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The Divine Sayings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Divine Sayings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Published by vijaysai77

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Published by: vijaysai77 on May 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Divine Sayings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
108 Sayings to be practiced in daily life.
1. Arise and awake to establish the Divine Attributes(Saisamrajya) based on the foundation of Truth, Right conduct, Peace and Love.2. All is one; be alike to everyone. The world is one; be goodto everyone.3. Be good, see good and do good. That is the way to God.4. Our life becomes one of fulfillment when we live inmorality.5. Money comes and goes; but morality comes and grows!6. Time consumes everyone…..So do not waste time. Timewasted is life wasted.7. The past is beyond recovery. We are not sure of the future.The given moment is the right time.Do not delay; do right action.8. Silence is the only language of the realized. It is only in thedepth of silence that the voice of God can be heard. Silence stills the waves of one's heart.9. Life is lost in dreaming and being is lost in becoming.10. Do not be misled by this illusory world. Realize the permanent Divine Spirit - theultimate and absolute Reality, unchanged and eternal, without end or beginning.11. One who understands the supreme being or God will himself/herself become thesupreme being.12. A person is born not to go in quest of material prosperity. He is born to go in quest of their Divinity.13. Man without God is not a man. God without man is always God.14. Realize that the Divine is present in every living thing as the indwelling Divine Spirit.15. There is bliss and happiness in realizing the unity inherent in diversity.
16. All religions are roads leading to the one and the only goal, that is God. So regardthem all with equal respect (All religions teach that you should purify your mind, knowyour own self and develop Love).17. The truth is only yourself, what you see during the day is a day dream, what you seeduring sleep is a night dream.18. God is present in your own heart and functions as the witnessing consciousness allthrough. So we cannot hide anything thinking God is elsewhere.19. Since God is the indwelling Divine Spirit of all living beings, doing service or goodto a person is in reality worshiping God. Similarly talking ill or doing anything bad to a person is in reality doing bad to God Himself or talking ill of Him.20. Good and bad, peace and agony, pain and pleasure, all these originate within man andnot outside him.21. Turn your mind inwards to your innate Divinity and enjoy peace and equanimity. Beimmersed in that bliss.22. Good and bad, happiness and sorrow, which appear to be different and opposite, arein reality two faces of the same coin.23. The mind is the sole cause for happiness as well as for misery, for bondage or for freedom.24. If there are no two periods of pain there will be no experience of pleasure, for  pleasure is only an interval between two pains.25. We must try to do good to others and keep the loss or suffering if any to ourselves.Then only do we deserve to assert that God is with us.26. True spiritual life is that which teaches unity or oneness and makes us selfless andfull of love.27. Philosophy is the butter churned out of the milk of knowledge. Divine Knowledge isthe higher knowledge, by knowing which we know everything and the ultimate reality.28. Every action of ours and every thought of ours causes a reflection and a reaction anda resound.29. All that we do, either good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly produces a resultalways and so it is necessary for us to do good, so that the consequences will also begood.30. Life is not a one-way traffic. We should be prepared to give and take.
31. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Self lives by getting and forgetting.32. The thought that comes from your mind should be pure; the words you utter should be true and sweet and the work you do should be sacred.33. The Good life is a journey from the position of 'I' to the position of ‘We’.34. When you wear the glasses of Divine Love, you will see everywhere prema and canrealize the God within you.35. Whatever you may do, if you do it with the feeling that you are doing the same thingto yourself, you will never do anything bad.36. Without first becoming a servant, you cannot become a leader.37. Recognizing one's error is the beginning of Wisdom.38. When you point one finger at others note the three fingers that point towards you.That is, when you point out one fault in others, you must examine thrice whether there isany fault in you.39. Practice before you preach, do not yourself do the mistake which you find in others.40. If anyone points out any fault in you, you must thank him, because by yourself youwill not be able to find out your own fault. As your eyes are directed outwards, you canfind the faults only in others.41. Association with good company is important; it helps to cultivate good qualities.42. God gives you a garland made of all the good and bad that you have done in previouslives. You have been born with that garland round your neck.43. A bad act cannot give you good results; a good act cannot give you evil results. You plant the seed; it grows into the tree the seed contains.44. We are born not to be reborn again. We have to go back to the place from which wehave come, that is God. Attaining that source is our ultimate goal of life.45. God is not something which is external or outside you. It is present in you and is inyour own self. Realize this.46. It does not matter if you live in this world, but do not let the world live in you.47. Install God in your heart and offer Him the fruits of your good feelings, the tears o joy on the leaf of your sacrificed body.

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