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Mexico's Cult(ure) of Death

Mexico's Cult(ure) of Death

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Published by A.J. MacDonald, Jr.
Mexico's drug cartel violence and how America's failed War on Drugs is fueling the problem.
Mexico's drug cartel violence and how America's failed War on Drugs is fueling the problem.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: A.J. MacDonald, Jr. on May 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mexico’s Cult(ure) of Death
Mexico has a long and bloody history, as well as a murderous and bloody present.The ancient  Aztecs once offered bloody human sacrifices to the war god Huitzilopochtli; the Spanish conquistadors once slaughtered thousands of   Aztecs;Mexicans once fought a bloody war to gain independence from Spain; Mexicans once fought a bloody  revolutionto gain a constitutional republic; and the Mexican drug cartels are now   wreaking bloody havoc up- on the Mexican people and authorities, plunging some cities into a mur- derous anarchy ,thanks to the(failed
)―War on Drugs‖
It’s no wonder that many Mexican people have
now developed a devo-tion to the new (and unofficial) patron saint of the murderous narco-traffickers: 
 (Saint Death). Another phenomenon of Mexican narco-culture has been the rise of anew music genre: 
drug ballads
. Mexico’s narco
of murder and violence has also given birth to a new genre of film: narcocinema. In short, the murderous Mexican drug cartels have virtually taken overMexico; even to the point of influencing the Mexican
culture’s religion,
music, and film.Cuidad Juarez,especially, has become a murderous free-for-all.  A large Mexican city, which borders the US, Juarez is just across the Rio Grande from its sister city: El Paso, Texas. From the air, the two cities areindistinguishable and appear to be one, large city (with a combined popu-lation of 2.4 million people). I realize that, to most people, Juarez, Mexicois a very far-
off place; but it’s really not—it’s right on the US –
Mexico bor-der. Being a border city, Juarez has always been a violent place because of all the thugs who tend to congregate in border cities. But recently, due tothe narco-traffickers, the violence has gotten out of control.  I used to live in El Paso, and
I’ve been to Juarez
; most recently back in2002. Even then, Juarez was known as the city of  disappearing women,so
it probably wasn’t the best idea for me and my girlfriend (at the time) to
 visit Juarez, but we did . . . and we also had a wonderful time there. My girlfriend, with her long blond hair, stood out like a sore thumb.Thankful- ly no one snatched her off the street
pushing her into a car, never to beseen or heard from again
as so often happens to many of the  women (and men) who live in Juarez. Today Juarez is so violent and out of control thatthe people who live there are living in a constant state of fear.Human life is very cheap in Mexico these days, thanks to the narco-traffickers.I believe human life is precious, and it breaks my heart to know that thepeople of Mexico are suffering under the murderous oppression of the vio-lent drug cartels. I think we need to help the Mexican people take control
of their country in order to gain their own safety and security. There’s no
excuse for us allowing what continues to go on there, and things are only getting worse.
Let’s help the Mexican people bui
ld the culture of life they deserve.The drug-related violence in Mexico is directly related to the US marketdemand for illegal drugs, and the best
and only 
 way to end the murder-ous violence in Mexico is for the US to decriminalize these drugs. One drugin particular, marijuana, which is simply a plant, should be completely le-galized. Because the Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) use

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