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An Introduction to the Arcturian Shield Program

An Introduction to the Arcturian Shield Program

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Published by 13:20
by Ormungandr Melchizedek
by Ormungandr Melchizedek

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Published by: 13:20 on May 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Introduction to the Arcturian Shield Program13x20x108=28080
 The Arcturian Shield Program (ASP) is another gift from the source ofthe Synchronic Order and is a temporal key to our continuum of lifethrough the lens of the Tzolkin. It is an act of telemetry that plumbsthe depths of the dynamic orders of time and was extrapolatedthrough my discovery of the Geometric Number Emanation (GNE) ofRunes.The ASP is a count of days that arose out of the geometry of theRunes and Bindrunes that comprise the structure of the Torch of Lifemandala (above), and to a greater extent the whole form of theGaldrastafr (Old Norse: Galdr – Song/Incantation, Stafr – Stave/Talisman/Art/Magical Channel; meaning talisman ofincantations). It comprises the runic formula of12runes whichbecame4bindrunes (the ‘feet’ of the Galdrastafr), the24runes of the Eldar Futhark witness (the4groups of6lines), the4arms on which the witness and the bindrunes are suspended, the outer circle(Ouroborus – The Circle that is the rim of every galaxy, the loop of
eternity, the past becoming future that is the eternal moment, theserpent that consumes itself, the nature of existence in that energycannot be destroyed) and the central sun symbol or Aton Disk(Hieroglyph of the Infinite Sun) (left). The Galdrastafr ideographicallyrepresents the Heart of Buddha also known as theSwastika or the Hammer of Thor (right). TheTorch of Life is a runic incantation to worldenlightenment and the realisation of Heavenon Earth.It was in2002I discovered that every rune belongs to a family ofnumbers. For example the rune Uruz is in the family of the number4 as it has2ends and2 joins in2dimensional space. I called this the Geometric Number Emanation or GNE (example right). I applied thisrevelation to all the facets of the Galdrastafr. Succinctly,the runes, bindrunes and further structure of theGaldrastafr produce a series of numbers which whenmultiplied with one another and applied as a day countproduce a large, seemingly endless array of synchronic data. It wouldtake further articles to explain this. The ASP initiated on the day theTorch of Life was drawn,11 / 11 / 1994; this was day1of28080days, kin1of260. My brother Raahsirus observed that11 / 11 / 1994is108days from13  Moon New Year. Further to this he noticed that the11:11occurred half way through a16day period, between a total solar eclipse and apenumbral lunar eclipse (see graphic below). In addition to this thefirst day of the ASP year was approximately4days from the actualemergence of Venus as it began a new morning star sequence,according to the book ‘Tzolkin’ by John Major Jenkins. Venus isassociated with Quetzalcoatl also known as the Feathered RainbowSerpent.
Graphic by Raahsirus Hun Kuk’um
The ASP is a count of days, like the Mayan Long Count or theDreamspell. Its year is28080Earth days in duration or76.88Earth years. These28080days can be primarily understood as108cycles of260days and as260kin where each kin is108Earth days in duration.108is represented by the Names of the Mother of AllBuddhas and260is represented by the kin of the Tzolkin. As sucheach day is unique within the ASP year, which closely approximatesan average human life time.1ASP Year can be further understoodas13'Months' of2160days (20x108) and simultaneously the20 Watches of the Tribes of Time each being1404days (13x108). The ASP can be applied on a collective level and a personal level; thecollective count initiated when the Torch of Life was first drawn andthe personal count initiates at birth.

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