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Ghazwa Tu Hind ( English )

Ghazwa Tu Hind ( English )

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Published by Azim Khan
This is an article written by Maulana Akram Awan
This is an article written by Maulana Akram Awan

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Published by: Azim Khan on May 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ghazwah-tal HindTranslated Speechof His Eminence Ameer Muhammad Akram AwanShaikh Silsilah Naqshbandiah OwaisiahDar ul IrfanPart-1 (22 December 2001)All Praise is for Allah, the Lord of the Universe.Peace and Salutations be on His Beloved Muhammad-saaws, his family and Companions,all.I seek refuge with Allah, from Shaitan, the Outcast.With the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.From Thoban-rau, the slave of the Holy Prophet-saaws, he said, ‘The Messenger-saawsof Allah said, “There are two groups from my Ummah that Allah-swt has spared from theFire, a group that will participate in the Ghazwah-tal Hind and the other that will be withIsa-as, the son of Maryam,” or as said the Messenger-saaws of Allah.’ Abu Hurairah-rausaid, “The Messenger-saaws of Allah promised Ghazwah-tal Hind for us. Now, if I findit, I shall invest my wealth and life in it. Then, if I am killed, I will be among the mostchosen Shuhada (martyrs) and if I return, I would be Abu Hurairah ‘the freed’ (fromHellFire). Nisa’i, Page 63, Volume II, ‘Kitab al Jihad, Ghazwah-tal Hind.O Allah, Glorified are You, we have no knowledge except that which You have given us.Indeed, You are the Knower, the Wise.O Rabb, shower Your Choicest Favours and Peace, always and forever, upon Your Beloved-saaws who illuminated the times. AmeenThe Holy Prophet-saaws, the most truthful of the Truthful, the Leader of the Prophets, theSeal of the Prophets, the Last of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers, after whom there will be no new Prophet, and no new Ummah will come after his Ummah, analysed many of the inci dents and events that were to come about in the future, as they were related to hisUmmah. The instructions and the methods of worship instructed by the Holy Prophet-saaws will remain unchanged as long as the sun rises and sets. Nobody, whether living inthe West or East, North or South, no nation or person in the world is above theseinstructions, and the same principles apply to one and all. The wondrous fact is that, since1
the Injunctions are from the Creator of the Universe, these principles are perfectly balanced, and despite differences in colours, statures, figures, languages, habits, cultures,foods, climates and circumstances, every nation in the world can easily follow them at alltimes. The proof of this fact is that Muslims are present in every place and racethroughout the globe, and in them are present the men of God who duly follow thoseinjunctions. The fact that these injunctions can be universally followed despiteinnumerable differences between the followers, established that their origin can only befrom Allah-swt.The Holy Prophet-saaws has stated, ‘In the last period, there will be two groups amongmy Ummah that will enter Jannah without being asked for their account and be protectedfrom Hell. One, that will partici pate in Ghazwah-tal Hind and the other that will participate in Jihad with Isa-as, son of Maryam, after his descent.’ Hadhrat Abu Hurairah-rau used to pray for this (Jihad) say ing, “The Messenger-saaws of Allah has promisedGhazwah-tal Hind for us.” In his view this saying of the Holy Prophet-saaws was notmerely information, it was a promise. He used to say, “The Messenger-saaws of Allahhas promised Ghazwah-tal Hind for us. Now, if I find it, I shall invest my wealth and lifein it. Then, if I am killed, I will be among the most chosen Shuhada (martyrs) and if Ireturn, I would be known as Abu Hurairah ‘the freed’ (from HellFire). Nisa’i Shareef is listed among the six most authentic books on Hadith. On the 63rd pageof its second volume, is the chapter ‘Kitab ul Jihad’ that contains a sub chapter titledGhazwah-tal Hind, both of these Ahadith are quoted therein. A short while ago, someoneasked me to speak about the current global state of affairs. The current global situationthat I perceive and understand, in the light of these two Ahadith, is obvious, clear, andunambiguous.It is gross ignorance to regard the pursuit of one person as the reason for what befellAfghan istan; it is also blatant absurdity to destroy a whole country to capture a single person and he still remains at large. In my opinion, there are two reasons for the calamitythat befell Afghanistan. The first and the major reason is the re-establishment of Khilafat-e Islami (Muslim Caliphate) in the world, which is not acceptable to the West at any cost.The estab lishment of an Islamic system of justice, the