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Position Paper on Sex Tourism

Position Paper on Sex Tourism

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Published by James Mardall

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Published by: James Mardall on May 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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- 1 -
EDRD 4010 DE – Position Paper on Tourism and ProstitutionBy – James Mardall, 0285981Due Date – October 29, 2004Tourism and Prostitution – A Review
Tourism and prostitution are becoming increasingly linked through globalisationand the continued commodification of sex. As access to the global tourism marketand information through the Internet increases, less developed countries becomemore vulnerable to and dependant on travelers from developed countries seekingrecreational sex adventures. At the same time, many vulnerable individuals inless developed countries, either through coercion or necessity, enter intoprostitution as a livelihood strategy. This is done in order to try and earn a livingthat is increasingly threatened by the rationalisation of the global economy.Prostitution is neither a new phenomenon nor restricted to less developedcountries alone, as attested to by widespread reference to it as the oldestprofession in the world. However, due to the nature of globalisation, the modernday traveler can now easily access formerly remote and exotic locations. By thesame token, sex workers and the sex industry can utilise global travel totranslocate from less developed countries to locations in developed countries (SeeAppendix 3: Pictures from around the World – by Piet den Blanken (DutchPhotojournalist)).This global quest to access the exotic, can in its extreme lead to the unchecked of exploitation of women and sexual abuse of children as attested to by the followingorganisational resources.(http://www.arches.uga.edu/~haneydaw/twwh/traf.html,http://www.ecpat.net/eng/index.asp http://www.unicef.org/protection/index_exploitation.html,
EDRD 4010:
Tourism and Prostitution
James Mardall – 0285981
- 2 -
Reports of SexualAbuse – Child Abuse – Prosecution of International Sex Offenders).However for many poor / rural households in less developed countries, it isargued that remittances received from family members who are sex workers arean important and necessary source of income.(http://www.bayswan.org/manifest.html,http://www.flunk.de/english/sex- tourism.php,http://www.hangoverguide.com/over/factbook/th_sexindustry.html, http://sisyphe.org/article.php3?id_article=965,http://www.iusw.org/start/index.html).Although the term Sex Worker applies to any individual who uses their person toprovide sexual services as a livelihood strategy. This term is gender and ageneutral and disguises the fact that a substantial number of sex workers worldwideare exploited for commercial gain, particularly the young and vulnerable. Theindividual reasons for entering sex work are complicated and can be discussed atlength, as in the papers
Gulcur, L. Ilkkaracan, P. (2002) The ‘‘Natasha’’ experience: Migrant Sex Workers from the former Soviet Union and EasternEurope in Turkey, Klain E, J. (1999), Prostitution of Children and Child-SexTourism:
 An Analysis of Domestic and International Responses,
McDonald, L.Moore, B. Timoshkina, N. (2000). Migrant Sex Workers from Eastern Europe andthe Former Soviet Union [computer file]: The Canadian Case andhttp://www.links.net/vita/swat/course/prosthai.html. Prostitution in Thailand andSoutheast Asia.For the general purposes of this paper, reasons for those entering sex work whichcan lead to eventual exploitation can be summarized as follows; Individuals couldbe coerced, young, homeless, disempowered, poor, poorly educated, societallyneglected, psychologically traumatized, victimized, substance abusers, searchingfor a better life or just trying to survive. (Klain E, J. (1999), Prostitution of 
EDRD 4010:
Tourism and Prostitution
James Mardall – 0285981
- 3 -
Children and Child-Sex Tourism:
 An Analysis of Domestic and International Responses
), (http://www.links.net/vita/swat/course/prosthai.html. Prostitution inThailand and Southeast Asia.)This paper will attempt to remain impartial with regard to the global sex industry,while the author examines tourism’s impact on prostitution in the less developedcountries. This paper will also highlight the ways in which the sex industry is opento abuse, particularly when examined as a relationship between individuals fromwealthy developed countries and poorer less developed countries. This paper willprovide a brief overview of the sex tourism industry in less developed countriesbefore establishing a position, by using the following points as a guide:
What is the relationship between Tourism and Prostitution?
What are the main issues at stake in Tourism and Prostitution?
The Pro’s and Con’s of Sex Tourism – Apposing views.
The Tourism Development rationale for advocating one position over the otherand the Position of this Paper regarding the issue of Tourism and Prostitution.
Possible solutions stemming from the Position of this Paper.
How knowing about this issue will change the way the author travels to lessdeveloped areas in the future?
What is the relationship between Tourism and Prostitution?
If one defines tourism as, “travel for the purpose of recreation”, the consensus of both the course guide and numerous EDRD 4010 web conversations. Then thelink between tourism and prostitution would be encompassed by the idea of,travel for the partial / sole purpose of engaging in recreational sex, in foreigndestinations.For the traveler, the reasons for traveling to a foreign destination in order toengage in recreational sex are as numerous, as the various web pages that
EDRD 4010:
Tourism and Prostitution
James Mardall – 0285981

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