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SAC Minutes February 10 2010

SAC Minutes February 10 2010

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Published by: Staff Advisory Council at DU on May 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Committee:Christa Bruning, President,Christa.Bruning@du.edu, x13170 Nicky Bruckhart, Vice President, nbruckha@du.edu, x14241 Kate Martin, Treasurer,Kate.Bidstrup .Martin@du.edu, x12247 Kate Johnson, Webmaster, kate.johnson@du.edu, x16515 Saskia Sawyer, Secretary,Saskia.sawyer@du.edu, x14306Members in attendance:Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and RecreationSarah Childs, Human ResourcesLinda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Jan Drobnick, Daniels College of BusinessAnne Gross, AdmissionsEmily Hinga, Graduate School of International StudiesCheryl Jackson, Morgridge College of EducationKate Johnson, University CommunicationsGayle Keahey, Law SchoolKate Martin, Student LifeMarty Neary, DU BookstoreLynne Reed, University CollegeBonnie Rodriguez, FacilitiesSaskia Sawyer, University AdvancementJerry Schwenke, Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesThe meeting was called to order.1)Introduction of Council Members2)Chancellor Coombe addressed the following questions:a)How did our fall numbers look and will there be raises next year?
There will be raises next year.
Fall numbers are looking very good; applications are up, over 12K.
We are anticipating another good application year for undergrads, as well as grads.
For graduate schools: Law uncertain, others are up 5-6%
We don’t see any issues with filling up classes – main issue is how much financial aidwe can provide. b)Will there be other units offering fully online degrees in the future?
Currently just University College offering fully on-line courses.
Daniels Real Estate program has an online component.
We are exploring the possibility of adding more: currently have five pilot programsfor next quarter, geared at students who are on campus.1
Understand that we have to offer this as one in four students who enroll in a four-year college has taken an on-line course, mainly for flexibility.c)How can DU justify another tuition raise in the current economic climate? Aren’t we pricing ourselves out of the market? Aren’t we struggling to meet our enrollment goalsalready?
We are meeting our enrollment goals fully.
Tuition is our major revenue stream; if we want to give merit increases, we have toraise tuition.
The board has approved a 2.9% raise; the industry average is between 2-4% for  private institutions.
Our financial models are done with no more than a 3% hike for the upcoming years.
Our absolute cost is very competitive compared to the quality of education we provide
We are still less than Colorado College by $2-3K/year 
The most important component is the net cost to the student (cost after financial aid)
Compared nationally, our net price is still high.
Other private institution’s endowments are way down; often far more dependedon endowments than we are.
That is the reason why we moved so many funds into financial aid as that allowsus to compete better.d)Would DU consider a four-day week to save costs? How about over the summer?
Most likely not as we are not a four-day school.
The pressure is actually on to utilize our resources better, especially in the summer.
 Not entirely opposed to adjusted work hours in the summer – this would have to bedone by the departments individually.e)Could there be a two-tier system of compensation one for staff working at DU less than 7years and an accelerated compensation system for the career minded who work at DUover 7 years (as it appears that some simply want to use the tuition reimbursement benefitand then leave)?
This is the first time I’ve heard of this; not sure if this is really an issue.
We are supporting staff that is here for the long run, such as promotions on thefaculty level.f)What is the status of DU’s web design project? How long will the consultants be here?What happens when they leave?
The web project has been going on for a while, dropped at some point, taken back up.
Branding and marketing has shifted to e-media.
We are aware that we need to modernize our thinking of how to convey our image.
We are in the process of rebuilding the web group:
Hired two web developers, will hire two more as well as a writer.
The consultants are leaving in March.
The idea was to bring high-level knowledge in for a certain time (We mightoutsource this again on occasion).2
There will be a new content management system for units next year.
The new web group will handle all of this.
We are going to move branding and marketing forward internally, but, we do nothave the talent or the funds to pay for the talent needed to really be competitive inthat area.g)When will the university move to either all students on semesters or all students onquarters to eliminate administrative complications for students and staff?
We ultimately want to be on quarters as we want to be a year-around operation toensure we run on full capacity at all times.
We currently only have 4K students in the summer.
There is no need for semesters anymore (established to support farm schedule).
Currently in active discussion with the deans to move to all quarters.
If the online pilot program works it will help to move to quarters, especially duringthe summer months.h)According to the Clarion, “Public areas such as streets and sidewalks that run throughcampus are exempt from the (smoking) ban.” So, it sounds like smokers only need to goout into the street in front of our building to have a smoke? Is that true?
The university is not in the business of restraining people’s behavior.
We came to the conclusion that smoking presents a public health issue, especiallysecond-hand smoke.
Zoning presents an issue. According to studies 25 feet radius is considered safefrom second-hand smoke. Campus safety drafted a map based on that whichwould set the middle of the campus greens as a designated smoking area; hencewe banned smoking campus wide.
Thoroughfare roads are public, we don’t own them, and hence we can’t enforceDU law on those areas.
Campus safety also has not been charged with citing as they do have moreimportant things to do.
Research has shown that it takes a couple of years, if the signage is good and theconversation is kept up, and the behavior will change.i)Did any major new decision come out of the Board of Trustees meeting?
 No change in strategy or direction.
Long-term goals are still to keep the momentum going and to compete on a nationallevel. j)Is there a chance of staff trading in sick hours for vacation hours (2 to 1)? If not, is it possible to donate sick hours to another staff member in need?
 No, probably not as that would be a complete change of HR policies, contracts etc.
Will investigate RE: donating.k)Would staff be able to use the tuition waiver towards a third class each quarter?
Currently waiver tops at 20 credit hours/year.
Taking three classes while working full time is simply impossible without havingimpact on work.3

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