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UAV Sniper v001

UAV Sniper v001



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Published by Haris Joe Armstrong

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Published by: Haris Joe Armstrong on May 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UAV Sniper 
With Tenacious Automatic Precision Shooting System (TAPSS) 
White Paper
Sagetech Corporation
a small companyOctober 2006
UAV Sniper With TAPSS 
Sagetech Corporation
 Proprietary Page 1
UAV Sniper
Sagetech Corporation introduces UAV Sniper, a highly accurate unmannedcombat air vehicle armed with a 50-caliber sniper weapon system. For the first time,the tactical targeting precision of a field sniper team will be available in an unmannedaerial platform. Employing long-range communication links, a mature system will beoperable day and night from control stations thousands of miles distant, undetectablyplacing sniper shots with perfect confidence.The long range precision shooting skills of the military sniper team have foundincreasing utility in the urban combat environment of Iraq and sparsely populatedregions of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the speed and effectiveness of a sniper team islimited by the need to find concealed firing locations in range of the adversary. Theremotely operated UAV Sniper system will remove this requirement while drasticallyincreasing capability and keeping the shooter out of harms way.The effectiveness of the UAV Sniper vehicle will not be measured simply by thenumber of casualties inflicted upon the enemy. Realization of the UAV Sniper'spresence would instil fear in enemy troops and influence their decisions and actions. Ina close air support role, the UAV Sniper would enhance a unit's firepower and augmenttheir means for destruction and harassment of the enemy. This role becomes moresignificant when the target is entrenched or positioned among civilians where firingautomatic weapons would result in the wounding or killing of non-combatants.
UAV Sniper System
The UAV Sniper vehicle will be equipped with an inertially stabilized highprecision 50-caliber weapon system utilizing automated second-shot firing solutioncorrection to enable high confidence even at long range. We call the system the
Tenacious Automatic Precision Shooting System
, or
Figure 1 UAV Sniper engages targets using the same sequence as human shooters, but much faster and more accurately. The second shot is delivered only a few hundred msec after the first shot hits. Aiming is based on the impact point of the first. Total engagement time is about 4 sec.
UAV Sniper With TAPSS 
Sagetech Corporation
 Proprietary Page 2
A typical long range (700-1500m) TAPSS firing sequence consists of two shots,the second automatically re-aimed based on the observed impact point of the first, toreliably engage human sized targets (0.5 m diameter) at up to 1.5 km. At ranges lessthan 700 m the weapon is likely to hit on the first shot and the automated re-aimsequence is not required. Figure 1 depicts the TAPSS firing sequence.The TAPSS weapon system automatic firing sequence functions similarly to theway a human sniper team works. At long range, a first shot is likely to miss due toerrors in wind approximation, muzzle velocity, etc. A second shot in which the aimpoint is adjusted based on the impact point of the first is likely to hit, providedconditions and weapon characteristics remain consistent between shots. Theproposed system optically senses the impact point of the first shot, performsadjustment calculation, and automatically delivers a second shot, adjusted to hit thetarget.The TAPSS system is much more accurate than a traditional human sniperteam for both the first and second shots fired, as shown in Figure 2 for a range of 1500m. A traditional sniper weapon’s maximum range is typically limited to 600-800 m.Kills have been recorded at longer ranges than this, but it is typically considered to be a“lucky shot”. The TAPSS automated firing system pushes the useful range of thesniper weapon out to 1500 m.The TAPSS system benefits from wind, range, pressure and temperaturesensors to develop a highly accurate firing control solution to achieve a precise firstshot with a confidence of hit much greater than a human team. The automated systemcan deliver a second shot more quickly than can a human team significantly limitingrandom errors between shots. Reduced time between shots also decreases thereaction time available to the target (if human).
Human Team FirstShot, 95% ConfidenceUAV Sniper withTAPSS First Shot, 95%ConfidenceUAV Sniper with TAPSSSecond Shot, 95%ConfidenceHuman Team SecondShot, 95%Confidence
Figure 2 95% shot confidence bounds at a 1500 m slant range, and an altitude of 500 m. The TAPSS full firing control system and automatic second-shot bias correction result in a significantly smaller shot dispersion. We expect a 50% probability of hitting a human sized target at this range. Human team accuracy based on ARL sniper error study 
UAV Sniper Benefits
UAV Sniper will be a tactical multiplier offering an order of magnitudeimprovement over conventional sniper teams. Early engagement is one of the benefitsof the system, with the ability to travel to a target within the operational radius at a 90-130 km/h cruise and engage at a range of 1500 m. This is in stark contrast to aconventional sniper team slowly moving from concealed location to concealed location.This agility will allow UAV Sniper to take advantage of targets of opportunity thatcurrent sniper teams are not capable of.

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