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Ork Dark Heresy

Ork Dark Heresy

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Published by derrecknewman

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Published by: derrecknewman on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Ork RaceStarting out:Orks: Orks are quite different from a human in many ways. Upon rolling your traits, add thefollowing to your roles for each statFeral Combat WorldWS: 30WS: 30BS: 15BS: 15S: 30 S: 25T: 30 T: 25Ag: 20Ag: 20Int: 20Int: 20Per: 20 Per: 20WP: 15WP: 20Fel: 15Fel: 20Ork Benefits and Traits: All orks are skilled in: Common Lore (Ork Gods), Intimidate, Speak Language (Ork dialect),All Orks also benefit from Orky regeneration, (just like Autosanguine, but due to natural metabolism),Basic Weapon Training (Slug), Pistol Training (Slug), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), MeleeWeapon Training (Choppas), Berserk Charge, Die Hard, Orky Fearlessness (When fifteen or moreOrks are within 30m of you you take on the Fearless Trait), Hardy, Dull to Pain, Bulging BicepsInitiative: Orks are often either slow to react or just having more fun watching the enemy be scared toactually strike very quickly. All orks suffer a -1 moddifier to their initiative rolls Note: Orks can not bleed out from anything less than 2 limbs being removed.
Note: Ork currency is in teeth. You gain teeth by picking them off your dead brethren. You willmost likely have to fight (not usually to the death) a few orks to get the teeth of your fellow Orks.Other than this way, you may use your skills to fix weapons, make weapons, heal fellow Orks,take on jobs for da big boss, etc. to gain teeth. All Orks gain 1D10 teeth per month (roll eachmonth). For sake of prices and exchange rates (as rare as this will occur) 1 tooth is worth 10Throne Gelt. Another note (though Orks may take on small jobs for teeth, when a fullmobilization is underway, Orks will not expect to be paid for their partaking in the battle, they just do it cause they love it!)Note: Ork technology is so simple, that properly trained Orks can successfully create it fromreckage and salvage. Only Mekboyz can use this salvage ability. It will be up to the GM as tohow difficult it will be to find the salvage. Finding parts for a Shock Attack gun will beexteremely difficult while finding parts for a chain choppa would be quite easy for a Mekboy.There are many Talents and skills to help gaurantee the successful creation of a decent weapon,otherwise the Mekboy may be making very poor equipment
Home Worlds: 0-30 Feral World31-100 Combat WorldFeral World:
An Ork born into a low technology society on a non-war (relatively speaking) planet would beconsidered a feral ork.Traits of A Feral Ork:Iron StomachPrimitiveWilderness SavvyCombat World:Orks born into a warzone (extremely common) or a planet recently part of a warzone(guaranteed) are born to Combat Worlds.Orks from a Combat World treat Common Lore (Ork Hieracrchy) and Common Lore (War) as BasicSkillsOrks from Combat Worlds also gain +3 to their Fellowship due to their brethren being around themconstantly.Career PathCareerFeral WorldCombat WorldOrk Boy0-700-50Mekboy----51-70Painboy71-9071-90Wierdboy91-10091-100Ork Boy:Starting Skills: Drive (Ork Vehicle) or Swim.Starting Gear: Ork Plate Armour, Choppa, Slugga and 1 clip or Shoota and 1 clip. Ork Leathers(Common Quality Clothes)Starting Rank: Warrior Yoof Painboy:Starting Skills: Medicae (Ork only), Scholastic Lore (Ork Anatomy), Peer (Mekboyz and Madoks)Starting Gear: Ork Plate Armour, Slug Revolver and 6 bullets or staff, Doc's Robe or Ork leathers, bonesaw, Doc's tools or Rusty Syringe or Tribal Herbs. One bionic upgrade or medical buzz saw.Starting Rank: Bloody Yoof 0-17 Common Quality Bionic Eye. Role a D10, if it is even, then both eyes are bionic18-29 Common Quality Bionic Limbs. Roll a D10 0-5 is one limb 6-8 two limbs, 8-9 three, 10four 30-41 Exploding Bionic limb. As above, but can explode on command, or after taking 10damage. Explodes as a frag grenade42-52 Iron Jaw. Gain the Iron Jaw Talent53-56 Iron Lung. Grants Underwater breathing, counts as a Re-Breather and is bionic
57-62 Cybork Body. In addition to adding +2 toughness to the torso, it also subtracts 2 criticaldamage from the torso each time critical damage occurs.63-74 High Quality Cybernetic Replacement for a random sense. Roll D10. 1-3 sight, 4-7 smell,8-10 hearing74-86 Replace one limb for a High Quality Bionic limb with a weapon attachment. Roll a D10.Even it is a compact slug revolver, odd it is a medical buzz saw. Counts as a reaction or anormal attack (just like mechadendrites). Also, add +10 to medicae skill checks87-99 Iron Head. Replace a large amount of your head with Adamantium. Gain the Iron JawTalent and +3 to Toughness. Roll a D10. On a 9-10 you replaced part of your brain. Youcan now add +10 to all willpower tests concerning emotional reactions such as fear.100 Replace your arm with a Buzz Saw.Mekboy:Starting Skills: Tech-Use, Scholastic Lore (Ork Bullets), Scholastic Lore (Ork Guns), Scholastic Lore(Ork Vehicles) Trade (mechanic) or Trade (Arms maker), Peer (Mekboyz and Madoks), Tech-UseStarting Talents: technical knock Starting Gear: knife, wrench or hammer, Ork Plate Armour, Mek boyz robes or Ork leathers. 1D10Spare Parts. Mek's tools or another hammer.Starting Rank: Fixer Yoof Wierdboy:Starting Skills: Psyniscience, Invocation,Starting Talents: Psy Rating 1Starting Gear: Choppa, Copper staff, slug revolver and 6 shots, Ork Plate Armor, tatty robe, rusty bucket or stuffed petrosquirrel, D5-2 (if negative you get none) Madboyz as a retinueEach Madboy has a rusty bucket or dead feline creature, slug revolver and 12 shots, choppa, and ork  plate armor.Starting Rank: Freaky yoof.Madboyz:Madboyz are the same as any other Ork Boy, but you must roll on the below table at the beginning of each turn0-40 The Madboy acts as expected and intended41-57 The Mad boy does as intended, but screams unnecessarily load drowning out allconversation within D10x2m58-77 The Mad boy takes half an action to bang on something to make an obnoxiously load noisedrowning out any conversation within D10x2m78-90 The Mad boy throws a random item he has at a randomly chosen target while gruntingincomprehensible phrases. Judge damage based on the weapon. A stuffed grox toy will not be the same as a ferrocrete brick 91-100 The Madboy stares blankly into space. He does nothing this turn.

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