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Benay Client News Winter 2010

Benay Client News Winter 2010

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Published by BenayEnterprises

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: BenayEnterprises on May 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Benay Enterprises, Inc., T 203.744.6010 F 203.794.0008, www.benay.com
Benay Enterprises, Inc.Client News
Soho Press is an independent book publisher based in New York City. Since 1986, they havebeen publishing literary fiction, narrativenonfiction, and mysteries set in exotic locations.
Our deepest condolences go out toBronwen, her family, the Soho Pressfamily, and the publishing world fortheir (and our) loss of Laura Hruska— amother, author, and pioneer.
Soho has been very busy this past year,as always—feeling the love, review-style,from
Publishers Weekly
and the
 New York Times
throughout the year. One of the most recent releases,
Village of the Ghost  Bears
(December 09) by Stan Jones fromSoho Crime got a starred review in
Publishers Weekly
and a few nods from someof the smaller periodicals such as
 Entertainment Weekly
People Magazine
 Library Journal
and the still in-print (yay)
Kirkus Reviews
! With arson, murder andsituated in the remote area of the grand stateof Alaska, how could you go wrong?
alsopoints out that the book gives great homageto the “mixed-ethnic traditions” that makesthe state such a cherished and inspirationalplace.Forthcoming titles include a first novel
(Feb) by Katharine Beutner thatexplores Greek mythology’s “good wife” andwhat her life must have been like before herself-sacrificial death;
 Rules of Play
(Jan) byJennie Walker – about a British womanhaving an extra-marital affair and discoverswhat's really missing in her life; and
Sweet Sorrow
(Jan) by David Roberts in whichLord Edward Corinth and his wife, VerityBrowne, investigate the decapitation of apoet.
Happy New Year!
Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. The oughts aregone and now, entering the pre-teen years, we look ahead. Despite the economic downturn—somethingyou might have heard about—we have been very busy here at Benay. We welcomed an exciting newclient to our family this past August, Soho Press. If you aren’t already familiar with Soho —they beganin 1986 and are an established general interest publisher, publishing 60-80 titles per year, though theyare best known for their mystery series and crime series. We are very happy to have them aboard.Another exciting change for us is that
we have moved our offices
. After being located in a quiet countrysetting for over 30 years, we have decided that an office in the downtown of the burgeoning main streetof Danbury will be a welcomed new environment. Our new address is:
155 Main Street, Suite 201Danbury, CT 06810(our phone and fax numbers remain the same)
Please remember - if you have news that you would like us to share, please send the information tomerrilee@benayei.com so we can include it in our next newsletter.
Soho Press
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Winter 2010 Client News - Page 2
Benay Enterprises, Inc., T 203.744.6010 F 203.794.0008, www.benay.com
Granta does not have a political or literarymanifesto, but it does have a belief in the power and urgency of the story, both in fiction and non- fiction, and the story’s supreme ability todescribe, illuminate and make real.
Gaining a new editor and out-selling DanBrown in one major US city made 2009 anexciting year for Granta. In October, 2009,the acting UK editor (already the US editor),John Freeman, was officially adopted asGranta’s official UK editor.And in Chicago… remember DanBrown—
 DaVinci Code
author—and his newbook—
The Lost Symbol
that was mentionedin every form of media for the past year?Yeah, well—the Unabridged Bookstorereported that Granta’s Chicago issue outsoldhim – take that, bestseller man! Score one forTeam Literary.And the new
has arrived!
Granta109: Work 
is about just that—work and howwe as humans react, embrace and/or reject itas a function of life. With selections fromSalman Rushdie, Daniel Alarcón, Yiyun Li,and many more. There is also online content(http://www.granta.com/Magazine/Granta-109-Work 
) to check out including a videofrom Granta’s editor, John Freemanintroducing the issue.This just in… the
(UK) justannounced their “Top new novelists for2010” and Granta’s Max Schaefer made thelist! Congratulations! AND Granta has justwelcomed new artistic director, MichaelSalu.
“We’re not a magazine,really, but a cultural spacewhere anything canhappen. That’s
 – John Freeman, Editor -Granta
 Launched on September 13, 1996, Disinformationwas designed to be the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, new science and the "hiddeninformation" that seldom seems to slip throughthe cracks of the corporate-owned mediaconglomerates.
