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Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat

Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat



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Published by Grapes als Priya

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Published by: Grapes als Priya on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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national air and space intelligence center wright-patterson air force base
Key FindingsThreat HistoryWarheads and TargetsBallistic MissilesShort-Range Ballistic MissilesMedium-Range andIntermediate-Range Ballistic MissilesIntercontinental Ballistic MissilesSubmarine-Launched Ballistic MissilesLand-Attack Cruise MissilesSummary345681418222630
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Many countries view ballistic and cruise missile systemsas cost-effective weapons and symbols of national power.In addition, they present an asymmetric threat to USairpower.Many ballistic and cruise missiles are armed with weaponsof mass destruction.North Korea is continuing to develop the TD-2 thatcould reach the United States with a nuclear payload ifdeveloped as an ICBM. An intermediate-range ballisticmissile (IRBM) and a new short-range, solid-propellantballistic missile are also being developed.Iran has modified its Shahab 3 medium-range ballisticmissile (MRBM) to extend its range and effectiveness andis developing technologies and capabilities applicable tolonger-range missiles. In 2008, it conducted a test launchof a two-stage solid-propellant MRBM. In late 2008and early 2009, Iran launched multi-stage space launchvehicles (SLV) that can serve as a testbed for long-rangeballistic missile technologies. With sufficient foreignassistance, Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable ofreaching the United States by 2015.China has the most active and diverse ballistic missiledevelopment program in the world. It is developing andtesting offensive missiles, forming additional missileunits, qualitatively upgrading certain missile systems, anddeveloping methods to counter ballistic missile defenses.China’s ballistic missile force is expanding in both sizeand types of missiles. New theater missiles continue to bedeployed in the vicinity of Taiwan, while the ICBM force isadding the CSS-10 Mod 1 (DF-31) and CSS-10 Mod 2(DF-31A) ICBMs. The new JL-2 submarine-launchedballistic missile (SLBM) is also under development.Future ICBMs probably will include some with multipleindependently-targetable reentry vehicles, and thenumber of ICBM nuclear warheads capable of reachingthe United States could expand to well over 100 within thenext 15 years.India and Pakistan continue to develop new short- andlong-range ballistic missiles. Pakistan has tested its solid-propellant Shaheen 2 MRBM six times since 2004 andIndia has tested its new solid-propellant Agni III IRBMthree times since 2006. India has stated that the solid-propellant Agni II MRBM is ready for deployment.Russia still has over two thousand nuclear warheadsdeployed on ballistic missiles capable of reaching theUnited States. Although the size of the Russian strategicmissile force is shrinking due to arms control limitationsand resource constraints, development of new ICBMand SLBM systems is proceeding, and Russia is expectedto retain the largest force of strategic ballistic missilesoutside the United States.Land-attack cruise missiles (LACMs) are highly effectiveweapon systems that can present a major threat tomilitary operations.At least nine foreign countries will be involved in LACMproduction during the next decade, and many missiles willbe available for export.
Missile Launches in Iranian Noble Prophet III Exercise
Top right: Pakistani Ghauri LaunchBackground: SS-25 Road-mobile Launcherin Red Square

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