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Retrofitting 5.12 Community Low Carbon Lifestyle (Handout 9 slides/page)

Retrofitting 5.12 Community Low Carbon Lifestyle (Handout 9 slides/page)

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Published by Brian Murphy
Community, Low Carbon, Lifestyles,
Community, Low Carbon, Lifestyles,

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Published by: Brian Murphy on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SpecifyingForALowCarbonLifestyle05/04/2008 © NGS 2008 Brian Murphy1
12/03/2008© NGS2006Title1
Community lowcarbon lifestyles
Low Carbon Lifestyles
Carbon in isolation?Can you ignore other issues?
 –Water –Material Resource efficencyv Waste –Natural v Chemicals & Health & Safety
They all have a Carbon loadSo I think not 
Carbon in Fuel, Energy, Heat?
Fossil Fuels release CO
when burnedTransport: people and goods: fuelHeating Lighting Cooling VentilatingPower to engines, pumps, etc.Communications & IT power to andcooling of computers and serversWasted fuel, energy, heat and coolth
Carbon in Water?
Chemicals & Purifying, Pumping,Irrigating, Softening, Heating, Washing,Cleaning, Bathing, Power Showering,Wasted water: leaks, excess andevaporationBottled water from any distance
 –Food miles
Carbon in Materials?
Embodied carbon in materialsIn buildings, purchases, goods,Food, water and drink milesAnd in wasted materialsAnd don’t forget methane from waste inlandfill (21 x GWP of CO
12/03/2008© NGS2006Title1
with particular reference to ‘communities’bear in mind that a community can be virtuallyany group:
 –Village –Stree –School –Faith group –Local authority –Parish –Housing association.
What is its form
 –Dispersed or local group
 –Local Authority –School/University Campus –Village/ Town/ City –Housing Association
Local Group
 –Urban University Buildings –Street, Housing, Factory or Business Estate –Block of flats –New Development  –Parish –Faith Group
Internet Communities
DIY KyotoWattsonUSB ConnectionInternet Communitycompare note on your performance
SpecifyingForALowCarbonLifestyle05/04/2008 © NGS 2008 Brian Murphy2
DIY Kyoto
Wattson01Real time read-out of energy consumption of buildingReal time cost read-out toowww.Diykyoto.comRecycled school furnitureHand made was £395.00Now into batch production RRP £149.50pre-orders now on-line at £125.00Quantity discounts available
School children influence communityCut the Carbon Game
12/03/2008© NGS2006Title1
Implied criticismGreenvViolet GoodvBad
Lifestyles: Time
Time=MoneyFasvSlowFamily timevCommuting timeIn your face smart metersvnothingAwarenessvcarelessnessManualvautomaticreading manualsvIntuition & error
Lifestyles: Economies
 –Developing community awareness, spirit & involvement  –Neighbourhood watch might be the start: better reasons?
Barter, Acorns, Letsvmoney
 –Shared skills and resources for community benefits –No cash transfers, credits –Tax man wants his cut either way
 –Local support of local economy and employment 
Buy BritishvEU Procurement RulesFair payvPound shops
Lifestyles: Travel & Transport 
Solar thaw out vchemical frost melt (car windscreen)Walking Bus & Cyclingv4x4Cycling routes & racksvcongestion & pollutionCar Sharing & Transport planvLone driversPublic transport vCar door to doorPootlingalongvThrashing it Enjoy the Journeyv focus on destination and ETAExplore UKvFly the worldLocalvimported transported
Lifestyles: Drinking Water
Tap watervFrench green bottle waterTap waterv filtered tap waterFiltered tap watervBottledTap filtered chilled watervBottledLocal bottledvimported bottledStarch based bottlesvplastic bottles
SpecifyingForALowCarbonLifestyle05/04/2008 © NGS 2008 Brian Murphy3
05/04/2008© NGS 2008 SpecifyingForALowCarbonLifestyle26
12/03/2008© NGS2006Title1
Lifestyles: Drink
Reusable bottlesvthrow awayFlip top bottlesvbottle caps/topsReusable milk bottlevrecyclable cartonor plasticReusable beer bottlevunique shapeReusable glass or plastic coke bottlevrecycled
Lifestyle: Food
TastevAppearanceSeasonalvimported out of seasonLocalvFlown inFairtradevInternational exploitationFreshvFrozenIndigenousvintrusive
 –Supporting local pollinators
Organicvintensive chemicalNaturalvGenetic ModifiedFree rangevbatteryVegetarianvanimals, fish and birds
Lifestyle: Resources
ResourcefulvSquanderingThrifvExcess(to waste)What you wanvwhat is bundledCharity giftingvdumping
Lifestyles: Waste>Resource
Segregationvmixed wasteCompostingvlandfillTopsoil enrichmenvlandfillRecyclevWaste>buy recycled RecycledvVirgin (Primary)SecondaryvVirgin (Primary)
Lifestyles Buildings:
Winter Gardens Sun spacesvHeated ConservatoriesWeather lobbyvPortico & Porte CochereInsulatedvheatedSolar ShadedvcooledSolar ShadingvArchitectural fripperyAirtight vcold, windy, noisyMoisture massvextractors or air conditioning
 –Or mould, relevant to fuel poverty
Thermal massvlightweight 
 –Appropriate heating/cooling to suit building fabric weight 
Lifestyles Services water
Busy plumbervDripping tapShort showersvdeep bathsGenerous ShowersvPower ShowersWater saving tapsvwater hammerAerated/Sprinklervpercussion / push tapsFoaming soap dispenservLiquid soapRain foresvSoya plantation (liquid soap)Proximity tapsvgerms or soap residues
Lifestyles Services
NaturalvartificialAppropriate servicesvEcoBlingPassive designvmechanical/electricalservicesPassive & Activevmechanical services
Lifestyle Services Heating/Cooling
Cheap Insulationvexpensive heating /cooling plant AirtightnessvheatingCold bridge eliminationvheatingSolar orientationvheatingSolar Gainsvheating Thermal massvheating or coolingPurging heat by passive ventingvAir-conditioning CoolingSolar shadingvAir conditioning
Lifestyle Services Ventilation
Stack EffecvMechanical Ventilation,or HeatersWind pressurevFans or PumpsOpen windowsvMechanical ventilationPurging heat by passive ventingvAir-conditioning Cooling

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