The end is near! The end is near! WooWoo! Get ready folks, the world is coming toan end–or so says the Mayan calendar. Come2012 we’re all doomed. Disinformation hassecured its own fate by releasing the DVD
2012: Science or Superstition
earlier in 09followed by Alexandra Bruce’s accompanyingbook of the same name. Both explore theexisting debate with new researchers, writers,and scientists in the field—all trying todetermine if the Mayan calendar was right.November brought Disinformation’s
 NewYork Times
bestselling author, Jim Marrs’ firstwork of fiction:
The Sisterhood of the Rose
.Set in WWII Marrs uses fact and fiction tocreate a story about love and war, and a secretsisterhood that tries to stop Hitler from takingover the world.This year, Disinformation has somegoodies for you including a Spring 2010 DVDrelease from veteran journalist for ABC Newsand CNN Danny Schechter's
Plunder - TheCrime of Our Time: Why Wall Street Is Not Too Big To Jail
, exposing the financial crisisas a crime story and naming the criminals.Spring books include:
 Hidden Wisdom: TheSecrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition
byTim Wallace-Murphy. From Egyptianmythology to Jewish mysticism, Rome andGreece to the druids and the gnostics,Wallace-Murphy exposes a fascinating lineageof hidden mysteries and secret societies.Fall 2010 brings us the author of 
Fingerprints of the Gods
(inspiration forRoland Emmerich's 2012) Graham Hancock'sdebut fantasy novel
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Winter 2010 Client News- Page 3
Benay Enterprises, Inc., T 203.744.6010 F 203.794.0008, www.benay.com
Tin House Books
Tin House salutes the artistic edge, but remainsrooted in the tenets of the classic storytellingtradition.
From Portland, Oregon to Portland,Maine—everyone loves Tin House! OK, notexactly Portland, ME–but just slightly northin another lovely coastal town, Camden,there’s a mag called
 Down East 
whoreviewed Tin House’s book called
 Asta in theWings
. The book is set in rural Maine, abouta young girl who learns how to creativelycope with growing up in almost utterisolation. Not to mention some of the otherperiodicals that hailed Watson’s debut as thetops:
 Library Journal
, and starred reviewsfrom
Publishers Weekly
.2010 brings us the release of many newtitles as well as the new edition of the
 NewYork Times
 How To Do Nothingwith Nobody All Alone By Yourself 
by RobertPaul Smith (March). It’s an illustrated how tobook perfect for today’s kids to get themaway from the screen of whatever anddiscover their own imagination. Also on thehot Spring list, is fleeing from the past road-trip,
 Hot Springs
(ha! get it? “Hot Spring” ison the hot Spring list… anyone?) byGeoffrey Becker (February), short-storycollection,
Call It What You Want 
by KeithLee Morris, and the complexities of apartheid-era relationships novel
byMarlene van Nierkerk, trans. Michiel Heyns(May).
“I was immediatelymesmerized . . . Its beautymatches its depth and herachievement is as brilliantas it is haunting.”
 —Toni Morrison on
Overlook Press
The Overlook Press is an independent general-interest publisher, founded in 1971. The list iseclectic and includes interesting fiction, history,biography, drama, and design.
In 2009, Overlook readers laughed outloud to Overlook’s collection of the veryEnglish-humored
(no, not the puppet)cartoons,
The Best of Punch Cartoons
editedby Helen Walasek. The
 New York Times
 declared the collection as “…a document of social history as it is a cartoon album…”2009 also saw the rise of Irene Levine’s
 Best Friends Forever 
, with an appearance onGood Morning America to discuss howwomen should deal with the breakup of nottheir lover, but their best friend. Thesebreakups can be just as painful as those of alover, but are rarely broached by any experts-until now.Do you watch TV? Do you listen to theradio? Do you come within earshot of either?If you do, there was no escaping the nameSusan Boyle last year (Britain’s Got Talentsurprise of the year). Everyone fell in lovewith the spinster-turned-star and werefascinated with her story. Well, Overlook Press has the first book of her story. Youheard it here first – this February 2
, you canget your own copy of 
Susan Boyle: DreamsCan Come True
by Alice Montgomery!If, like me, you’re an old-school FoodNetwork fan, then you remember the Two FatLadies who loved their motorbike and putboth Julia Child AND Paula Dean to shamewith their love of butter. This month,Overlook released the US version of the 1997UK best-selling memoir,
Spilling the Beans
,by surviving lady, Clarissa Dickson Wright,recounting her experience with fame,addiction, heartbreak and food.

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