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War-like Arms Mounting South of u.s. Border

War-like Arms Mounting South of u.s. Border

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Mexico and U.S. Face a Terror Model Agenda
Mexico and U.S. Face a Terror Model Agenda

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Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on May 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As North America continues to be outraged and discombobulated at illegalimmigration at the U.S. border, a more sinister and deadly enemy lurks just south of the Rio Grande with associated tentacles of terror that reach far into South America.Many actually live and maneuver throughout many U.S. cities and have done so forwell over five years.Although they telegraphed their actions that far back, as this writer has reported since2005(www.mexidata.info andwww.scribd.com/jbrewer31
); a nation has been moreconcerned at building fences at proposed multi-billions of U.S. dollars to
keep theillegal immigrants out.
The drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) have essentiallymaneuvered at will via ground routes, underground routes, water-borne, and air routesto reach consumers of their illicit trade. Sometimes via Canada.In turn, they remove and return billions of U.S. dollars in currency to their organizers,and their associated levels of leadership hierarchy that may in fact also includegovernment(s).
just look at recent sobering facts as not to regurgitate old news ad nauseam.Certainly, the latest seizure of a major cache of paramilitary armament just south of Laredo, Texas- 45 miles northeast of Monterrey, Mexico in the state of Nuevo Leon,will get someone
s attention.Recently, in the municipality of Higueras, Mexico, Mexican military officials locateda narco-training camp run by
Los Zetas,
a former organization of killers and
originally recruited by the Mexican Gulf drug Cartel (CDG). The Zetasnow as a criminal group had emerged as deserters from an elite military branch inMexico, and often demonstrated their assassin skills against rival drug cartels, as wellas against police and military officials. The alliance between the Gulf Cartel and theZetas was
broken off 
earlier this year and the Zetas have been actively recruitingand training new members as far south as Central America.
Washington, D.C.
In Higueras, officials captured230 weapons (80 AR15s, AK-47s), 60 grenades and rocket launchers,RPGs, two rifles (Barret .50 (range of 2 kilometers, and armor piercing capabilities; 13 trucks and masscommunications equipment. This included uniforms with the insignia of Los Zetas.Can we honestly believe that these paramilitary arms are solely for
protection against rival drugcartels? Can we believe the popular response by officials that this is primarily
a war againstthemselves?
Obviously not, for those astute people that actually follow the reports we know that DTOsare aggressively ambushing military and police. As far back as 2005 paramilitary enforcers fired onU.S. Border Patrol officials on the U.S. border. Law enforcement officials in Texas have reportedparamilitary gunmen escorting ground-based drug deliveries, as ranchers (including Arizona) havewitnessed helicopters and aircraft landing and/or dropping shipments on their land.
Does anyone believe that law enforcement (on either side of the border) was created and is prepared toface such a threat from a superior force of former military experts and their weaponry and war-liketactics? We know that these DTO
s must also escort massive amounts of currency from the U.S. and tothe final stops of delivery of the wealth. Too, we are aware of weapons from the U.S. also going southwith the enforcers. However, the arms being confiscated are a myriad of models and caliber andassociated ordnance. Where in Central and South America do these weapons come from? Could apossible clue be the same place the ELN and FARC guerillas get theirs?In Central America they are being inundated with Venezuelan "flag" aircraft laden with drugs(especially in Honduras); and probably flying currency back out. Recently, at a Mexican airport,Mexican officials found inside cargo of furniture, US $ 1M; bound for Venezuela.Recently Honduran authorities intercepteda shipment of over 5,000 cartridges of ammunition forshotguns and handguns inside a shipping container from Miami. The contraband was hidden insideshoes and televisions.Police in Nicaragua recently seized more than two tons of cocaine in a port in
 Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.
The boat was flying a Cyprus flag. Twenty-two suspects of different nationalities were apprehended. InPanama authorities located a large amount of weapons in a home in the community of El Frances.Weapons found included
47’s, hand grenades, mortar shells, TNT, submachine guns, rifle scopes,
RPG-7 propulsion mechanisms and ammunition.
 And in a not so surprising action, t
he director of Spain’s National
Police force traveled to Venezuela onMarch 14
of this year
to investigate collaboration between ETA and the FARC.
Also in March a

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