1976 on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson PlanningWaynesburg UniversityPre-Instructional Planning:The thought process that leads to the development of quality,meaningful lesson plans
Guiding questions that will provide the framework for the lesson. (Respond to each question.)
will you be teaching? (Identify student grade level as well as academic functioning level and specific needs of individual students)The grade level of this unit will be at a high school level. My plan is for it to be taught to 9
and 10
graders. Most of the students are regular education students; however, there are some students who are special education students. These students will have the necessarymodifications for them to get the most from the unit. The accommodations may include a learning support teacher assisting them in the class, apeer as a partner, if needed, extra time for assignments, written directions as well as oral directions, a list of needed materials and expectations,and a rubric at their seats for each assignment.
(if anybody) will assist with the presentation of this lesson, and what will their role be?There will be a learning support teacher when needed, other than that; the teacher will be the only one presenting this unit.
is the long range goal(s) that is tied to this lesson?The long range goals for this unit are for the students to gain a knowledge and understanding about the atrocities that happened during WorldWar II, mainly the Holocaust. The unit will show the detriment of racism and the damage that racism and hate can cause. It will also show thestudents that this can happen again and, if time permits, where it has happened on a smaller scale since WWII.
is the specific learning objective(s) for this lesson?Given the information gained in this unit, the students will be able to name three events that led to the Holocaust and describe how these actionswere carried out.Students will also be able to recognize the differences among the different camps that were used to persecute the victims of the Holocaust.Students will be able to utilize various computer programs to create virtual posters, websites, and other aspects of technology to show their understanding of how they are used.
prerequisite skills/knowledge will students need to effectively access and participate in this lesson?The students will need to have the ability to use a computer, the Internet, reading and listening skills, and also writing skills.
within the stages of learning will this lesson be presented? (Is it a learning acquisition lesson, learning fluency lesson, learningmaintenance lesson, or learning generalization lesson?)This is a learning acquisition lesson.
will this lesson be completed? (Will it be a one-day lesson or a multiple day lesson?)This is a multiple day unit. It should take about a month to complete.
Where s
hould this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (computer lab, classroom, science lab…) AND
materials will be needed?This unit will be presented both in the classroom and in the computer lab. The materials needed will be videos provided by the teacher,computers equipped with the Internet, writing utensils, books provided by the teacher and the library, and a memory stick for each student.
are you planning to teach this lesson?
must this information/skill be presented to the students?This lesson is being taught in order to educate the students of the atrocities of the Holocaust and the outcomes of the event and its aftermath. Itis also being used to educate the students on what type of different programs can be utilized to show what they know in a creative manner.

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