implementation of Shari’ah in thesociety, the establishment of a society under Islamic principles, whose economic, political, legal, educational and environmental systems are Islamic, is unacceptable to theWest because such a society will serve a crushing blow to their own societies. Those wholive in their societies are disturbed to such an extent that they have started discardingtheir clothes and are living in a state of nudity. A human society has degenerated to thelevel of an animal community. Family identity has been lost and virtues like shame andmodesty have vanished. Those in the West have proclaimed, and I myself have heard iton their channels, that ‘They were going to finish our culture around the globe’ and addedthat with great effort they had brought the world to adopt their civilization.’ What Urdulitera ture terms as ‘civilization’, we call it ‘Deen’.Civilization means the lifestyle, the manners of interaction, the principles governing suchinteractions and the ways of life. That, which is known as civilization or culture by the2
English, is in fact Deen. While, they are the developers of their own civilization, our civiliza tion has been defined for us by Allah’s Quran and Allah’s Messenger-saaws. It isobvious that when an original item is brought in, its counterfeit vanishes. When human beings get a chance to live, with dignity, with security of life and honour, with peace and justice, they will discard the Western culture. The Americans never considered thatAfghans would invade and conquer the US, but they feared that Islam would spread inthe US, so much so, that it would become an Islamic state: they had to contain this threat.The second reason is material. After some time, the oil resources of the Mideast will bereduced to half, while the oil demands of the US and Europe will double. The resourceswill be halved while the requirements will be doubled. A huge reserve of gas and oil is present in Northern Afghanistan and in the newly independent Muslim States of theformer USSR. It is for this reason that the US has taken pains to spend billions of dollarson a daily bombardment, destroying this nation. Coupled with that is the situation thatPakistan faces; even the US knows that Osama Bin Laden cannot hide in Tora Bora. ToraBora is a famous mountain range and its caves were designed and built by Americanengineers for use against the USSR, and their designs have been shown on the UStelevision on my occasions. If Osama were to run from the US, would he hide in thecaves built by the USA? Then, why is the US pretending to search for him so frantically?It is because, under this pretext, it wants to move into the Northern Mountains of Pakistan. Osama’s search will lead it to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Unless itestablishes a base on the Himalayan heights, it can neither control the Northern Area of Pakistan nor the Central Asian Republics.In order to establish herself there, the USA requires a bulwark; a strategic locationagainst Russia, China and Asia, , and it wants to reach the Northern Mountains to securethat position. Seen in this perspective, the war between India and Pakistan becomesinevitable. Whether it takes place after ten days, or a month or a year, is a different issue, but it is inevitable in order to enable an American intervention. India will certainly attack Kashmir, sooner or later; war is unavoidable there. Anyone who thinks it can be avertedis like a pigeon that shuts its eyes considering itself safe from the cat. This war isinevitable because if there is no war between India and Pakistan, this American intrusionwill not be as easy as it could otherwise have been in the event of a war between the twocountries. It is the USA that is inflaming a war on both sides. It is the US, which isinstigating India, while Pakistan has already turned into one of her client states. But thisdoes not mean that the citizens of this country should neglect her defence. Nationalsecurity takes precedence over everything else, and this Jihad is obligatory for everyone,young or old Muslim, who breathes on the soil of Pakistan. It is necessary for everyonerelated to Pakistan to participate in its defence with their utmost sincerity and loyalty …differences with the Government notwithstanding. Al-Ikhwan has only one differencewith the Government, and that is about the system of governance.We have no discord with any political figure, politician, political party or political leader;we have a disagreement about the system of governance. This country was obtained after sacrific ing hundreds of thousands of lives in the Name of Islam, therefore it should beruled accord ing to the Islamic system of governance. And this is not a disagreement; it isour right, for which we have been striving throughout our lives and, Insha Allah3

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