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The Judgement of Karl Marx

The Judgement of Karl Marx

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Published by Peterturton
The judgement of Karl Marx. A satirical extravaganza on marxism, capitalism and humanity in general
The judgement of Karl Marx. A satirical extravaganza on marxism, capitalism and humanity in general

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Published by: Peterturton on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by PETER TURTONCopyright Peter Turton 2004 
 by Peter Turton
 A small congress hall illuminated by magnificent chandeliers. The walls and ceiling arebright red. A rostrum facing wooden benches made of antique mahogany. A door at theback and a door at the side. A handsome young man of somewhat androgynous featurescomes in through the back door. He is dressed like a dandy, rather in the style of the American writer Tom Wolfe, in a dazzling white suit and mauve tie, spats and expensivebrown shoes. Although slim, his back seems disproportionately bulky, as if he werecarrying something there beneath the shoulders of his jacket. His name is MICHAEL
addressing the side door 
] You may enter now, Professor MARX.
 Enter a Jewish-looking man with a large forehead and bushy beard. He is wearing a black  suit 
.KARL MARX [testily] Where am I and why was I brought here?MICHAEL. This is your big day, Karl. A symposium on your philosophy has beenarranged. We painted the walls red to make you feel at home. The most important of the practitioners of Marxism will be brought before you and you can question them about whythey did what they did in your name. We want to find out exactly where you and they wentwrong.2
MARX. Who’s we? And where am I?MICHAEL. I’ll answer your second question first. You’re in the after-life. ‘We’ are theBoss and his associates.MARX. The Boss?MICHAEL. Usually known as God. I’m his special messenger, Michael.MARX. Nonsense. There is no God or after-life.MICHAEL. How do you explain being here in the earth-year 2004 when you died in 1883?MARX. Me die? I don’t recall, although I was very ill in 1883.MICHAEL. I can assure you you are dead. In the world beyond we’re not allowed to telllies. Not that I ever felt the inclination, unlike some of the Boss’s associates. Let me ask you a question. Do you know the names Lenin and Stalin? Or MaoTseTung and Ho ChihMinh? I think you do, although they all came to prominence after your death.MARX [surprised] I do. I saw these people in my dreams. Some of the things they didshocked me.MICHAEL. No, Karl. You did not dream these people. You were allowed to see what theydid in your name from the vantage point of the after-life. The Boss likes to use the after-lifeto set people straight. Some are actually punished. Not you, though, because the Bossactually quite approved of you. Even though you didn’t believe in Him, He believed in you,in His own way. Helping the struggling masses and all that. You were a good sort, in spiteof your pedantry and your vicious polemics with others on the left who didn’t agree withyou. He didn’t much like your letting your family starve, either. But all in all, He was a fan.Hence this symposium. Not everybody in the after-life gets a symposium all to himself.You’ll be able to confront your followers and your enemies. They will also be allowed to3

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