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Virtual Philosophy Book Review

Virtual Philosophy Book Review



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Published by Jason Werbics
Book Review of Virtual Philosophy by scribd member Joffee Reprinted here with permission.
Book Review of Virtual Philosophy by scribd member Joffee Reprinted here with permission.

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Published by: Jason Werbics on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Virtual Philosophy Book Review
Reviewed by scribd member 
Virtual Philosophy by Jason Werbics is a wholly unique work from amodern-day philosopher that approaches our world and our place in itfrom an unexpected philosophical point of view. His fresh approach toanswering the questions we all have about life and our place in it canprobably be best framed by Werbics himself when he states “Fact,fiction and reality will be presented to you on a plate that cannot bedescribed as cold or hot, neither here or there. It could be the worldthat Nostradamus wrote about or it could be one where Einsteinbelieved: “God does not play dice!” The truth you discover will be yourown.”Werbics does what any true philosopher has ever done – he shares hisperspective, personal life experience and his observations of it all andmost importantly – he questions everything. He presents his view of the world and his place in it in such a way that automaticallyempowers and enables the reader to do the same thing. In essence, hegives each of us ‘permission’ to take a step back from our life’s journeyand really look at it; free from the emotional baggage that we eachbring to our experiences as past and present events unfold, whichcreates the possibility for us to see ourselves and the world around usin an entirely new way.Virtual Philosophy seems to be written with the underlying intent tochallenge the reader to not only observe, but also to more clearlydefine their own journey through this life and what intellectual,physical, emotional and spiritual impact their experience has had onthemselves and the world around them. The literary tools he employschange throughout the book, subtly assisting the reader to seamlessly,but distinctly, shift their own thought processes and approach to thesubject matter, thereby preventing them from becomingunintentionally trapped in preconceived personal judgments andconclusions.Above all else, one of the most redeeming qualities for this reader of Virtual Philosophy is the fact that it was written for me. Or you. Itcompletely avoids the use of the typical philosophical jargon and over-used academic references to past philosophers and their conclusionsthat can stymie any but those who spend their lives immersed in thatparticular field of study. This is a philosophical book written to amuse,enlighten and challenge the reader to discover their own truth ratherthan trying to convince us to embrace the author’s beliefs. And sinceat the end of the day, philosophy is really all about the questions we

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