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C__ Technical Interview Questions

C__ Technical Interview Questions

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Published by Vignesh Kumar

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Published by: Vignesh Kumar on May 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C++ Technical Interview Questions
1.Declarations and Initializations2.Structures, Unions, and Enumerations3.Expressions4.Pointers 5.Null Pointers6.Arrays and Pointers7.Memory Allocation8.Characters and Strings9.Boolean Expressions and Variables10.C Preprocessor11.ANSI/ISO Standard C12.Stdio 13.Library Functions14.Floating Point15.Variable-Length Argument Lists16.Strange Problems17.Style18.Tools and Resources19.System Dependencies20.Miscellaneous ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________1. Declarations and Initializations1.1 How do you decide which integer type to use?
1.2 What should the 64-bit type on new, 64-bitmachines be?1.3 What's the best way to declare and defineglobal variables?1.4 What does extern mean in a functiondeclaration?1.5 What's the auto keyword good for?1.6 How do I declare an array of N pointers tofunctions returningpointers to functions returning pointers tocharacters?1.7 How can I declare a function that returns apointer to a functionof its own type?1.8 My compiler is complaining about an invalidredeclaration of afunction, but I only define it once and call itonce.1.9 What can I safely assume about the initialvalues of variableswhich are not explicitly initialized?1.10 Why can't I initialize a local array with astring?1.11 What is the difference between char a[] ="string"; and char *p ="string"; ?
1.12 How do I initialize a pointer to afunction?_________________________________________________________________2. Structures, Unions, and Enumerations2.1 What's the difference between struct x1{ ... }; and typedefstruct { ... } x2; ?2.2 Why doesn't "struct x { ... }; x thestruct;"work?2.3 Can a structure contain a pointer to itself?2.4 What's the best way of implementing opaque(abstract) data typesin C?2.5 I heard that structures could be assigned tovariables and passedto and from functions, but K&R1 says not.2.6 Why can't you compare structures?2.7 How are structure passing and returningimplemented?2.8 Can I pass constant values to functions whichaccept structurearguments?2.9 How can I read/write structures from/to datafiles?2.10 How can I turn off structure padding?

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