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Victorious Secret...exploring a biblical view of sex

Victorious Secret...exploring a biblical view of sex



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Published by F. Remy Diederich
Does the Bible promote a hand-slapping, restrictive, Victorian approach to sex? This teaching confronts common misconceptions about biblical teaching on sex and offers a positive view. It also gives practical advice about dealing with sex addiction.
Does the Bible promote a hand-slapping, restrictive, Victorian approach to sex? This teaching confronts common misconceptions about biblical teaching on sex and offers a positive view. It also gives practical advice about dealing with sex addiction.

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Published by: F. Remy Diederich on May 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exploring a biblical view of sex
By Remy DiederichCedarbrook Church
Some sermons on sex focus on God's view of sex within marriage. This series takes a look at what theBible has to say about sex outside of marriage. Is it all about hand-slapping, restrictive, Victorianthinking? Or is there a higher purpose to God's call to sexual purity?
Part One:
The Call to Purity.
Rather than looking at what God is against, Remy looks at whatGod is for in calling us to purity. Page 2.
Part Two:
The Secret of Purity
. Remy starts by addressing two misconceptions that people haveregarding the biblical teaching on sexual immorality (that it's just for single people and that it'smeant to condemn us) and then he reveals what he considers to be the
Victorious Secret 
in regardto resisting sexual temptation (and all temptation for that matter). This is a classic teaching thatevery believer should be familiar with if they want to live a life that looks like Jesus. Page 13.
Part Three:
This message looks at the growing epidemic of sex addiction in the church. Remy gives a checklist of steps to take to find freedom from this addiction.
Page 23.
Part One
The Call to Purity By Remy Diederich
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.I read a survey once that asked people what topics they wanted addressed at church and thenumber one topic was “sex”. 42% of the people polled said that their pastor didn’t preach on sexenough. So, for the 42% of you that thinks that way, that’s what I’m talking about for the nextthree weeks.You know, when I say the word “sex” different things come to mind. I think the media hasportrayed sex as recreational fun for consenting adults, but sex is really different things todifferent people. Some good and some bad. As I reflected on what sex means to the variouspeople I’ve spoke to through the years I wrote this down;
For some people, sex is casual fun with various partners, but to others sex is…sex is God’s gift of intimacy between husband and wife.To some sex is an act of rebellion against God while for others NOT having sex is an act of obedience to God.To some sex is a competition among peers;the goal is to have as much sex with as many people as possible. But then to others sex is about faithfulness to one person for life.To some sex is about dominating while to others it’s about being dominated.
To some sex is a way to make money, while to others it’s a way to spend money.To some sex is about boasting while to others it’s about regret.To some sex is about abuse and pain while to others it’s about healing and joy.To some sex is full of excitement and ecstasy while to others it’s full of fear and dread. And to some sex is an uncontrollable addiction while to others sex is simply… boring.
Isn’t that strange that sex can be so many things to so many people? And so what can I say overthree Sundays that will address everyone where they are at? That’s what I’ve been asking Godthis past week.And to make things worse, I read an article in
USA Today
that makes me wonder if people evenwant to hear what I have to say. The article was written by Stephen Prothero
who is a professorof religion at Boston University. He talked about his
 Introduction to Religion
class where heasks his students to get into groups and create their own religion. This is what he says about thereligions that they come up with…
What strikes me most about my students' religions,… is how similar they are. Almost invariably, they mix fun with faith. (Facebookismianity anyone?) But they do not mix faith with dogma. My students are careful — exceedingly careful — not to tell oneanother what to believe, or even what to do. …They made few demands, either intellectually or morally…In the religions of their imagining, … They want to experience joy because of their bodies, not despite them. And they don't want to be told what to dowith those bodies, or with whom.
USA Today, February 4, 2008,
Is Religion Losing theMillennial Generation? 
 If that describes the kind of religion you are interested in you might be in the wrong place thismorning because we are going to look at what the Bible has to say about sex and the Bibledoesn’t hesitate to tell us what to do with our bodies and with whom. But I hope you’ll hear meout because I think it’s important to hear the other side of the story.What I mean by that is that every day through television and music and movies we are preachedto about the virtues of casual sex. We can all preach that gospel. Whether we agree with it or notwe know what it is simply because we hear it so often. But how often do you hear what the Biblehas to say about sex? How many of us would say we have a clear understanding of what theBible says about sex and why?If I was a young person who was serious about following Jesus I'd be asking the question;
 How come no one is talking about sex? How come no one wants to give me biblicaldirection about sex? There are a lot of voices out there telling me that the smart thing todo is to just indulge myself. There are even Christians telling me that it’s not a big deal.“It’s natural.” “It’s love.” But the church seems to be silent. Why is that? Are theyembarrassed? Are they unsure? If there is a biblical alternative to what the world has tooffer then I want to hear it.
And so, if you are that person with those questions, then I’ve got a few things to share with youthis morning. I want to invite you to join me on a journey through the New Testament to see if we can get an understanding of God’s view of sex…specifically God’s view of sex
of marriage. To hear what I had to say about God’s view of sex
of marriage checkout mysermons on our website, “
 Let’s Get Personal…about sex
” (part one) and “
 Developing a Heart  for God”
(part four).

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