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Published by kallixti

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Published by: kallixti on May 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edited for printand with additional material by
Reverend High Insect NecromancerÜber-Sub-AgentofSynaptyclypse Generator SectMcBeth Cabal
For me because I wanted itand for youwhether you want it or not THIS EDITION KOPYLEFT YLOD 3171. ALL RIGHTS REVERSED.
 I put the Summa together because I was tired of people sayingthat Eris wasn't real.I almost didn't put the Summa together because of thePrincipia. For a while, I was afraid that it would be too muchlike its predecessor, then too different. After all, the Principiaset the standard. It created the Movement. It essentially createdEris from Nothing.Or so I thought.The Truth is, we created Eris from nothing. The original bookwas written, 'nuff respect, but that was forty-odd years ago.The world has changed now. For one thing, there are a lotmore Discordians. We've spent time and energy takingDiscordianism and running with it. We've had pointlessdiscussions, written very bad poetry, made inappropriate jokes,embarrassed our loved ones - all in the name of Eris. We'vealso looked at things a little differently. Chaos got re-filedfrom primordial evil to the ol' briar patch (just as wesuspected). Obedience got moved from virtue to vice. Andfaith? Have faith your socks are where you left them. Unlessthe puppy got there first.Another thing has changed in the past thirty years - oursituation is definitely Greyer. The counterculture that spawnedthe Principia got repackaged to sell minivans, with the ironyremoved for Your Dining Enjoyment. And the youthkultursthat followed got co-opted before they could truly form.
Looking for an identity? I just happen to have one here, andit's XTREME ($49.95, authenticity extra).The Adultkulture, meanwhile, was even worse. Somewherealong the line everybody decided that megacorporationsweren't bigger - there were just more of them to love. Peopleseemed to file Questioning Authority between Peevishness(unnecessary) and Rude Music on the shelf of things best leftto the young. The grown-ups had finally mastered the skill of Shutting Up and Doing What You're Told.And that's where the crazy idea comes in.What if a bunch of us got together and convinced some peoplethat there weren't nearly as many rules as they thought? Whatif we told people that they could choose? That the drinkingfountain you walk by every day was secretly beautiful, so whydon't you just give it a really good look for once - go on, it'sok. That the little melody you've had in your head really wantsto become a song, even if it's a crappy song, because music just wants to be made? That if something horrible happened,and you didn't end up making more money than everyone youcan see from where you're sitting, that you still might be ok?That the world is a crazy, chaotic place that we can't fullycontrol or predict no matter how much science we buy, andthat's perfectly all right?If someone told you this, would you listen?Would you be brave enough to do what you're told?
--The Beatus Ffungo
*This version (one-point-negative) of the
 was rescued from obliteration by the great web archive andsubsequently reformed into this paper based format by

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