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Published by: api-26470372 on May 18, 2010
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Climate changecaused only by sun ?
The climate change
An exclusive celebration occured at the top of the Greenland icecap on the12. july 1992, when the drill from the GRIP-project came to the surfaceand brought up not only ice, but also ground. The drilling had reached “land” 3.029 meters below, and revealed a part of Greenland undercompressed ice from 200 000 years ago .Ice from earlier drilling had forwards been analysed in Europeenlaboratories, giving amazing results. The conclusion was that our Earthcould change temperature incredible fast, based on analysis of deuterium(heavy water) from year to year. Abrubt temperature swinging, up ordown with 5-7 ºC over few decades, occured about twenty times insamples from the last glacial period, and similar incidents could clearly beseen in the previous heat period about 120.000 years ago. It looked likethe absence of such violent climate changes was an extreeme case withthe heat period since the last glacial period ended about 8000 b.c .
To find the explanations, the climatologist had to look at the greatregulators in Earth’s system. One of them was the Gulf Stream, normallykeeping the temperature in North-Atlantic Sea several degrees over thevalue it ordinarily should have. The Gulf stream was always at the risk obeeing cooled by icebergs, and this was the only explanation for thesudden periods of cold periods during last ice age. The historical proof wasthat one did not need human activities to change the climate.Gradually the sun was suspicted. It’s periods with
could possiblyanswer for some of the climat change effect, but far from all.
In 1995, Henrik Svensmark(Danish Space ResearchInstitute) discovered a startlingconnection between the cosmicray flux from space and the cloudcover. He found that when thesun is more active –moresunspots, a stronger magneticfield , larger auroras, strongersolar winds, etc.—fewer cosmicrays strike the earth and cloudcover is reduced, resulting inwarmer temperatures.Figure 2 shows the relationshipfound between low-level cloud
amount derived from salellite data from theInternational Cloud Clomatology Project, andcosmic ray counts from Climax, ColoradoIt is evident that for the 22.year period from1983 to 2005, the average amount of low-level cloud follows the flux of cosmic raysvery closely. In fact, Svensmark claims thatthe correlation coefficient is 0.92, a very highcorrelation for this type of data.In addition, when looking at various longerperiods of record using proxy data for thesetwo variables, he also found good correlationand similar trends. In particular, hesuggested that during the Little Ice Age whenthe sun was inactive, cosmic ray fluxdecreased, cloud amount decreased, and theglobal temperature warmer.Svensmark proposed that the global warmingwe have expeienced for the past 150 years is a direct result of an increasein solar accivity and attendant warming.Svensmark’s statistical correlations on
Cloud Condesation Nuclei 
areintriguing, and many critics are sceptical of his theory until he can explainthe mechanism by which the cosmic rays create more clouds. This ledhim to design a laboratory experiment to demonstrate that cosmic raysproduce more cloud nuclei on which cloud droplets can form.In 2007, Svensmark et al published the results of an experiment whichconfirmed his theory that cosmic rays increase the number of cloudcondenstion nucklei.Svensmark’s theory of cosmoclimatology is now complete. He hasdiscovered a continious chain of events that explain the variations inglobal temperature that have puzzled climatologists for so many years,and now led to an explanation for the recent global warming episode.It starts with cosmic rays coming to earth from exploding supernovas andcollition of remnant stars with nebula in space. Many of these ccosmicrays are shielded from striking the earth by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. When the sun is active, the solar wind prevents cosmic rays fromentering the earth’s atmosphere by sweeping them around the earth.When the sun is inactive, more of them penetrate the atmosphere.

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